DeSantis tries to get cute about his poor management of Covid in Florida

Rachel Maddow shows new campaign merchandise from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis that disparages Dr. Anthony Fauci, even though statistics show his performance in managing the coronavirus in his state is among the worst in the United States.

7/15/2021 6:46:00 PM

Gov. DeSantis' campaign is selling 'Don't Fauci my Florida' beer koozies. 'Here's the thing, though. The gov. of Florida is selling this while his state is currently experiencing nearly four times the national average of new covid cases,' Maddow says.

Rachel Maddow shows new campaign merchandise from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis that disparages Dr. Anthony Fauci, even though statistics show his performance in managing the coronavirus in his state is among the worst in the United States.

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Fake news Trump is gone but mini Trumps are alive. That face… criming is exhausting. If vaccinated Americans are coming down with C-19, which brand and how long ago? First wave vaccinations were mRNA vaccines. Around 6-9 months ago. They may need a booster. DNA synthesis vaccines may not need booster. Prove me wrong CDC…

The way their virus is progressing there won't be any republican Floridians left to vote! He knows that if he loses re-election in 2022 due to mishandling COVID in FL he can always call the ninja turtles to come in and fraudit the results. DeSantis stripped Federal Unemployment Benefits from ppl in need. Help us get them back

Republicans only elect Culls anymore. People…….remember this come voting time ! Please help. Send troops IT'S ALL ABOUT GETTING MORE ATTENTION LEARNED FROM THE REPUBLICANS!

The President Gets to Meet Olivia Rodrigocause all I ever wanted was *for you to get vaccinated* cause you said forever now I sniff alone past your feet

Just plain typical. COVIDIOTS Just a marketing scheme for More fake outrage, Florida is not being “Faucied” 🙄 Trying to kill our parents one t-shirt at a time. In case you have not looked at real data, your state is blowing up with new covid cases. Nice job. New t-shirt idea: Florida come for the sun and leave dead. You can use that if you like 😂

Maybe a black De Santis Covid reality T would sell better ! Sad, immature, reckless and self-serving. Oh no, 6,000 cases in a state of 22 million. Realize liberals can’t do math, but that number is smaller than negligible. Believing in a guy who is lining his pockets to support the anti vac/mask but wouldn’t give two shits about you or your family if you guys got sick.

Negligent homicide.

Tennessee Department of Health Stops All Vaccine Outreach to Teenagers, Ignoring Actual Public Health GuidanceThese changes come after Republican legislators accused the agency of trying to 'peer pressure' minors into getting covid-19 vaccines

Dictator Nazi DeSatan is criminally incompetent. MpoppEileen The GOP doesn't think 600,000 dead is enough. They want more and DeathSantis will deliver. So classy… Covid deaths are rising and DeSantis’s response is fundraising off discouraging the vaccine that he took. DeSantis 〰️ DeStoopid DuhSantis Shows you what be cares about. He took the vaccine

How many times do you have to post the same article?Move on and report some real news. Absolutely I bought several dozen. For my clients Why is the Florida govt selling and profiting anti-science and anti-public health measures thst can get people killed? Bc it looks a lot like this CREWcrew propublica OfficeGovEthics

Gov. Ron DeSantis sells ‘Don’t Fauci My Florida’ merch as his state’s COVID-19 cases spikeAnother choice piece of campaign swag from Gov. DeSantis: beer koozies that say, 'How the hell am I going to be able to drink a beer with a mask on?' DeathSantis I have lived in Florida for almost 1/2 of my life. I am ashamed of the Gov (& I voted for him) for allowing this stupid shirt to exist. Than again the flip side will be that the UN-vaccinated will die off & the existing population will be much smarter in the end. How about a koozie that says “ How am I going to drink a beer if I’m dead?”

He’s profiting off death…. The numbers speak for themselves. I would rather have a 'Fauci ouchie' from the needle of a vaccine than one of DeSantis' beer koozies. Is it really ethical for the governor of Florida to be selling products that promote going against the advice of the President's chief medical advisor?

Related Its like Jones Town. While DeSantis promotes his selfish political ambitions, his irresponsible actions are leading to the sickness and death of Floridians. Dump DeSantis! Just take a quick look and you know he’s an assh’le. He doesn’t even have to open his mouth. So the national average is almost nothing. 4 times that wow!

He’s a 🤡 And I seen somebody selling 'UnDesantis Florida' 😂👏👏

Norwegian Cruise Line will abandon Florida if state's COVID vaccine law not reversed'The only way [Norwegian Cruise Line] could maintain its protocols and operations as currently planned is by abandoning Florida altogether,' the lawsuit reads. EVERY cruise line should be doing this. Norwegian cruise line can kick rocks! Privacy is much more important than going on a boat! Global Cruise Industry Contributes $7.97 Billion to Florida's Economy.

So he’s profiting off of using Dr. Fauci’s name? Without his permission? Isn’t that a problem? Government nor anybody else is responsible for your health, YOU are. This is how governors are treated when they don't act like complete tyrants? Get over yourselves, the pandemic is over. To my FL GOP friends: Do you think the koozies will keep your beer cold until you are released from ICU? (I hope so! That is one fine-ass koozie!) Also worth asking: Who inherits the koozie & all this fabulous DeSantis merch when you die?

600,000 plus lives lost and DeSantis is enabling the “The Big Lie” AND needs to be held criminally accountable for all HE HAS CAUSED! Meanwhile the Texas Democrat lawmakers who flew maskless in their private plane to DC and met with Kamala Harris all have covid now. But MSNBC can’t be bothered to care.

Do they actually sell any? Because that's really stupid. Idiot Be the voice those who trying to pray in Al-Aqsa Mosque and say StopTheRaid and Stop Violence. DeSantis and the pandemic in Florida are synonymous and inseparable. The guy cannot take credit when it is going well and gets slippery when the results go bad. 20 per cent of Covid-19 infections in the country now are in this state. The crisis needs to be managed professionally.

Be wary of travel to Nevada, Florida amid COVID surge, L.A. County health officer saysL.A. County health officer Dr. Muntu Davis suggests that residents reconsider travel to states with the highest rates of coronavirus transmission. Missouri, Arkansas, Arizona, Louisiana, Georgia, Texas.

Lock him up. My favorites of the past on MSNBC are: Tim Russert, Keith Olberman, & Bernard McGirk from Imus. I absolutely despise Ruhle.Everyone busts their tails & she slacks. He reminds me of Shemp Howard of 3 stooges. His doppelganger ? Why is Fauchi not filing charges for using his name. Anything to cast shade and make a buck, eh?

It's natural selection at this point What's sadder than a wannabe pit bull trying to tell Lassie to fuck off?

Here's another reason to get the Covid-19 vaccine: It may prevent long Covid.It is theoretically possible for a fully vaccinated person to get long Covid. But doctors contend that it doesn't appear to be a significant risk.

Making fun of Fauci is what DeSatan is focusing on? The Insurrectionist Party couldn’t make good policy if it bit them in the ass. DeSantis is worse than Abott and that’s really fucking bad. Who cares. These stories are a wast of your time. In real news, dozens of states are seeking advice from Texas on how to get Democrats to leave

A face you want to punch typo_cat Ron here is actively killing the citizens of Florida… FL currently is the home of the most CV-19 cases in US. Jstewartresist Haha. Come on Floridians, you need something to cool your beer. Look at all the money you saved on not getting the vaccinations (or so you think)

It's time for Gov. BeSentence. Frankenstein!he is a monster with blood all over his body! Keep your people in Fla. we in NY (us medical people) just spent a nightmarish year and a half fighting Covid. And yes people suffered. Including those stuck indoors. Don’t bring it back here don't avoid the headline...Do they have any koozies left? And where can I get them?

DeSantis panders to the GQP base - people with no critical thinking skills who believe in conspiracy theories and everything they are told by the talking heads at FOX ... this is natural selection 2021 Why are unvaccinated treated in ERS anywhere in the country. Unvaccinated should be sued for malpractice as citizens of USA.

Give the job to someone who wants to do it !!! A easy way to con voters out of their money. NstyWmnWendy Wait another month when every single unvaccinated person gets Delta…

I support Gov. DeSantis This is the face of a man who has just shit in his pants. SAD! thereal_pat13 Fauci needs to sue. And hey, Florida is responsible for 20% of all never COVID cases in America. Good work Gov. Floridians are taking notes for the upcoming elections, so desantis better get ready to lie about his anti vaccine information

DeSantus is a walking devil. Vote him out!!!! Please Fauci Florida! How about “DeSantis-ize Florida”?

more useless tests and 'asymptomatic' people? DeSantis triggers Libs change my mind... So he is selling COVID DeStupid disparages Dr.Fauci who has dedicated his life to helping others, just so he can court the magats for money & votes! Who knows how bad the numbers on infections actually are? Remember how he tried to shut down the truth in the past!

If I had a relative who died in Florida because of covid I would... Well never mind I better not say so here. It's all about the grift.. He’s gonna pay for being so ignorant. Keep watching. KARMA Revlov3 What is the ethical guidelines he, and his entire staff are responsible for? Next question, what is his legal responsibility for the well being of every resident of the state of Florida! It seems to me, they have an excellent case for mismanagement at the very least!! Criminal

Dod he get the vaccine? DeathSantis

Cute? He is anything but cute! Another example of lives being lost to republican disinformation. Surly looking wanna be dictator Evil Shame doesn’t explain the Governor of Florida’s handling of the Virus- it goes much lower than that 😈 A H A large majority of Floridians worship him…hang on people-he’s going national. He’s Trump but hides his vitriol much better…just as dangerous.

PATHETIC 'SPECI-MAN' DeSANTIS...😳😵‍💫🥴🤢 Sure yes! Tell Cuomo that teach him how to kill thousands of elderly people and still walk free! DNCrap soscuba Disgusting! DeSantis will not keep the people of Florida safe. Isn't that what government is supposed to do? I hope the next Governor of Florida care more for public safety then selling merchandise.

Don’t “DeSantis” this beautiful USA.

Dick 😡😡 They are up to 0.03% infected. Don’t be stupid on purpose. They do have 5,500 cases in a state of 21 million. Look closely at him. Is that the swastika branded into his forehead? Or just a piece of dirt? This slogan is one of the worst I've ever seen. Welp the unvaccinated will die It’s called science 🤷🏽‍♀️ oh well carry on my vaccinated friends carry on

DuhSantis They voted for this man, now they have to suffer the consequences. We're lookin at it.

You can’t fix or change stupid. Awsome governor. Cuomo deliberately sent senior to their death in order to get Medicare funds then he had the audacity to write a book on the good job he did. MSNBC was silent on that fiasco. Your Faucing the news no science ron........... Gov. Ron DeSasteris' 'Don't Fauci my Florida' because Florida is a lovely place to die

🤡 Yes! Poor management... Then leaders like him, think they can get away by making fun of their 'enemies'. 🤔 Heaven forbid he should run on policy, or vision. RonDeSantisFL might want to more of the Fauci Ouchies going in his state. Sad. Shameful for him to behave like this. Disgraceful

THUG in a suit straight out of a 'Cannon' rerun. All thst is misding is the wupping by Mr. Cannon. Disgusting! itsnotny He'd fit into an intermediate school locker quite nicely. Because you can bet it's happened to him or his daddy. LenairH DeSantis is selling merch mocking a virus that kills. People are getting COVID needlessly & he knows it Trump knew the dangers of the virus & lied to us FOX hosts still lie about it They quite happily let us die - as they get cash & ratings We mean absolutely nothing to them

Nothing cute about this murderer.... He's elected by Americans like trump While he himself got the vaccine. This Is sick! “Cases”… what’s the recovery rate?

Now report on Cuomos book and how he lied about nursing home deaths. And the 'would s...k myself if I could only reach' muscle tee shirts. Just met a lady from Fla., said she hates it all. Scared for her kids All I ever see is a toddler attitude and pout in a thick large headed dude looking like he didn’t get his way. Every pic or media of this dude.

Up is down, down is up. In is out, out is in. Right is wrong, wrong is right. Such is today’s political flavor of the day. And the fiddler plays on, as Rome burns. dumbdesantis Please Fauci our Florida. Before it's too late. You people think if you say it that it’s true. Rachel’s calculator is broke or she’s outright lying. I’m going with just another one of her lies

This should, by all that is logical, end his career, but we live in illogical times.

Cute? I hope the residents of Florida have enough sense to do a class action lawsuit against him Don't Floriduh my country DeathSantis. GovRonDeSantis DickWeed Doesn’t that face look like a leader for our country? Bwahaahaa. Of course. Why would anyone listen to an acknowledged epidemiologist? Especially if they are a Rethuglican Governor?

Swing voters LOVE this kind of trash… 🙄🙄🙄. ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ He’s using the Trump playbook. Shit on your voters and tell them it’s not shit. No one cares. Florida gonna Florida. link to purchase? If you are over 50. And you have not been vaccinated, and you get covid, you have a 10% likelihood of dying. Is it worth the risk?

Even my Democrat friends think Fauci is a joke Don't DeathSantis Florida STUPID !!! They don't call him 'deathSantis' for nothing. Aren't you supposed to be tracking down the lab CCP Virus? There's no bottom. There's nothing clever about DeSantis encouraging his constituents to die. Florida deserves better. Vote DeSantis Out ! Blue in 22

We are actually doing fine

AND THE SPILLS HERE IN FORIDA ARE BEING WORKED ON BY WAGE SLAVES WITH A FISHNET...HOW STUPID, STILL HIRING SLAVES TO DO CORPORATION WORK; GET SOME MACHINES IN HERE...YOURDUMPINGFAULT he needs to be FIRED ....florida needs to get it together and get RID of this cancer Fauci started the false information when he lied about the necessity and value of masks initially and has changed his story throughout the pandemic more often than we blink our eyes. Is it any wonder people don't trust what the government is saying? CDCgov CDCemergency

Well, he clearly isn't Fauci-ing his Florida, nor are any of the many at-risk and already ill citizens who still can't understand the benefit of following Dr. Fauci's direction. jdpaustin DeSantisIsASlug jdpaustin GovRonDeSantis is a dangerous ignorant man. PresidentTrumpIsALegend I think it was December when he was trying to prop him up as a great covid leader.

Sounds like desantis just got F'd, and I'm not talking fucked. Hey RonDeSantisFL - how ‘bout some mor Fauci Ouchies for your state. Ya think?

Should read DeSanis is killing you Is it just me, or does RonDeSantisFL look like a mob enforcer that got beat up a lot? Is nothing cute about desantis. Holy more crap from MSDNC 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 They should be required to carry the disclaimer that he got the shot... denis_horan wow that place is next level stupid.

Profiteering Oh no! More “cases” for a virus with a 99%+ survival rate! Oh the horror. CovidIsOver

In the dictionary under the word “irresponsible” there is a growing list of GOP elected officials currently headed by Governors DeSantis and Abbott. However, it does momentarily shorten when some of them get shifted under the word “traitor”! And what's the story? DeathSantis is killing people. Wicked DeSantis will be responsible for deaths of unvaccinated.

Nothing cute about him! NOTHING Smoking, heart disease, suicide, murder, cancer, norovirus, flu, pneumonia, auto, other virus’ and on and on - 100’s of deaths daily the us could do more to prevent. Yeah, Covid is political! No perspective hypocritical reporting!!! No class no honor no empathy DeathDeSantis was given to the governor because it is real & true.

This guy is just plain DANGEROUS!!! DeathSantis

AH!🤮 Gov Ron DeSantis has sold Florida down the river. Like Donald Trump full of his own importance and has is own agenda to get elected and become next President. This why Florida is covid city DESANTIS & FAMILY ARE FULLY VACCINATED Are 🇺🇸ns actually PROUD, as to being exposed to how vulnerable, weak, ineffective and almost powerless to any growth it has become, as 40% has become a CULT, shunning its principles, stagnating the respect & credibility it once earned around the world?

Replace dumb fvck DeSantis Don’t DeathSantis my America Ahh Low life!

'Don't DeSantis my Florida Why would a person that is responsible for a whole population of a state not protect them from death. Especially in a state where older Americans retire to. This is the population that is affected the most by this virus. GET THE COVID 19 SHOT. Miserable It seems like Republicans are trying to kill off the very people that vote for them🤔That's some strategy...

Hey Siri, remind me to try this too. The republikkklan will buy anything. Killing their own constituency while rigging voting rights against the opposition. GOP is EVIL. Dereliction of duty. Another jerk that needs to be held accountable. Lives cavalierly lost under his mismanagement. Some believe DeSantis will be a favorite GOP 2024 presidential candidate. Republicans resist regulations on businesses, yet he told cruise line corporations they’d be fined if ask passengers for proof of vaccination. He also blocked city councils from setting Covid restrictions.

The worship of death. Florida: the charnel state How can someone so educated be so dumb?

He needs to ramp up vaccination. Hey campaigns going. Lame aint a word for how poor he’s managing it now RonDeSantisFL sounds like Ron needs to get more Fauci Ouchies going in FL! LMFAO He's still a big donkeys behind!! It's funny how we will talk about DeSantis all day long but no mention of NYGovCuomo and GovWhitmer intentionally put sick covid patients in nursing homes killing thousands! Shameful

Ron DeathSentwnce. Watch people die. Less people means lower unemployment. How do you know how many cases , how many recoveries when testing has been unreliable all along and still is unreliable ? Poor management, huh? Do you enjoy swinging from Biden's balls on a daily basis? Where do I get a “Don’t Fauci my Florida” kookier?! Love it!

maddow This is just sad. Simply sad.

Suck SoB. Florida has 6.8% of the US population and 20% of the Covid cases. DeathSantis TrumpFrederick This is why cults don't last. They kill their followers. The moral dilemma: Is it a bad thing for the world if conservative covidiots willingly choose to leave it? Covid cases rise in Florida due to unvaccinated.

California is still breathing them! Don't expect much from this man Ron DeSantis.. He has tasted 'tyranny' and he likes it. DeathSantis and GQP are killing their base. Encouraging others in their base to commit felonies, and will be ineligible to vote as a result. Not a strong campaign strategy.

One in every 5 new cases in the USA is in Florida. This Governor is trying to kill us! Huevón de mierda! What's GovRonDeSantis Going To Do When 20% Of His Voters Die From The EpsilonVariant This Fall, Which Is Already On The Horizon According To Virologists, As Covid19 Is Still Circling The Globe Unchecked And Unrestrained. 😂

WAPOS You know what else is funny? 600,000 coffins stacked on top of each other makes a pile that goes past the space station. Put that on a shirt and sell it. Dick maddow Fauci should Sue him maddow Seems as though he wants to get his numbers high but over 560,000 deaths is not what he should be reaching for

maddow Drug test that guy. maddow I think this slogan would look better on a Hemlock cup.

maddow maddow Dr. Fauci should file a lawsuit maddow DeSantis made it a felony for protesters to block traffic. Last week Cuban protesters blocked an actual interstate highway and he did *nothing*. The law only applies to blacks, apparently. maddow And he's begging POTUS BIDEN for resources & another presidential visit. As soon as Biden leaves that state, DeathSantis will criticize Biden and TheDemocrats. RonDeSantisFL is the very reason why Florida SUCKS! 😷😥😩😰⚰️ DeltaVariant and coming fast 👉LambdaVariant👈

maddow He really doesn't care. maddow More proof that he richly deserve to be called “Governor DeathSantis.” maddow Let me say this, GovRonDeSantis GOP SenateGOP HouseGOP as well as everyone that supports this party at this time is truly the representation of the filth the human being is willing to be. All about them. ABC CBSNews CNN NBCNews CNBC AP Reuters BBC

maddow If only Jason Miller had been his father ? Amen maddow Republican Gov Ron Santis.. mite do himself a favor if he plans on running for the 48th .. he should start advocating covid 19 shots .. which will stop so many ppl from getting sick .. which will make them more eligible for employment .. than he can claim job growth in his state!

maddow DeathSantis looking at how his 'OK to drive your car through demonstrators' law impacts his Cuban supporters GovRonDeSantis

maddow Power & money are what the GOP cherish. If their constituents lose their lives due to the Delta variant, they could be seen by TFG & the gopcongress as dead 'patriots', who gave their lives to the Republican party to destroy American democracy. maddow People really need to get out and stop reading/listening to this crap. The death rates are miniscule now across the nation. Look them up. We’re well on the other side of the bell curve. The pandemic is over.

maddow Cut Florida state lose from entering out Florida’s with out proof test positive DR fauci truth over lies America seen what happens another Putin jr aka de Santis 🤮☠️😷 maddow Let it be. Let the nature run its course over there. maddow It’s so shameful but it’s what the people of Florida want

maddow Republicons are the MORAL DEFICIT of America! maddow Cuomo wrote a whole book about how well he handled Covid in NY, while covering up nursing home deaths and continuing to under report death tolls. Want to do him next? maddow He's gonna kill slot more people maddow The kindest thing that can be said about DeSantis and his campaign against vaccinations is that he has poor judgement. He will cause deaths.

maddow GovRonDeSantis - shameful

CheriJacobus maddow The sad truth is that Tepublicans have decided that these deaths are acceptable losses in their quest to promote MAGAtism. And honestly it feels like it’s even worse than that. They are practically celebrating the death. maddow Florida is doing fine. Maddow is banking on her audience not understanding what 'Per Capita' means.

maddow No comment. maddow And the prize for pandemic misinformation goes to? maddow One word: ass maddow DontDeSantisMyAmerica GovRonDeSantis maddow This guy is nuts! I live in Florida and it's just a matter of time before we all go back to mandatory mask up! maddow 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Pubs are ridonculously dumb.

maddow i bought 20 love em... maddow Typical republican maneuver. Deflect, lie and repeat.

maddow Don't DeSantis Florida! DeathSantis