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Democrats Push Elizabeth Warren for Plan to Pay for Medicare for All

Unlike her top rivals, Elizabeth Warren hasn’t detailed her preferred policies, instead saying she’s “with Bernie” in supporting a government-run Medicare for All system


Unlike her top rivals, Elizabeth Warren hasn’t detailed her preferred policies, instead saying she’s “with Bernie” in supporting a government-run Medicare for All system

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been dogged from the debate stage to town halls to late-night TV shows by questions about whether she plans to unveil a signature health-care proposal—and how she would pay for expanding government-run insurance.

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Sell California, Washington, and Oregon? problemsolved 😂🤣👆 shocker Trump's friend Rupert Murdoch is putting out garbage because doesn't want to pay more taxes. Depends who she is talking to. because the government does everything more effectively & efficiently than the private sector - right? ewarren always has a plan but never provide a single detail how to pay for any of her plans. Bumping up the 22 trillion deficit. 😄😄😄😄😄😄

No back bone as long as i the poor have equality in healthcare! no more health care based on income no more poor die while rich fly! She has zero chance of winning Because she either doesn't know what her policies are or is playing the safe bet of aligning with whatever seems most popular. You have to give it to her, ElizabethWarren is a great politician.

Fix primary care first! If all you do is shift payment then you are not going to increase health. If primary care providers (PCP) are too few, too overworked, and people go to emergency rooms for PCP concerns, no amount of financial dithering will promote better health. She's delusional like Trump if she thinks a quarter of our economy directly and indirectly related to healthcare can sustain a sudden baton across the knees by the federal government. She and Bernie are socialists, kin to communism, they are childish idealists.

Bernie Sanders draws contrast with 'capitalist' Elizabeth WarrenSen. Bernie Sanders says he's 'a strong opponent of endless wars,' but Trump withdrawing U.S. troops from northern Syria and turning his back on the Kurds is an 'outrage.' jonkarl: 'He sounded a little bit like Bernie Sanders' Sanders: 'Except he lies' jonkarl Hajji is not your friend jonkarl Please drop out jonkarl Bernie Sanders gave his delegates to Hillary Clinton after she had the DNC rig the primary against him. Then he bought a vacation home.

Other than when she said eliminate 3 million insurance industry jobs which she was unanimously shot down with anyone with a brain. Hey LOST WARREN TEEPEE OUT IN OLDE WILD WEST - Interesting, because we don’t have a clue what trump’s policies are on medical coverage. Warren has done nothing but criticize others. Instead of condemning Facebook and private corporations, she should focus on promoting her own policies (which will destroy our nation, by the way)!

This makes a lot of sense ... NOW, to pick the best candidate to effectively implement these policies... This is sooooo dangerous for a republic.

These are the taxes Elizabeth Warren has proposed in the 2020 racePresidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren has garnered a reputation during the campaign as a liberal firebrand with a plan for everything. Her plans, along with the taxes that will finance them, look to reshape and restructure wealth in America. Here's a look at the taxes she is proposing. Lol.. That means you Linda David Jones Janet david Jones

Democratic debate on Tuesday features a surging Elizabeth Warren and a recuperating Bernie SandersTuesday’s Democratic presidential debate will have a significantly different backdrop than prior ones. Warren is now challenging Biden for the front-runner label, Sanders is facing health questions, and an impeachment effort is in full swing. Bernie is toast, Biden is incompetent so that leaves Lizzy as the last socialist standing. Say a prayer for our country if she were to be elected President! What a sham....

Saturday Night Live: Bow Down to Kate McKinnon’s Elizabeth WarrenCameos from Billy Porter and Lin-Manuel Miranda livened up yet another political cold open, but it’s McKinnon‘s Warren—and her sensible pink jacket—who made it sing. Quien es esta tipa? Jajajaja

Opinion: It's time for Bernie and his bros to get behind Elizabeth WarrenSanders is a tough, principled leader, but any sense of fatigue will undercut his effectiveness and his message in the race for the White House. opinion How about no? Why doesn't Warren drop out and endorse Bernie? opinion opinion lol wonder who LA Times supports

Elizabeth Warren masterfully calls out Facebook's problematic ad policyFacebook allows politicians to blatantly lie in promotional material that then gets shared across the platform. facebook Corruption

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