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Democrats are corralling votes for an assault weapons ban. Here's why some have yet to pledge support

Democrats are corralling votes for an assault weapons ban. Here's why some have yet to pledge support


Democrats are corralling votes for an assault weapons ban . Here's why some have yet to pledge support

Those who've yet to support a ban showed pause due to concerns about the bill's details, believed it was a hopeless task — so long as the Senate is GOP controlled — or simply did not want to discuss the matter.

Those who have yet to throw their weight behind what's become a divided and passionate issue tend to lean more moderate and are freshmen lawmakers, with roughly half of the 28 Democrats who've yet to sign onto the measure being part of center-left caucuses or are considered vulnerable for 2020. Those who spoke with

"Generally, I'm not supportive of bans, because I think that we have to focus on sensible gun legislation that we can actually get passed," said Rep. Anthony Brindisi (D-NY), a first-term, moderate congressman."And when you have nine out of 10 Americans saying that they support something like background checks, to me, that's where we should be focusing the bulk of our energy right now when it comes to gun legislation."

that McConnell allow a vote on a House-passed universal background check legislation from February that would afford few exceptions to requiring the act of running a person's name through a federal database, even during private transactions — a move that advocates say is necessary to help prevent future mass shooters from wrongfully obtaining firearms. But

Several Democrats expressed concerns over the language of the military-style assault weapons ban, fearful it could infringe on constituents' Second Amendment rights and their ability to use such weapons for hunting and fishing. There is a balancing act of trying to find new legislation that could help curb gun deaths at the hands of mass shooters and not implementing an overreaching bill with unintended consequences, they explained.

for training and the need to focus on identifying people with ill intentions before they commit atrocities. However, the moderate newcomer elaborated, it was likely he'd ultimately vote in favor of the ban, despite not sponsoring the legislation.

Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI), also a moderate freshman, said she's keeping an open mind about the assault weapons ban and has yet to take a closer look at the bill's text. Although acknowledging the difficult situation that she and some of her Democratic colleagues may find themselves in thanks to divided districts, she believed a ban should not be something the party shies away from.

said."But I think we also have to do what's right for the protection of our kids in schools and we have to acknowledge what's going on [with] the ability of some of the semi-automatics to induce huge consequences. A ban is not the only option, but it is something we should be considering. I think it's right to be having the discussion."

about her lack of support for the assault weapons ban.

on Tuesday that will soon be considered by the full House, which include a so-called"red flag" law to temporarily confiscate firearms from those believed to be an imminent threat to themselves or others, outlaw high-capacity magazines and bar those convicted of all hate crimes from obtaining a gun.

Cicilline pointed to America's previous assault weapons ban from 1994 to 2004 as evidence to why the country needs another one. During that decade, mass shootings declined by roughly 37 percent and the number of deaths dropped by about 43 percent as compared to the prior decade, according to data

"I don't think, from my standpoint, we're in the position to speculate about what will help or what will hurt [the Democratic Party]. We want to do the right thing," Jeffries said."Part the right thing, it seems to me, is to ponder the question[s]: Are assault weapons weapons of war? Who are assault weapons designed to target? Are they being used to hunt deer, or are they being used to hunt human beings?"

Read more: Newsweek

Holy crap. Could you dipshits be ANY more deceptive with your 'data'. Gun crime declined for 10 years after the sunsetting of the fed AWB - that's how ineffective it was. On the upside, it DID allow grenade launchers.... Again the moderate Dems giving cover for the Republicans. There’s no such thing as an “Assault Weapon”

Put the ban back on. Bush took money to sell us out. They are not protected by second George W bush and Dick Cheney allow the van to expire, let's not forget! Molan Labe. Killing is americas pass time Because it’s unconstitutional maybe? There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON,none,NOT ONE...why ANYONE NEEDS a semiautomatic nor AUTOMATIC rifle.PERIOD.END OF ARGUMENT.Politicians hide behind 2nd Amendment.

It's beyond hopeless... LeftWing-er here. I completely oppose an “AssaultWeaponsBan”

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