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Democrats grapple with fully embracing Medicare for All

A half-dozen presidential candidates back 'Medicare for All,' a proposal that would put the government in charge of most health benefits


A half-dozen presidential candidates back ' Medicare for All.' But some of the Democrats they're courting aren't sure that the nation's health care system should be overhauled so dramatically.

A half-dozen presidential candidates back ' Medicare for All,' a proposal that would put the government in charge of most health benefits

Suby is among the Democratic voters concerned that such a major remodeling of America's health care infrastructure might be too big of a leap for their party's next president. While polls suggest Democrats like the idea of Medicare for All, it's not clear that they're sold on an abrupt shift away from private insurance. In more than two dozen interviews across three early-voting states, most Democratic voters told The Associated Press that they're open to a more incremental approach toward single-payer health care that starts with making government-run insurance available to more people — such as a publicly funded health plan that Americans could choose as an alternative to their employer-sponsored plan.

Only Bernie Sanders, the author of the Senate's Medicare for All bill, is solely focused on single-payer as a way to"fully solve the health care crisis," an approach his team thinks adds to his progressive bona fides.

President Donald Trump and the GOP have used Medicare for All as a cudgel in their battle to paint the Democratic agenda as too extreme for most voters. The White House blasted Sanders' bill last month in a statement predicting it would"cripple our economy and future generations with unprecedented debt."

Laying that groundwork with the Democratic electorate would seem to start with voters like 61-year-old Trudy Rand. The longtime New Hampshire nurse urged policymakers to"seize the day" and push for Medicare for All, adding that"the system is broken."

While 56% of respondents favored Medicare for All in January polling from the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation, up from just 40% between 2002 and 2004, the popularity of optional buy-ins to Medicare and Medicaid were significantly higher, at 74% and 75%, respectively.

Lemuel Anderson, a 24-year-old resident of Ames, Iowa, said he's deciding between Sanders and Warren and health care is one of the issues tipping him toward Sanders. That Warren has left the door open to preserving some form of private insurance after a transition to Medicare for All was a problem for him.

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This guy needs to retire I’ve seen one of my sons spend most of his adult life without health insurance. I’ve seen what happens. But at 20% of the US economy (read jobs) we need to be deliberate. The poor American taxpayers are sick of these damn Dems. always talking about giving our damn tax$$ away we are fed up with this shit LET'S TALK ABOUT THESE LAZY ASS ILLIGALS GETTING DAMN JOBS AN GO TO WORK AN MAKE THEIR OWN $$ AN TAKE CARE OF OWN KIDS THEY LAID DOWN AN GOT THEM

Lie only if u have worked an paid into it.Or if u are an American taxpayers. No exceptions.Illigals cannot have nothing else free to them .Nothings free for the legal american. Poor blacks an whites have to work .Illigals ass have to pay their own way. Or go back where they were. Medicare for all? Never happen....

Heart bypass in France = $20,000. Heart bypass in U.S. = $80,000 - $120,000. Same outcome. How & why? Start w/the premise tnat nothing is written in stone. Above all don't be in a hurry to stamp 'done' on it. Flexibility should be at the core. It doesn't have to look like the current model. It can be the place to start designing a h/c system that fits our unique needs. No reason we can't design the best h/c on ths planet. Keep the good parts, improve wbat doesn't work.

Dinosauer talk. Because those democrats (and all congressmen and congresswomen) have full and free healthcare. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Wary of Medicare for all, Democrats seek easier paths to universal coverageWary of the political risks and practical difficulties of Medicare -for-all proposals that would move every American into a government health plan, Democrats increasingly are embracing more modest plans to use Medicare to expand insurance coverage. Fuck the insurance industry. Healthcare should be a right and not a privilege. Uh, why aren't Democrats advocating for the ACA when it obviously WORKS and the COMPETITIVE PRICING COMPONENT + PREEXISTING CONDITION COVERAGE are most appreciated/values by VOTERS? Why 'reinvent' the wheel?

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Medicare isn't that good no dental no vision pay 80% after co-pays and deductibles that by the way are very high. They need to re-do medicare before they try to make it available to everybody but they also need a choice of self-pay insurance for those who do not want the Medicare We don't have enough doctors for Medicare for All. Therefore, it will take longer for you to see a doctor if Bernie has his way.

And long overdue If its not thoroughly over hauled it won't get done at all I'm on board. I'm no spring chicken and yet nowhere near retirement age. I need healthcare. We all do. Beto’s has long supported “Medicare For America” and championed the work of rosadelauro janschakowsky. Beto2020 BetoForAmerica

Yes,until ou r medical standard matches the rest of the First world I don't want socialized healthcare, I'd rather pay for prompt, quality healthcare. I have been on Medicare for 20 years and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Those backing this... WHERE WILL THE MONEY COME FROM TO PAY FOR IT WILL A PORTION OF THEIR $195,000 HELP PAY FOR IT OR.... WILL CITIZENS,,, LEGAL ONES WHO LEGITIMATELY HAVE A INCOME & SOCIAL SECURITY INCOME DUE TO COME WHEN RETIRED? Hmmmm BERNIE, everyone wants FREE STUFF

Teachers grapple with climate change: 'A pretty scary topic'When science teacher Diana Allen set out to teach climate change, a subject she'd never learned in school, she fell into a rabbit's hole of misinformation: Many resources presented online as... Teach your children this book 📖 The books I’m using to teach my 5th graders Science is from six years before they were born. Let’s just say that I ad lib a lot. Climate Change is an even bigger hoax than Russia Collusion.

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Tread lightly. The healthcare industry in the US comprises approximately 20% of our economy, even more so when it comes to providing power & energy Americans need to subsist. Some of these radical & fast tracked proposals to cure the problem may be worse than the cure. Be wise Agree. As Obama showed it can be a good balance between the best of both 🌎s. But G☠️P believe that cutting poor & sick & eliminating preexisting conditions exclusion is the only way to go. That leaves only the wealthy who can afford it & ERs to pick up the rest until they go 👇

It's a target in the distance. We won't ever get there if we never start moving in that direction. We understand it wont happen tomorrow. Thanks to the Democrats I have insurance I can't afford to use. I had good insurance until Obama care. Premiums went up coverage went down. When are the Democrats going to fix what they destroyed?

Lots of highly skilled employees compensated by hospitals now asked to take less reimbursement for services rendered. Will fail almost immediately. Hospitals can barely make it with the little private insurance revenue they do get. medicare/citizenship for illegals; voting rights for criminals; open borders; illegals first over americans; more crimes; MORE: HANDOUTS/WELFARE, TAXES, GOVT; chronic stagnant economy; make us, all americans, all equally poor? no ty, dems wannabes.

Medicare option. If it’s horrible, the free market has nothing to worry about. If it’s great, more and more people will opt in. I won't consider any candidate that doesn't support M4A It shouldn't. The government doesn't process claims/etc. They would work with current healthcare companies (BlueCross/Cigna/Humana/etc) to administer the claims, do authorizations/etc. It wouldn't be as free as people think it would be. DoNotPassGo DoNotCollect$200

Mayor Pete has it right with doing a public option so Americans can “try before they buy.” MayorPete2020 Buttigieg2020

Teachers grapple with climate change: 'A pretty scary topic'When science teacher Diana Allen set out to teach climate change, a subject she'd never learned in school, she fell into a rabbit's hole of misinformation: Many resources presented online as... Thank God for climate change! We would still be in a Ice age if it didn't get warmer. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Did someone mention JunkScience? He's a fraud.


'I'm scared': In Venezuela, dialysis patients grapple with power cutsIn Venezuela, dialysis patients grapple with power cuts. 'I have not had dialysis for two days because there has been no electricity. I am scared.' Thanks to the USA that making people suffering for their thirst of OIL If the US would stop its sanctions that are designed to harm civilians - a WarCrime - then the people of Venezuela would not be suffering to this extent. HandsOffVenezuela America, you too can have this for socialism

Liberians grapple with potential loss of U.S. legal statusAs snow blanketed African markets, churches and graves in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, in February, members of the Liberian community were praying fervently that this would not be their last winter in the United States. yjtorbati j_ernst_DC Liberians grapple with potential loss of U.S. legal status via Yeganeh Torbati Jonathan Ernst That makes sense now that you mention it.

Liberians grapple with potential loss of U.S. legal statusAs snow blanketed African markets, churches and graves in Brooklyn Park, Minneso... Looks like the whole planet is used in leeching money from USA. From Liberia to Germany. I so need to get my eyes checked.... At first, I read this as “Librarians grapple with potential loss of US legal status.” I was like, what did the poor librarians ever do to anyone, other than shush them, maybe? Love to punish the people of a country we broke

White House accuses Democrats of pushing for Russia investigation 2.0 as Democrats discuss contempt proceedingsIn a letter to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, White House counsel Pat Cipollone said the administration would refuse to turn over documents and provide testimony from dozens of current and former Trump officials, as Nadler has demanded. A second one would still only be half a Benghazi, right?

Opinion | Medicare Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to BeOpinion: Those enamored by the idea of Medicare for All should keep in mind that the existing Medicare benefit packages fall well short of what they are proposing, writes CPopeHC CPopeHC It just works for every other first world country, surely it can't work here. CPopeHC Important perspective. If this were jammed through Congress, it would be a thoroughly stripped down benefit (Part A only?) and there would still persist issues of equity and resentment of those with (self-paid) supplemental coverage. CPopeHC Oh man....then I guess it’s a better option to have millions upon millions of Americans with absolutely no healthcare.

Trump administration postpones some Medicare drug-cost proposalsThe Trump administration has decided to put part of its Medicare drug cost-cutting proposals on hold, for now. THE SINISTER PLAN CONTINUES

Opinion | The campaign to destroy Medicare-for-all has already begunIndustry groups aren't waiting until there's a Democratic nominee or a plan in place. Medicare for all doesn’t exist. How can it be destroyed? Sadly it won't take much

Analysis | Kamala Harris’s claim that Medicare-for-all ‘doesn’t get rid of all insurance’Harris (D-Calif.) argues there will still be a role for private insurance in a government-run system. But the bill she co-sponsors says it would be very limited. Are you checking up on the claims Biden and Sanders make? I find it interesting that all these op-ed and fact checking pieces seem to focus on the women running. Interesting. There's no reason somebody who likes paying for their insurance should be forced to stop paying for their insurance. For the rest of us, we'll gladly take the 'Medicare For All'. And how does that compare to realDonaldTrump’s plan? Along with fact checking people with actual proposals, please fact check Trump alongside. Thx

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