Democrats Introduce Bill To Give Every American An Affirmative Right To Vote

The Right to Vote Act would allow voters to challenge any restriction of their access to the ballot.

8/5/2021 6:22:00 AM

The Right to Vote Act would allow voters to challenge any restriction of their access to the ballot.

The Right to Vote Act would allow voters to challenge any restriction of their access to the ballot.

enacted by Republicans in states like Georgia, which enable partisan actors to alter vote counts and results after the fact, would need to be shown to meet a provable governmental interest and offer the least restrictive means of achieving that interest.

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“Jurisdictions up until this point have gotten away with murder in terms of positing voter fraud that they are never asked to substantiate,” Jones said. His bill, if enacted, would require jurisdictions to provide such proof.This Right to Vote Act is meant to fill the gap in voters’ ability to challenge voting restrictions, previously limited by judicial interpretations of the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause. It is also designed to supplement the For the People Act, a sweeping reform bill that would override many voter suppression laws by setting a national standard for voter access in federal elections.

The Right to Vote Act was first introduced by Jones in the Houseto the For the People Act in March. The amendment was not agreed to in the House, so Jones sought Senate sponsors to introduce it as standalone legislation.Tom Williams via Getty ImagesRep. Mondaire Jones (D-N.Y.) first introduced the Right to Vote Act as an amendment to the For the People Act in May.

Jones says he is “focused on getting this passed as a standalone bill.” It is possible that it will be included in thefinal draft of the For the People Actthat a handful of Democratic senators and representatives are working on.The For the People Act, which passed the House in May and which Senate Republicans filibustered in June, would prevent states from limiting or not allowing early voting, vote-by-mail and same-day voter registration, among other things. But its provisions would not cover things like bans on mobile poll locations or bans on local jurisdictions from accepting funds from nonpartisan outside sources to help run their elections.

The For the People Act “doesn’t include any catch-all provision applicable to all voting limits ― including ones Congress hasn’t yet imagined,” Nicholas Stephanopoulos, a Harvard law professor and election law expert,. “The Act thus leaves open the door to novel barriers erected by wily vote suppressors.”

The Right to Vote Act, which at the time took the form of Jones’ amendment, “wouldwrote.CORRECTION: This article has been updated to note that Jones first introduced his amendment in March, not May. Read more: HuffPost »

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Donation Don has just kicked his 🐈 across the room in anger wit that news. Who can or should oppose that right? This sounds like a Dem. campaign rally cry! Cool. Show an ID and you should have no issue. 🇺🇲🇺🇲 💯 Hey buddy. If you’re a citizen you have ID. One vote per citizen, everybody knows the rules.

The irony that the party who wants zero id voting also wants to mandate covid passports and demand you show id to got to a supermarket🟦 Can one use a vaccine passport as voter ID? Just wondering... What about an affirmative right to live your life without showing your medical papers every where you go?


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