2020 Election, Congress

2020 Election, Congress

Democrats close to flipping Virginia House district Trump won by 11 points, internal poll shows

Democrats close to flipping Virginia House district Trump won by 11 points, internal poll shows

9/18/2020 5:09:00 AM

Democrats close to flipping Virginia House district Trump won by 11 points, internal poll shows

The survey suggests that the district, currently held by Republican Rep. Denver Riggleman, who was ousted by his party during a June nominating convention after he officiated a same-sex wedding, is becoming increasingly in play for Democrats.

The internal poll was conducted by the Democratic firm Global Strategy Group for314 Action, an organization that's committed to electing scientists and STEM professionals to elected office. It showed 46 percent of likely voters backing Dr. Webb while 47 percent went for Good. The survey was conducted among 400 likely general election voters between September 10-14, and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9 percent.

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Dr. Webb is now within one point of Good thanks to a five-point gain since August, per 314 Action's internal polling. By comparison, Riggleman cruised to victory in 2018, beating his Democratic opponent by seven points.Democratic congressional candidate for Virginia's 5th District, Dr. Cameron Webb, is seen here teaching in 2019. A new internal poll provided to Newsweek shows Dr. Webb trailing his GOP opponent, Bob Good, by a singular point.

Courtesy of the Webb Campaign"Cameron's background, taken in its entirety, is very impactful to voters right now," Mia Ehrenberg, Dr. Webb's communications director, toldNewsweek.Dr. Webb, who practices general internal medicine in Charlottesville and teaches at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, held brief White House stints under both Barack Obama and Donald Trump, dealing with health care policy and economic development. He worked on Obama's My Brother's Keeper Initiative during the final six months of Obama's tenure, and on prescription drug prices for the first eight months of Trump's presidency.

The Good campaign did not respond toNewsweek's request for comment as of the time of publication. This story will be updated if a response is received.Both candidates' familiarity among constituents has jumped in the last month. Sixty percent indicated in the poll that they're now familiar with Dr. Webb while 63 percent are familiar with Good.

In terms of favorability, Good still trailed Dr. Webb. Good has a 33 percent favorable vs. 30 percent unfavorable, while Dr. Webb has 38 percent favorable vs. 22 percent unfavorable."Virginians deserve a leader who understands the crisis at hand, and as an active physician and health policy expert, Dr. Webb is the best candidate to meet this moment," 314 Action President Shaughnessy Naughton said in a statement.

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Fake news StockholmSyndrome Excellent. Perhaps the Trump-induced avalanche has begun. I'll just leave this here. Just vote and flip it Virginia is slowly turning blue. No one believes that shit Where have we heard that before? Has a familiar ring to it. Didn't you guys try that 4 years ago? How'd it go for you?

Poll: Biden, Trump in close race in ArizonaDemocrat Joe Biden is narrowly ahead of President Donald Trump in the key swing state of Arizona, and Democrat Mark Kelly is leading GOP Sen. Martha McSally, according to a new poll from Monmouth University released today Lol, no he isn’t. These polls are so phony, as most people don’t bother wasting their time with these polling places. TRUMP’S 1ST TERM RECORD: *Prescription drug prices are up *Premiums are also up *Trump is in court right now trying to get rid of preexisting condition protections *Trump wants to eliminate the funding mechanism for Social Security, which could bankrupt it by 2023 NEW update on why Biden's leading, convention bumps and enthusiasm, and as always, why 2020 is very different from 2016:

House Democrats question findings of Kodak's internal review in wake of botched pharma deal'Our Committees plan to vigorously pursue our ongoing investigation into this matter, and we expect full cooperation from Kodak and the Administration,' Reps. Clyburn, Waters and Maloney said in a joint statement. It wasn't a pharma deal, it was a scam initiated from the Whitehouse. A ten year old kid could have worked that out. Trump oversees an Office of thieves, stealing from oversea countries, and from within his own countey. Kodak all of a sudden becomes a pharma play? Pure effin market manipulation. Follow the money. 😳 botch !!!!!!! !!!!!!!

North Carolina poll shows close races for White House, SenateJoe Biden is ahead by just 3 percentage points among likely voters in North Carolina, according to a new survey of the swing state President Donald Trump captured in 2016 What's next? Biden only ahead by 10 in Arizona? I guess it comes down to how many people want a president for everyone vs just himself and his family or how many people want a break from the chaos and ill will from our former allies. I cannot believe what Richard Burr said. Basically promoting the vote twice trump has repeated.

Trump administration scrapped plan to send every American a maskThe White House scrapped an effort to send millions of cloth masks to every U.S. household in April, choosing instead to distribute those masks to nonprofits and state and federal agencies, an internal email from a senior Trump admin. official shows. Donald Trump is ignorant and doesn’t understand the science of mask wearing. He is despicable. GOP MeidasTouch robreiner The press would have been on Trump for wasting money. This time they would have been right.

Sarah McBride poised to become U.S.'s first transgender state senatorMcBride won a Democratic state Senate primary on Tuesday in a Delaware district where Democrats outnumber Republicans by more than 3-to-1. Mental illness is real. MrJonCryer 👍👊🌈

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