Democratic organizers canvassing with hope to turn out new voters in Texas

“[Texas] is the state that could put Joe Biden over the top on election night, help us win a Democratic majority in the State House, and help flip control in the U.S. Senate,” Beto O’Rourke on turning out new voters in Texas.

10/27/2020 10:04:00 AM

“[Texas] is the state that could put Joe Biden over the top on election night, help us win a Democratic majority in the State House, and help flip control in the U.S. Senate,” Beto O’Rourke on turning out new voters in Texas.

Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke and deputy director of the Texas Organizing Project, Brianna Brown, are door knocking and canvassing a week from election day in order to turn out new voters in Texas, NBC’s Priscilla Thompson reports.

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🤮 BITCOIN IS GOING NUTS!! It is up over $500 to $13.7k and it isn't suppose to slow down till 20k!!!! SHES A PEACH 🍑!! TonyBobulinski Beta ! Texan’s are smart enough to see through this clown.....and by a wide margin Texas will stay red. Thankful for Beto! Texas won't go socialist 🤮 Man you know Texas is full on hick. Most money of all states in Trump campaign is Texas. Let texas and kentucky rot if they want to continually be ignorant they become complicit

Don’t know Beto’s religious beliefs, if any, but he’ll have achieved a miracle recognized by the Catholic Church if Biden wins Texas..... and the gratitude of hundreds of millions of Americans. Gods protection and God’s speed Beto Shutting down oil & Fracking! No subsidies!! Now visiting Pennsylvania, I’m not stopping fracking or shutting down oil! Lie!!!

Gunslinger Beto- dreaming! his repeated claims on video that he will ban fracking and oil is going to get him lots of votes in Texas, especially since the US has finally achieved energy independent because of all the jobs Biden will destroy, making us once again reliant on other countries. I’m a Dem and I’ll believe it when I see it.

Much respect to Beto for his great work in Texas. Beto better develop coping skills before the election. Its not going to go his way. Trump2020Landslide They didn’t come through for Beto and I don’t think they have the balls to come through for Biden! “Iz needs my gunz” bs is all they’re concerned about!

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I'll believe it when I see it. Texas is as red as red gets! Texas is a great state because it is Republican. Don't let the Californian immigrants ruin Texas. Not just this election night. GOP loses Texas and they might not win again for a loooooooooong time. Please vote AND help increase voter turn out. Contact your county or state Democratic Party, state and/or local campaigns and see what they need!

Thank you Beto O'Rourke for fighting for Texas votes! TEXAS is Turning BLUE!!!! I like Beto, but its a pipe dream. Texas will vote Trump without a question. TexasForBiden If anyone can do it BetoORourke can The supreme court just set up the ability to overturn the vote of the people and appoint Trump president! Their decision today was the most outrageous thing the Court has ever done!

Ann Richards is smiling from Heaven

Texas, known for historically low voter turnout, has seen more than 7 million people already voteTexas' voter turnout is the highest in the country so far. This Texan voted early forth Biden 💙 Remember the Donalamo I don’t want to wake up from this nightmare and realize reality is still a nightmare. Vote vote vote!! vote VoteBlueDownBallot VoteBidenHarris2020

Texas Voters With Covid-19 Need A Doctor’s Note To Vote Absentee, Court RulesThe ruling could disenfranchise low-income voters and voters of color as Covid-19 cases rise. More suppression by the GOPS oh Brilliant, nice set up. Wtf

Texas and California are tops in Covid-19 casesIn other coronavirus news: Democrats urge Vice President Mike Pence to isolate after aides test positive, and Dr. Fauci says keep mask on while talking. Come on California, we can do it! They’re the two largest states, so... We have become too comfortable with the death and suffering of certain classes of people. What if we thought of everyone else as neighbors?

In Conversation: Texas Isaiah and Gioncarlo Valentine on Being SeenPhotographers TexasIsaiah and gionvalentine discuss representation, tokenization, and the legacy of this “moment” for Black creatives.

El Paso, Texas, Judge Issues 2-Week Curfew To Stem Surge Of COVID-19 CasesThe judge said he was 'left with no choice' but to impose a countywide curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. He noted El Paso County has seen a 160% increase in its positivity rate in the last three weeks. 300% increase means nothing. How many folks are in hospitals with COVID? Do they have underlying illnesses? Much left out of your reporting. So like 7 hospitalizations These issues should not have to be decided by judges.

Family sues Texas county for wrongful death of Black man during 'Live PD' productionThe family of Javier Ambler, a Black man who died after a car chase with police accompanied by a reality television camera crew, files a lawsuit against Williamson County, Texas, where a sheriff is already facing tampering charges in the case. Traffic cops will be obsolete when we have self-driving cars because autonomous cars will always automatically obey all traffic laws. In our driverless future, we can abolish police traffic patrols Nostradamus wrote about “Phoenix“ 465 years ago You mean the person who refused officer’s request to pull over and had NOTHING to do with the color of his skin?