DeSantis vows to defund colleges for being too liberal

“An intellectually impotent ideology and party—when it cannot win, it will cheat,” says Tressie McMillan Cottom on the GOP making it harder to learn and harder to vote instead of trying to sway voters.

6/24/2021 5:48:00 AM

“An intellectually impotent ideology and party—when it cannot win, it will cheat,” says Tressie McMillan Cottom on the GOP making it harder to learn and harder to vote instead of trying to sway voters.

“An intellectually impotent ideology and party—when it cannot win, it will cheat,” says Tressie McMillan Cottom on the GOP making it harder to learn and harder to vote instead of trying to sway voters.

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Time to vote him out pronto This guy has lost his mind. Instead of choosing knowledge over ignorance, defund colleges? He’s scary. Despot anyone? And this is totally unconstitutional. It’s time kids start applying at colleges in other states. Then the colleges/universities file lawsuits against DeSantis for damages.

it's hard to sway voters when you have absolutely nothing to offer - these dudes are working for a handful of folks which excludes the rest of us False narrative pushed by the far left media, Florida has done nothing to stop or limit voting on Election Day. This is a crap story generated by the far left propaganda machine known as

Next up in burning! Heil … who? I do believe that any America citizen should be allowing to have rigth to vote unless one who are not America citizen

Biden to Say Cities Can Use Covid-19 Aid to Hire More Police OfficersPresident Biden is expected to address a rise in gun violence in many cities, saying funding from a Covid-19 relief package could go toward hiring more law-enforcement personnel The term “Gun Violence” makes it sound as if people have nothing to do with the problem. If those darn guns would just stop shooting everyone. Moonlight – Vishmak (No Copyright Music) Let me get this straight: they enforce a alockdown and force everyone to stay home, thus reducing crime levels, and now use a year-over-year stat to justify more funding?

I am so glad I am no longer living and going to school in Florida! You said it all!!!! DeSantis is way off the deep end. and he expects to be the leading GOP Presidential candidate for 2024! Does he drink? He's a dangerous ideologue MarciaBunney The stench of fascism. Party of small government, amirite? Here’s a survey answer for GovRonDeSantis - 1-10, chances you’ll find me or my beach vacay dollars in FL. -7

Yeah that’s what we do in America is suppress free will & free thought What a tool

DeSantis signs law requiring college faculty, students to take surveys on beliefsFlorida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed legislation requiring state colleges and universities to annually survey their students, faculty and staff about their beliefs to ensure 'viewpoint diversity and intellectual freedom.'Why it matters: The legislation doesn't specify for what the survey results will be used, but at a press conference on Tuesday DeSantis said that schools found to be 'indoctrinating' students aren't 'worth tax dollars' and are 'not something we’re going to be supporting going fo on Desantis wants to make it illegal to ask whether you’re vaccinated, but believes it should be legal to force you to tell the government who you voted for in previous elections

Is he doing crack? Has anybody tested him? Does he know that all the shit he’s doing is going to end up in the courts and him being sued? Actually the voting will be no harder than Bidens home state of Delaware which has been that way for years. Funny how thats never mentioned. Wouldn't this be the cancel culture they are always bitching about?

Gallup Poll: Fewer Americans Identifying As Conservatives, More As Liberals Since Outbreak Began. Can we define him for being too ignorant ? Mini tRump Christianity is just an extension of the temple of Cesar’s comet. Julius Cesar was awarded the title of perpetual savior “JesusChrist”. A comet passed after they killed him and the people said he had resuscitated. Mythological laws and ideologies must end. Cults need education.

Projection. tressiemcphd Tressie McMillan Cottom doesn’t say it’s not about voting - it’s about DNC control So true, this has to flip

Analysis: SCOTUS dunks on NCAA'The US Supreme Court changed the rules on college sports Monday, determining that student athletes can be compensated, somewhat -- a decision that comes as college sports is facing a massive shift,' writes zbyronwolf | Analysis zbyronwolf Lol colleges will just stop giving scholarships then. They’ll still make billions. Go to a trade school and learn real life skills. You’ll all be better for it down the road.

Sounds like liberals dont want to show identification cards. Allow corporate donors to give 6 times more? Time to protest and do crazy stuff? Go ahead Ron is what happens when you mix ignorance, evil and power. one more step on the road to fascism. Will he defund if they are too “conservative”? When keeping it real goes wrong.

Teamsters vow to unionize Amazon, taking on an anti-union behemothThe Teamsters vow to help unionize Amazon WHY ARE UNIONS GOOD? IN CALIFORNIA,THE EMPLOYEE IS THE PRIORITY & THATS MONEY IN YOUR WALLET.NOT SOME RICH INVESTOR LIVING OFF YOU 🤫 Fingers crossed! Because they did such a great job with the trucking industry Delta PIE CF Transcon ,Roadway is less than half its size and UPS bought themselves out of the master freight agreement to avoid the Teamsters from Bankrupting them I think Amazon employees are to smart to sign

Supreme Court Rules Against NCAA In Dispute Over Athlete CompensationThe court unanimously ruled the NCAA cannot block colleges from providing student athletes education-related benefits. The cost of destroying the family by male arrogance, bad parenting propaganda, destroying organic gender, gaytoring, abortion, low wages, the lie of evolution and women's lib. These destroy family and rise the price tag to run a society You mean like a free education? good luck

The NCAA Looks Like a Dead Organization WalkingMaybe the NCAA will be able to survive the reckoning the Supreme Court just set in motion, 'but it might require burning down the village to save it,' writes williamfleitch williamfleitch Thanks & well done! Enjoyed reading this w my morning coffee.