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Dems release testimony of White House officials who raised Ukraine alarms

Read the testimonies of Alexander Vindman, a Ukraine expert on the National Security Council, and Fiona Hill, a White House national security expert on Russia:

11/8/2019 10:10:00 PM

Read the testimonies of Alexander Vindman , a Ukraine expert on the National Security Council, and Fiona Hill, a White House national security expert on Russia:

House Democrats on Friday released the closed-door testimony of Army. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman , a White House official who raised alarms after the July 25 call.

That’s according to closed-door interview transcripts released by House Democrats on Friday as part of the ongoing impeachment inquiry.The testimony by Fiona Hill, who has since left the White House after serving as senior director for Europe and Russia, and Army Lt. Col. Vindman, director of European Affairs at the National Security Council, raises serious questions about Eisenberg’s handling of the complaints and whether he tried to act on them.

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As NSC legal adviser, Eisenberg would have been in a position to advise the president and his top aides to stop pressuring Ukraine to launch an investigation into Trump’s political rival, Joe Biden.Vindman says he approached Eisenberg two weeks before Trump’s phone call in which he repeatedly urged the president of Ukraine to investigate his political rivals, warning him of the demands being made.

“I vaguely recall something about: ‘I’ll take a look into it. You know there might not be anything there. We’ll take a look into it,’ something of that nature” said Vindman, describing his conversation with Eisenberg, on July 10.Vindman said he went back to Eisenberg again within an hour after Trump’s July 25 phone call to Ukraine’s president because he believed it amounted to a “demand” by Trump that a foreign power investigate a U.S. citizen, in this case Biden.

Hill said she, too, became alarmed after attending the private July 10 White House meetings with top Ukrainian officials in which it became clear to her that Mick Mulvaney, White House chief of staff, and Gordon Sondland, a Trump supporter who was given a U.S. ambassadorship after the election, were demanding that Ukraine launch investigation before being awarded U.S. support.

She said she reported her concerns to then-National Security Adviser John Bolton who demanded she relay the details to Eisenberg.“You go and tell Eisenberg that I am not part of whatever drug deal,” Hill quoted Bolton as saying.While some of the testimony excerpts have been reported previously, the release allows the first complete look at their full testimony.

Trump, without evidence, has accused Vindman of being a"Never Trumper."Vindman's testimony can be found here.Her testimony can be read here.The testimony release comes ahead of the first televised hearings in the impeachment probe next week as Democrats step up the public phase of their investigation.

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ABC News Hatred for America Exactly. Schiff was coordinating this for months before it happened. Isn’t that obvious to everyone by now? Ok, let's reported he was 'disturbed that the Pres would upset the foreign policy' or some crap..the PRESIDENT SETS FOREIGN POLICY!!!. The other guy has numerous 'tweets' and crap that specify fighting the Trump admin 🙄 Half the crap they are saying is 2n-3rd hand!!!!

Imagine Bush holdovers doing this to President Obama re foreign policy on Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Iran, Libya, Yemen, etc. Dems/Media would have freaked. While UNELECTED bureaucrats can have an opinion, they can't have their *own* foreign policy. That's President's (R or D) job. Why wasn’t abc more concerned about Epstein sexual abuse against minors allegations three years ago? They were soooo not worried the buried the story. Free and open media my ass!!!

FactsMatter how many top White House officials are there... and who knows all these people as .. top White House officials? Such careful selection of testimony, synthesis of facts, willful ignorance. Bravo ABC News. so the boss talks on the phone you have a problem with it you gossip with others in the office then go and tattle to democrats in secret now you expose yourself as a coup conspirator. stay tune people are going to jail and it's not realDonaldTrump

How many young girls suffered because potential whistle blowers at ABC were frightened to come forward. Just look at the retaliation ABC has sought, they got an innocent woman fired at CBS to hide their crimes EpsteinCoverup Yes what's the concern I don’t trust this guy, it’s my 6th sense telling me something’s not right with this guy

the only way we won't got off inhere was to function it all off over poor Ukraine who don't know yet which side is home This is such nonsense these people work for the President and who elected these people So? Just the facts. . was so concerned about Amy Robach's story on Jeffery Epstein that they shelved it for 3 years. Effectively protecting the world's biggest pedo sex trafficker, and his clients and the Crown.

Vigorous editorial standards met? They also testified their source was the New York Times and they were not actually on the call. Robach and ABC gave us BS and it doesn’t pass the laugh test. ABC didn’t need “sufficient corroborating evidence” to smear Alabama’s, Roy Moore. ABC’s adherence to lofty journalistic standards depends not on the evidence but who it is. COMPOST Reporting

So this is about the native Ukrainian who testified that his concern even before the call was that if the Ukraine investigates Obama admin crimes Democrats in Congress will not support Ukrainian funding. That fear is real & is based on Biden's threat & past Democrats performance. The child predator protectors at & CBS fired the wrong person. INSIDER STILL WORKS AT FAKENEWS ABC!

You are FakeNews !!! Why not break the EpsteinIsland story !! You lie to US all by selective reporting. Thank God for realDonaldTrump , our POTUS , for revealing the BIAS that is the mainstream media. NewsRadio USNatArchives DNC Disney Such B S This is disturbing to the people of this country. ABC news blows! And not a whistle either.

Nobody cares about their concerns the people elected President Trump to push his foreign-policy not somebody else’s Traitor! He’s not the President. He’s the commander and chief. Boohoo And. Lindsey. Is. Being. Sonnies. “. Boy “. Sucking. Up. And. Putting. Blinders. On — a. Bad bad. Look. Lindsey. Trump

You know what’s really disturbing? THIS is what’s disturbing. EpsteinCoverup ABC knew about Epstein THREE YEARS AGO and shelved the story. WHY? How can anyone believe it coming from your “organization”? Legit question. Blah blah bla Epstein. We want you to cover how you buried the biggest human trafficking story for the Elite and powerful. Epsteindidntkillhimself EpsteinSuicideCoverUp

I call BS. this is all a bunch of Horse Sh*t. Dems and news media are sensationalizing irrelevant triviality in their efforts to give an appearance of legitimacy to this scam. It's funny to see trump defenders, they like to push anti American rhetoric, lies, and hate but like trump never accept what they're saying or doing but funnier than that trump wouldn't piss on any of his fans if they were on fire

As they try to sell their latest hoax, never forget who these people are. Trump undermined the GOP defense of him by demanding no public hearings, the GOP is scratching their heads what is he hiding? Unelected experts are not in charge of foreign policy. Should never be. Read how ABC covered for Epstein so he could continue to rape kids! EpsteinCoverup

Once again, there is no there there. We read the transcript. We good, now we wait for indictments with lefty traitors names on them. Soon! Barr & Durham

Dems release testimony of White House officials who raised Ukraine concernsBREAKING: House Democrats release transcript of testimony by Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman , a White House official who listened to Pres. Trump’s July 25 call with Ukraine 's president and raised alarms afterward. BREAKING: Democrats also release testimony of Fiona Hill, a White House national security expert on Russia. She had raised concerns about the administration's policy toward Ukraine but left the White House before Trump's July 25 call. Epstein? abcepsteincoverup

'I thought it was wrong' – White House Ukraine expert Vindman describes concerns over Trump pressure Alexander Vindman documented a series of alarms he said were raised earlier this year by national security professionals in the White House, himself included, who were aware of a shadow foreign policy towards Ukraine . Hes lying. Trump didn't 'pressure ' anyone tribunal Impeachment Clock ImpeachmentInquiry realDonaldTrump

Lawyer for Ukraine whistleblower sends White House cease and desist letter to stop Trump's attacksA lawyer for the Ukraine whistleblower, whose complaint document triggered the House impeachment inquiry of President Trump, has sent a letter to the White House warning the President to 'cease and desist' attacking his client Read the letter here: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The lawyer has a lot of questions to answer for but CNN won’t ask any of them.

Paula White: Trump's televangelist in the White HousePaula White, President Trump's longtime spiritual adviser, joined the White House staff last week. But she and the 'prosperity gospel' she preaches have been panned as heretical by many evangelical and orthodox Christians. SHE is what the Word of God speaks about false preachers,..AVOID,! Another proof that USA’s mental problem is no longer in control! Probably when she snaps fingers Trump will hit a button. However all can be fake news because that’s story of his presidency all along. Let’s hope so!

House Dems Want to Give America Impeachment Xmas PresentBy eschewing litigation and hard-to-secure witnesses, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and company are on a fast track to a pre-Christmas impeachment of Trump. mani_leung Can we order the Emperor’s imperial crown celebratory feast filled with caesar salads and fill the banquet room with the “Macedonia Wedding Feast Menu”? ***No more animal sacrifices in Doric Temples please and thank you*** Your turn...

Conflicting White House narratives raise doubts about tariff rollback reports in China-U.S. trade talksBeijing’s announcement Thursday that the U.S. and China have mutually agreed to roll back tariffs as part of a “phase one” trade accord lifted financial markets, adding to optimism that the 18-month trade war is finally beginning to wind down. Our mission at is to build the social news network that ends fake news. Follow us Overlooked_Inc Lmao. This is an example of a writer that has no evidence, or WH source, wheras Reuters does. There will be a roll back. It is yet to be disclosed.