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Democratic megadonor urges Pelosi and Schumer to pick a candidate in a bid to stop Bernie Sanders

Democratic megadonor urges Pelosi and Schumer to pick a candidate in a bid to stop Bernie Sanders


Democratic megadonor urges Pelosi and Schumer to pick a candidate in a bid to stop Bernie Sanders

Democratic megadonor Bernard Schwartz is calling on Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to rally behind a candidate in order to stop Bernie Sanders .

Schwartz noted he has yet to hear back from them but insisted, with Super Tuesday under a week away, that party leaders have to take a stand now before Sanders captures the nomination.Democratic megadonor Bernard Schwartz has started reaching out to party leaders, particularly House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, to encourage them to back a candidate for president in order to stop the surge of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Schwartz noted he has yet to hear back from them but insisted, with Super Tuesday under a week away, that party leaders have to take a stand now before Sanders captures the nomination – and, in his view, takes down the party.Schwartz's concerns to leaders are being echoed by many Democratic leaders,

During the 2018 congressional midterms, Schwartz gave over $3 million to Democratic causes. The New York Times reported inSanders is currently leading in two of the biggest states that are scheduled next week on delegate-rich Super Tuesday. In both California and Texas, Real Clear Politics polling averages show Sanders leading the field.

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Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

khaledkaledo Megadonor: 'Won't someone please think of my billions!?!' I can’t wait to see what super slick Big Deal they have in mind for such a nefarious plot to shaft the voters! I mean, it's been obvious for quite some time...but...I guess the truth comes out. 'Oh man!! I'm just so totally shocked!!'

What if they Sanders? DNCrigged He never stood a chance, but I am ok with that. Just too radical Bernie has hijacked the Democratic Party BLOOMBERG please!!! this is classic, bernie schwartz! s/ask investors in Globalstar what they think of this bernie :( pathetic. this who Dems turn to - really? now i know trump will win :((

Yes, we need to support Klobuchar, she is the winner So fucked up “Megadonor” what qualifies one as a mega donor?

White House seeks $2.5B for coronavirus, but Pelosi says that's not enoughThe White House is asking Congress for $2.5B to respond to the coronavirus that has killed more than 2,600 people in mainland China, but Speaker Pelosi called the request inadequate. I have an idea we have Stuckerberg 80 billion Stuffett 90 billion Gates 113 billion Arnuts 106 billion Bozo 108 billion & tight ass reminds me of Hitler's henchman Geena Rinehard rhymes with Heydrich hmm? they can help? Wait wait I thought the April heat would take care of it? Didn't we just divert that for a useless wall?

Okay, okay....I'll do it. Wait. If I get elected do I have to actually be President? Okay, now I see the flaw in my plan Hillary Redux Slim. SenSchumer TheDemocrats GOP politico WSJbreakingnews nytimes LauraTrevelyan janewells TheAtlantic schwartzbCNBC Will proofread for free: It's losing too much, not losing to much.

They all need to go. Bernie2020 If they do that, they'll just be handing it to Trump on a silver platter... DNC let us guess - hillary clinton or AOC Translation: We don’t care about what the plebs want - we shall maintain Oligarchy. Why even have primaries. Let the oligarchs pick. They know what is best for the voters!

LOL... what a clown show! Too late....

Former 2020 Democratic candidate Williamson endorses Sanders' presidential bidMarianne Williamson, who made an unsuccessful bid for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, has thrown her support behind former rival Bernie Sanders , appearing at a rally in Texas with the progressive senator. “ Bernie Sanders has been taking a stand for a very long time,” she told the Sanders And takes her two supporters over to his camp.

The Dem, hate America, election fixers. Don't worry, they're working on it The left will say it’s another “Rich person trying to buy the White House” or that “they’re taking it away from Bernie again.” But seriously, Bernie cannot win. It makes sense to get behind someone with a chance, but any moderate will be tarred and feathered. Bad spot for Dems.

They are reaping what they have sown. Moving left is a result of years of pandering for votes. Now Bernie is making them pay for all the self-aggrandizing BS they spread to enrich themselves. Don’t worry the Super Delgates will reign (rain) over the Bernie Movement Democrat National Castro Party.

At rowdy debate, Democratic rivals warn Sanders nomination would be 'catastrophe'Rivals took aim at Bernie Sanders ' electability in the South Carolina DemDebate and warned his nomination would be a 'catastrophe' they wrong Fact. This panel is a microcosm of just how lost we are as a party and as a nation as a whole. These are the very people that are handing the WH back to the orange boob. So, when you wake up scratching your head in Nov wondering WTF happened.............again, here'e your answer.

7 things to watch in tonight's Democratic debate in South CarolinaIt's the final time the primary field will appear together onstage before 'Super Tuesday' on March 3, when Sanders could, with victories in California and Texas, claim a runaway lead in the Democratic nomination fight. If Illegals are allowed to enter our country essentially there is no United States. Bernie Sanders 🙉🙈🙊 DefendOurDemocracy ANYONE WHO GETS FREE COLLEGE WILL WORK FREE IN THE HOSPITALS AND AS TEACHERS TO GIVE FREE HEALTH CARE AND COLLEGE, IF YOU WANT TO BE PAID YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY!!! NOTHING IS TRULY FREE!!! communist country not for my America!!! Free stuff but not free people!!! Don’t choose freebies and lose your freedom!!!

Bernie Sanders condemned by Florida Democratic lawmakers, 2020 candidates over Castro commentsFlorida Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell called Sanders' remarks 'absolutely unacceptable.' He sure knows how to promote unity 🙄 Nice try. Why isn't anyone jumping on everything CorruptGOP CorruptTrump is doing every single day?!

Bernie Sanders takes heat in a messy debate – here are the highlights from South CarolinaIn the first Democratic presidential debate since Sen. Bernie Sanders earned a big target on his back, Democratic candidates jumped into an often chaotic and uncomfortable fray No Thanks !! Lowlights.... oh man...I hope he didn’t get gassy. PV=nRT

Editorial: Bernie Sanders changed the Democratic Party for the better. Now it's his job to help defeat Trump

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