Trump İmpeachment: Democrats Promise Quick Move To İmpeachment İf 25Th Amendment Push Fails - Cnnpo

Trump İmpeachment: Democrats Promise Quick Move To İmpeachment İf 25Th Amendment Push Fails - Cnnpo

Democrats promise quick move to impeachment if 25th Amendment push fails

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1/11/2021 3:15:00 AM

Speaker Pelosi says the House will try to pass a resolution calling on VP Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office

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Pelosi said the House will attempt to pass a resolution by unanimous consent Monday morning calling for Pence and Trump's Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Trump from office.If the resolution doesn't pass by unanimous consent -- and it most assuredly won't given likely Republican resistance -- then the measure will be brought to the floor for a full vote on Tuesday.The resolution will call on Pence to respond within 24 hours and, if not, the House would move to impeach the President."Next," Pelosi said in a letter to Democratic colleagues,"we will proceed with bringing impeachment legislation to the Floor."Read More"In protecting our Constitution and our Democracy, we will act with urgency, because this President represents an imminent threat to both. As the days go by, the horror of the ongoing assault on our democracy perpetrated by this President is intensified and so is the immediate need for action," Pelosi said.House Democrats are still discussing whether a vote to impeach Trump could be Tuesday or Wednesday, per aides.Democrats do still plan to go to the House Rules Committee first, which would adopt a rule setting the timeframe and parameters of the floor debate. It's unclear when the Rules Committee might meet. Aides expect the Rules Committee to meet Tuesday but that isn't set yet.House Majority Whip James Clyburn said earlier Sunday House Democrats might wait until after President-elect Joe Biden's first 100 days in office to send any articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump to the Senate, a move that would give the incoming President time to tackle his agenda in Congress before the start of a time-consuming trial."We'll take the vote that we should take in the House, and (House Speaker Nancy Pelosi) will make the determination as to when is the best time to get that vote and get the managers appointed and move that legislation over to the Senate," Clyburn told CNN's Jake Tapper on"State of the Union." "It just so happens that if it didn't go over there for 100 days, it could -- let's give President-elect Biden the 100 days he needs to get his agenda off and running, and maybe we'll send the articles sometime after that," the South Carolina Democrat added. House Democratic leaders grapple with ramification of impeachment on Biden's opening daysPelosi said Friday that Democrats are prepared to move forward this week with impeaching Trump over his role in last week's deadly attack on the US Capitol if he doesn't resign. Democrats plan to introduce their impeachment resolution, which already has more than 190 co-sponsors, on Monday and sources tell CNN that the party is looking at having votes no sooner than Wednesday but they are still sorting out their plans.The comments from Clyburn come as Democrats grapple with how impeaching Trump for a second time could impact Biden's early days in office, when he is working to get administration appointments approved in the Senate and tackling legislative priorities, like another coronavirus relief package. The incoming President's aides, meanwhile, are working behind the scenes with Pelosi and others to prevent Congress from becoming bogged down with impeachment during his early days in office. House Democrats, on a call Pelosi held Saturday night with her leadership team, discussed the option of impeaching Trump this week and waiting until later to send the article of impeachment over to the Senate to delay the trial until after the early days Biden's presidency, according to Democrats in the party's leadership.Pelosi said in a interview on CBS'"60 Minutes" set to air Sunday evening that she liked the idea of invoking the 25th Amendment"because it gets rid of him," but explained,"one of the motivations people have for advocating for impeachment" is to prevent Trump from holding office again."There's strong support in the Congress for impeaching the President a second time," she said.Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell previously made clear in a memo that even if the House moved in the coming days to impeach Trump, the Senate would not return to session before January 19. That would place the start of the trial on January 20 -- the date of Biden's inauguration. From there on out, the Senate is rendered mostly incapable of any action other than the trial until its completion, as was apparent during the first Trump impeachment trial.By impeaching and removing Trump, even at this late stage of his term, the Senate could subsequently vote to disqualify him from ever holding federal office again, taking an extraordinary action against a former president.Biden aides work to ensure impeachment doesn't become a distraction While Biden has repeatedly said it's up to Congress to decide how to sanction Trump for his role in instigating the violent attack on the Capitol, CNN has learned that his advisers are working intently behind the scenes with Democratic leadership in hopes of finding a middle ground that won't hamper his new administration.Biden transition

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The one that should be removed is Pelosi and her fellow Dem haters of President Trump and conservatives! The people responsible for what happened at the capital made a choice ( a bad one) just like your peaceful protesters have been doing for months! Where is the outrage from you or the media over innocent lives lost then? Oh, I get it! This time your life may have been jeopardized!

Well I love this news. TRUMP should be impeached if democracies to survive. She's so wicked to ever reason in that direction,is it a crime to pursue a case of fraud and irregularities legally to it's conclusive end? Con ác quủ Good She spent 4 years chasing Trump. It is time to stop this hate and start working for the country.

The house is a farce of government. You should be ashamed of yourself. Your monkeyshines are not fooling anyone. The Clinton News Network is a parody of news. Do you remember what it was like to have integrity? Someone doesn't want someone to ever run again she is not a pleasant person putting it nicely

funny CNN is calling trump supporters a clut and other fake news... not defending trump hes incompetent but so is the whole of congress Im a republican I don't love trump nor some of his policy's but Im willing to put up with his bs cuz I understand there's a War against rights Since Trump does not know he must resign because of the evil he has done. Then let's resign him by invoking the 25th Amendment to remove him from office. It's either way. IT'S THE TRUTH WE MUST SUPPORT. IT'S NOT ABOUT POLITICS, IT'S ABOUT AMERICA AND HER PEOPLE AND CONSTITUTION.

Per usual wasting tax payers money to ruin Trump. Some times a mad person needs to be reminded that madness has no power to Destroy others. See, I hit hard. A nation that grapples with TRUTH leaves themselves at the mercy of the devil. So, people must stop blaming GOD. Or asking how could GOD HAVE ALLOWED SUCH EVIL TO HAPPEN?

Go ahead do it 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀! Trump will declassify all records pertaining to your corruptions smd spying🤣🤣😂😅😂😂😂😂 WEWILLFINDOUTTHEREALDEMOCRATSSWAMPS 👎👎👎👎👎 Sad days for our beautiful country. We want peace and calm ms pelosi! Please act your age and with dignity for the office you hold!

He’ll be out of office in 9 days! Shit like this makes a guy who’s unstable a bit more unstable. Nancy sit the hell down somewhere. Why do you reckon she is so determined to not let the President serve out his term. Kick his ass out!🤪 Utter tripe! Pelosi is a alcoholic. It’s father was a convicted heroin smuggler! And your supporting it! Far out!

You have sold your birthright that which was holy and your forefathers did acknowledge ME and even they sinned against ME. Yet, I had mercy on this country that was set apart for MY glory, and yet how long ago did the Star Spangled Banner bring ME Glory? (1998) You only call upon ME when it serves your purposes. You disrespect the Holy Days and do abominations on these Holy Days.Your stench America, reaches Heaven and I hold MY nose and you make ME ashamed, for once you were MINE, now you belong to satan and play his hellish games.1998

Somebody tell her to resign. The VP, if he had the cajones, should use the 25th Amendment to remove this inciteful excuse for a president, with a small 'p' by the way. What will you benefits for doing that? Esa vieja está crazy Do you realize all the Trumplikins are saying that Trump is going to use Marshall law and take over before the 20 th and some say that Pence is in on it. They are saying to stock up on Food, water, gas in cans, cash etc. I don’t put anything past what did Hitler wanna be will do

MaxineSykes I can’t believe TODAY he is still in the White House. 🤦‍♀️ He needs to get his suitcase and leave through the front door with no security, get in his own car and ride off into another country. That's bad it's rather shameful for the whole Americans or even half of the nation. Handcuffed the villains...

Trump had no Republican affiliation prior to 2016. He tried an independent, then democrat then lastly a Republican parasite in 2015 to simply gain power. So Republican party should simply evict Trump from the party! It is about time you interviewed Pelosi. In my opinion she has been driving the hate in this country. She is irresponsible with her words, vindictive, ridicules others and is condescending. Patterns demonstrated that have led to the riots. Hatred never works for anyone

Still won't get handshake with President Youre allowed protest do it and respect the law AS i did as a ANTIFA AND BLM SpeakerPelosi thank you! senatemajldr VP if the choice comes, please choose the right choice. 🙏🙏🙏 JoeBiden KamalaHarris Schwarzenegger SaveOurDemocracy It's all a setup Lol, old Nancy playing politics. The 'threat' she is trying to remove is blocking Trump from running in 2024.

SpeakerPelosi whats in that laptop? So much panic. PELOSIFORPRISON What is she afraid off !!!! 🤔🤔🤔🤔 I might be mistaken, but I don't think Nancy, likes Donald very much!!?. Just a hunch. Pelosi needs 2 take a move 2 the Old Folks home. It wasn't easy If they could have, they would have. We all know they have tried. Now it’s way too late but let’s waste more time and money just put him down even more... totally makes sense right?


So an attempted coup by the democrats!!! What Hypocrisy!! This is tyranny!! And for those that need the definition here it is: (cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control.) fortunately there was another amendment that the people can use to prevent this!! Get Trump out ASAP!!! Pelosi is panicing-shes a TRAITOR.

Старая маразматичка..В дом для стариков пора определить.. Trump just got away with a lot of things that proved over and over again he was unfit for office but was still allowed to run USA - the entire world kept watching until this unthinkable happened. Trump administration is not the Republican party but family & friends sector

These guys are clueless, dumb and embarrassing. They are just realising the stupidities of their impeachment Odyssey? WHEN? What's the hold-up. They're just going to keep talking about it and not actually do anything. Only swift action can keep the patient democracy alive , any delay could see it gone forever . And persue the attacker's to all corners of this world and those that backed them irregardless of position or influence.

I would've got off the senate floor and marched to the white house he literally tried to have you killed 从口罩的图案来看,佩洛西内心还是非常幼稚的,难免做出啼笑皆非的举动! Mark Eliot Zuckeberg -facebook and other US media were afraid od Trump,why were they blocking nim?Hunter Busem son od P. Biden,and cooperation with Peoples China hit tej US.And they media of left-wing institutions and social media are left-wing communist. World affairs.

She should be the first one to be impeached i don't understand, why pence isn't in action... donald trumps mob tried 'to get him' personally.^^ If I were sent it successfully goes through with an impeachment in less than 9 days, I will be thoroughly convinced that they could have done anything that we needed them to do in less than 9 days to but chose not to. They don't represent us, they represent their pockets.

Pelosi is an old drunk The republicans need to do something besides sticking their heads in the sand. 🇺🇸 look what I found on Twitter 🇺🇲 eddie_deux His almost 20th Just saying Nancy, beside being the bravest lady on capital Hill, you look gorgeous today. Thankyou Waste of time. It's not going to change anything. He can still run in '24. He's still going to have his name on the wall. Like stop wasting our money. U couldn't get it done the first time. How bout those aliens tho huh?

The only reason the first one failed, is because of blind followers in the republican party. Anyone who understands quid-pro-quo would know he did a criminal thing in Ukraine. So actually the first impeachment failed due to political favouritism Democrats dragged their feet on covid relief, but all of a sudden they can make an impeachment happen within a week? Is Nancy Pelosi that worried about what's on her laptop?

Republicans who have created this atmosphere of hate and acts of sedition on our nation should have been removed from office It’s time for all to come together canceling republican donations and actively decide this can never happen again to our national security or our democracy Nancy 😘 Only thing stopped his 1st Impeachment was his own Party. His insurrectionists wanted to harm Pence and Pelosi. They ended up harming the police and themselves. Unfortunately, this won't completely get done like before.

It took longer than nine days to attempt to impeach Clinton. It took longer than nine days earlier in Trump's presidency. It will probably take longer than nine days this time. Reasonable solutions please? Why is this dinosaur still calling the shots? albradave Impeachment won’t remove him, this won’t get proper hearing before his tenure expires. Why not shift focus, get transition to over 100% There’s is little or nothing to be done by Trump in 9days The voters have spoken, Pelosi should get over trump who has just 9 days in office

crazy nancy, what are you afraid of? he's leaving office in 9 days. Panic in DC I wouldnt trust Nancy as far as i could through the 80 year old witch. SpeakerPelosi Any1 who could this much as grudge over a hand shake cant be trusted. You want removing taking the working class of America for Mugs Lady

This is just sad She’s so scared of his influence in the future, she would rather bury the opposition rather than listen to the needs of them. She things they can simply make everyone believe in her policies and ignore the needs of half the country or pompously feel she will change their minds. POISONOUS WITCH.

dizzy 🐩 Go away SpeakerPelosi you are well overdue to leave. You have instigated every possible attack on an elected president and got away with it. Be gone already He's leaving in a fews days this is just bitter and spiteful just like nancy pelosi. Trump supporter saying, January 6, 2021 is the best day in their life!! ? This is scary America!!! its time to wake up and End this nonsense! Invoke the 25th Amendment

Your tax dollars hard a work. Worthless hateful politicians PILLosi 👇👇👇 45 is not performing the duties of the Executive Branch and must be removed... Mrs. Pelosi, why is everyone too easy on Trump when he did a terrible thing? Lock him up in federal prison for few years and take away all the money and make him ineligible for office again. Then send him to Russia with Putin.

Waste of time, just go for the impeachment. God bless America and keep her from all troubles. Amen I think that Trump needs to be punished for inciting the riot and make sure he can never do something like this again. The young people need to see that there is consequences of their actions. Everyone involved should be publicly punished

Trump put VPPence in harm's way. He literally sent a mob to find him. Why is he still defending trump? He needs to be watching his back. Good. The steps which are being considered are necessary but given the fact there is so little time for these measures to take place people need to decide whether the work involved will be worth it. It is important too not to let Donald Trump become a distraction.

How about the law to deal with fraud that she and others are still abetting that cheated Trump out of the election. How about that? ARE YOU SURE JEO BIDEN WILL BE IN FULL CONTROL OF WITHE HOUSE OR IT WILL BE DELEGATED BETWEEN CNN,FACEBOOK,TWITTER AND OBAMA Yall gotta calm down with all that, people ain't thinking straight. Everyone is going to pretty foolish when the legality and criticism . And the backlash from that guilt by association is gonna be tremendous division in an already divided country. Hate feeds on Hate. Not col

25th Amendment Now!!! Do you want to learn how to read the glorious Qur'an fluently within a short period of time? Would you like to memorize the glorious Qur'an in the best of form? You wish to know more about the Deen, AL-ISLAM? 👇 AL-MANĀR I. A. He’s leaving office in 10 days! What is the point?! Why do we need to spend tax $$ on this?!?!

Always an excuse for Trump, who incited a riot, an act of domestic terrorism, sedition; trumps actions led to the death of five people, one from law enforcement (a veteran who protects the very people that want to give Trump another pass). Impeach Trump before he can resign. If Trump does get impeached, the US constitution will become even more of a laughing stock than it already is. The bloke is a fool, but essentially he will be impeached because of his ‘vibe’ and not because of a specific wrongdoing. Just forget it and wait until the 20th.

Blah blah blah. More talk and zero action as usual. This should have been done on Thursday. This is taking way too long. ImpeachandRemove The more I've learned every one of them are worthless! Up until last minute they want to get things done!...useless. 25th ding dongs What are they waiting for? VP Mike_Pence these Insurrectionists brought a gallows for you to hang from! SpeakerPelosi start the impeachment proceedings ASAP. No more waiting, PLEASE

Donald Trump is nothing else but a gift of 'love' from Putin to us Americans. In other words, he is a Trojan horse in the heart of the United States of America. Since MAGA Terrorists wanted to kill both of them, they need to unite to take Trump out and get him arrested. Take them all down Nancy and your name will go down in infamy.

Go Nancy LoL USAlaw_andOrder Maybe you should be trying to work on a vaccination rollout plan, COVID bill, and moving forward and working with the new administration. Epic waste of time and a classic example of why we need term limits. This is a feud between elites. It is childish. We all in arrest them all

Political blackmail .. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Pence is an enigma. He was sickeningly loyal to Trump for 4 years. Then, during the insurrection he bravely REFUSED to leave the Capitol so he could get back to the business of counting electoral votes, which was kinda heroic because the police were DEMANDING that he leave. Hm

Nancy needs the 25 th amendment used on her! Lmao impreach, impeach, impeach...USA,USA,USA If you have a President Trump who does not do justice to his office, who is unpredictable and who openly stirs up rioting, then as a Republican you are a Democrat too and must put disempowerment over the party and 70 million voters. This is especially true of Pence

I suppose they will they aren't satisfied with just a win he is out in 10 days anyway. Covid problems are serious but no don't work on that at all waste more time. Let's see you come up with a stand alone bill for aid to individuals. Insurrection Act activated tomorrow by president Trump(1/11)! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT, traitor!

So much better with the mask on Not gonna happen. Pence will follow party line. Democrats looking desperate. Best policy is to wait, investigate and prosecute if Trump is found to have broken law. Yeah they’re afraid of him because they think he might come back and destroy them again in 2024 They hate him since 2016 nothing more just the same bullshit. People get more sick in this country need more money and jobs and they talking about Trump for past five years give me a fucking break🤮

If the process regarding Trump is correct, for me what will be will be. My point is Nancy! Throughout the Trump Presidency they both have been at logger heads, I find Nancy a pathetic immature baby who hates Trump for not being able to top side him she doesnt bother him FACT. Bla bla bla bla! Go Nancy !!!

Worst, most incompetent speaker in American history. Hasn't accomplished one thing in 4 years! Should be committed. After she rehabs. It’s too late. Less than 10 days... get over yourself pelosi 人在做天在看,不是不報只是時候未到,美國人民相信神,正義與公平 Тupizna,vasha Pilosi! Pelosi no just like Trump at alllll... 9 days remaining dear. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

SATAN'S MINION!!!!! TRUMP IS ON PARELER AND THE PLATFORM IS STILL UP! I'M BLOCKING MY NAME BUT YOU CAN SEE HE IS STILL PUSHING THE SAME RHETORIC. Don’t try, do. Bravo 👏🏼 The 25th Amendment will protect as designed! نانسي بيلوسي 🗽 رمز الحرية والديمقراطية والوطنية نحاول عزل ترامب لعدم أهليته كرئيس الولايات والمتجددة الأمريكية

Never happen Trump 2024 Waste of money and time!! Impeetch this nut-ball! “Behold the storm of the Lord! Wrath has gone forth, a whirling tempest; it will burst upon the head of the wicked. The fierce anger of the Lord will not turn back until he has executed and accomplished the intentions of his mind. In the latter days you will understand this.”

Trump gave up his rights as president....when him RUDY AND FAMILY AND OTHERS INSIGHTED THIS RAID.....SHAME ON AMERICAN WE HAVE LAWS TO PROTECT US FROM THE MANICS THAT LIVE IN OUR NATION THAT NEEDS THESE RULES AND LAWS Decrepit old women. Crazy woman That's impeding on the 25th because of the fact they cannot impeach him in time.

JeffRichgels The House wasting time instead of helping Americans. Pretty much par for the course... Pointless and a waste of TAX PAYERS MONEY Be careful, the pendulum swings both ways Donald Trump: 'I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and SHOOT someone and NOT lose any voters, it's incredible' (I edited the warning to be in front of his comment). He must be impeached. He must be arrested. Actions need to have consequences.

President trump he will not leave his leadership until last day because he knows their is troubled people PELOSI IS NUTS!! HOW IS SHE STILL IN POWER? How spend your time on trying to get American people more then 600 bucks How is this bitch still alive? Perhaps Botox will lead to the ultimate zombie apocalypse with Pelosi being patient zero

Hiền,,,ít nói,,,sống tình cảm ,, Good luck What does she want to do? This bad woman! Your so called democracy is a joke She nuts IMPEACH Trump!!! Fat Chance! Never happening.... Up yours See the cliff. JUMP Divide the Country!! Yea! Bravo. Hit me up if you wanna purchase Fraud bibles ,,jail breaked apps and software,,bitcoin reversal payment (flash funds) sauces methods,bank logs credit cards and premium account also cool rates hit me up let’s deal💯💯🔥🔥

Trump should invoke the EO act and declare martial law, put Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Clapper, Obama, Biden in jail. Follow me please so I can reach 100 followers , I am new to this platform. Thank you guys ! I will return the favor ♥️🏳️‍🌈 Who's actually leading the US right now? ~signed: concerned neighbour to the north.

Pelosi’s Impeachment business is old news. This will push back the rebuilding campaign, not the best idea right now that we are healing and uniting! My congratulations to KamalaHarris Vice President Kamala Harris, the MOST POWERFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD. I’m all for getting him out of there...but at this point can’t we put the focus on vaccine distribution and administration? I mean, he’s gone in 10 days anyway!!

Mikey Pence will need to consult MOTHER first. Crazy evil you have to go jail, you invite Antifa !! Because you hate de president impeachment for you! They need to HURRY THE HELL UP Do you want a civil war Don't even waste time. Pence won't do it. Impeach trump before he pardons the mob that came into capitol to kill

—— Why so scared Pelosi LOL We call it the 'Internet coup' If Pence does not invoke the 25th Amendment then he should be held accountable of the out come from that. C’mon Mike! I wanna hear you say “You’re Fired!”. And hopefully Amendment 14 to get rid of mtgreene who continues the lies and is inciting Voldemort’s base. Check her tweets

Sad state of affairs in the US. Tragedy in the making. Hope you guys are on high alert. Why is she waiting for this. It will never happen This is productive. We as Americans do not inter violence in to politics or to over throw the will of the people all who were involved in this insurrection should be removed and never hold political office ever again democracy held this time but should never be tested again

4 solid years of tryin to impeach the President ,even after you won the next election, is just sad. He so afraid of his crimes catching up to him, he tell his supporters to risk their livelihoods & freedom, so he can bigger than the Constitution So ridiculous. This just shows they do not care about us because instead of waiting another week for him to be out of the office, the democrats want to spend millions of taxpayers money to have him impeached. Yah Democrats 🙄

That’s funny, maybe they should read the 25th amendment first democrats talking about accountability ? let's be honest this isn't about accountability! it's democratic party being scared of trump this much that they will spend another 4 millions dollars that will be paid by taxpayers. how about nancy and democratic party pay for it ?

Rep. on a crossroad: If not 'Impeach': Trump has lots of Republican party & 75 mil supporters. He will be back in 2024 & will start where he had left. But if 'Impeached': He can't run for an office. Now is the time for the Republicans show what they stand for, not Democrats. cnn will go bankrupt after trump is gone😂

This need to be done now! None of this having Congress sitting on their thumps and not actually doing anything but talking about it! Not try, do! Or IMPEACH NOW! The country is waiting for you all to make a clear and decisive statement about our democracy by condemning an insurrection and charging those involved and removing the sources of the lies and betrayal to our nation.

Pelosi is the one that needs to be removed. Pence doesn't have enough votes in the cabinet to remove him. But, let's put it on the record. The Senate will not vote 2/3 to convict. But, he will be impeached, AGAIN. They’re crumbling. Trump is leading them on. Life is soon going to be hell for the Dems.

I watched Trump's entire speech at the Capitol protest and no sane person would conclude it incited a riot. He starts at 2 hours and 53 minutes into the video. He actually says we are going to march to the Capitol and peacefully protest. ok but if that doesnt work the other then. is their enough time.

Hey Pelosi, let’s get down to the real business of Congress that you were elected to carry out. We need Congress to get the vaccine out to all the people so get the funding going and help the states out. Think about “we the people” and do your job. Is it even legally possible to remove a President who has already been succeeded, which would happen if the Senate trial wouldn’t be held until Biden’s first 100 days are over?

Nancy focus on getting the American people their stimulus and forget you grudge towards trump. He is gone in 10 days the people of America are not going anywhere! There is no try, only do... You keep trying will not change nothing is shame this government who let this kind of bs happens and just try. America should put law {any one 70 years should should retired}pelosi should stay home and retired give chance to young people please

In addition to Articles of Impeachment, right? Nope 😂😂😂😂 Just do it! Girl give up we trying to see what’s on your laptop SpeakerPelosi Stop the stalling. ImpeachTrumpAgainNOW ArrestDonaldTrump Enough. JusticeMatters Can’t wait for 5 days? Wow CNN SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer AOC VP FoxNews senatemajldr President Trump needs to not only be impeached, but he needs to be arrested for sedition, insurrection, and causing 5 deaths!

Awwwww....just STFU about that giant 'breach' on the Capitol. It was only a miniscule fraction of who showed up who did that. We don't need violence to crush your communism- its happening now! What did you once say 'People will do what they do' This stuff right here provokes the right wing wackos and accomplishes nothing. Just let the time run out.

TRY? TRY Do it!!!!!!!! Jocka Pelosi's personal war. 😅 The clash between Antifa v Anarchist is going to be spectacular. Good luck urbanites. You haven’t done anything in 4 years is the time to do what’s right!!!!! after four years let’s ignore a coup against our democracy. I don’t think so. We elected Biden for justice and equality. Not pass the buck n keep sweeping injustice and corruption under the rug. Ppl are dead. They were trying to kill Pence n Nancy. This has to stop