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Democratic congressman sues Trump over role in Capitol riot

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Democratic congressman accused Donald Trump in a federal lawsuit on Tuesday of inciting the deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and of conspiring with his lawyer and...

2/16/2021 6:10:00 PM

BREAKING: A Democratic congressman has sued Donald Trump , alleging the former president incited the deadly insurrection at the Capitol. The suit also names Rudy Giuliani and extremist organizations that had members charged with taking part in the siege.

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Democratic congressman accused Donald Trump in a federal lawsuit on Tuesday of inciting the deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and of conspiring with his lawyer and...

ADVERTISEMENT“The carefully orchestrated series of events that unfolded at the Save America rally and the storming of the Capitol was no accident or coincidence,” the suit says. “It was the intended and foreseeable culmination of a carefully coordinated campaign to interfere with the legal process required to confirm the tally of votes cast in the Electoral College.”

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Presidents are historically afforded broad immunity from lawsuits for actions they take in their role as commander in chief. But the lawsuit filed Tuesday was brought against Trump in his personal, not official, capacity and alleges that none of the behavior at issue had to do with his responsibilities as president.

“Inciting a riot, or attempting to interfere with the congressional efforts to ratify the results of the election that are commended by the Constitution, could not conceivably be within the scope of ordinary responsibilities of the president,” Joseph Sellers, a Washington lawyer who along with the NAACP filed the lawsuit on Thompson’s behalf, said in an interview.

Full Coverage:Politics“In this respect, because of his conduct, he is just like any other private citizen,” Sellers said.Though the impeachment case focused squarely on accusations of incitement, the lawsuit more broadly accuses Trump of conspiring to disrupt the constitutional activities of Congress — namely,

the certification of election resultsestablishing Biden as the rightful winner — through a monthslong effort to discredit the outcome and to lean on individual states and his own vice president to overturn the contest.The case against Trump was brought under a provision of the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871, which was passed in response to KKK violence and prohibits violence or intimidation meant to prevent Congress or other federal officials from carrying out their constitutional duties.

“Fortunately, this hasn’t been used very much,” Sellers said. “But what we see here is so unprecedented that it’s really reminiscent of what gave rise to the enactment of this legislation right after the Civil War.”The suit cites incendiary comments that Trump and Giuliani made in the weeks leading up to the riot and on the day of it that lawyers say were designed to mobilize supporters to work to overturn the election results and to prevent the Senate’s certification process. That process was temporarily interrupted when Trump loyalists broke into the Capitol.

Trump told supporters at a rally preceding the riot to “fight like hell,” but lawyers for the former president adamantly denied during the impeachment trial that he had incited the riot. They pointed to a remark during his speech in which he told the crowd to behave “peacefully” that day. Defense lawyers are likely to revisit those assertions in the lawsuit. They may also argue, as was done during the impeachment case, that

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was protected by the First Amendment. Read more: The Associated Press »

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June 24th 1982, the SCOTUS rules presidents can't be sued for actions in office. He hopes to spend the rest of his life in his HAPPY PLACE COURT - NOT PRISON Once again, more air time for this congressman and no evidence. . . Waste of time Good luck chump Move on people !!! time for spending more taxpayers money.. go back to work for the people

Sooooo is the naacp suing antifa? BLM? Excuse me, when will we be left alone? The NOT the office of Melanie trump has lots of work to do... like braiding hair, recreating fashion. Important stuff. Do it!! Good Trump & Klan incited a domestic terrorism attack at Capitol Jan 6, 2021 to overthrow an election 🛑5 dead (1 cop) 🛑3 suicides (2 cops) 🛑140 police officers injured The radicalization of white working - middle class by psychops targeted propaganda lies on the internet

lies are about keeping control.. exposeHATE4PROFIT time to DefundFASCISTS BANKRUPTtheTRUMPS and ALL who supported them. Accountability is key in 2021!! Everyone knew this was coming. I’m here for the discovery results. Loosers! It’s reassuring to hear there are some in Congress with the courage to hold the Trump cult accountable for it’s crimes.

Time to reunite your country USA. This will go nowhere & just cause more divide. Move on! Fine, hope they are prepared for a counter suite that they will have to pay for. Trump needs to counter suit and make the haters pay for harassment 👍👍 Maybe everyone who lost businesses and home during the insurrections across the country last summer should sue any politician who made statements supportive of the insurgents.

The lawsuit should include all members of the GOP that enabled tRump as well. Interesting. The civil burden of proof is much lower. And given the Senate’s bi-partisan 57% conviction in a political arena, this could be financially devastating if the Palsgraf train left from Trump & Rudy’s station. _Politics Good for him I'm waiting for families of the 7 who died to sue for wrongful death & Class action for Clovid deaths for Dereliction of Duty Depraved Indiffetence & Criminal Negligence Trump loves litigation- bring it on

Alright I knew there were still American leaders with some ball$ 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Memes getting around the moment. Charles Manson never killed anyone but was Charged with murder. Osama bin Laden never flew the planes.😑 Good..Trump cant get away with what he and others done. Sad day for democracy when lawyers are added to the purge.

darionavarro111 Sue the sonofabitch straight to hell 🤣 Congress can not formulate a proper bill. Much less a lawsuit that can actually win. Double Jeopardy hokiebrat It's BennieGThompson from Mississippi. 👊 Taking McConnell's suggestion from that little speech after voting not guilty. Good for him! We should all do that!

The witness list is going to be HUUUUUUUUGGGGGGE! don't forget to add convicted felon roger stone to the list! Think of the people who lost businesses during the rioting, burning and looting in the summer of 2020. I can think of a group who will be their target Will be interesting to hear G explain how ‘trial by combat’ actually means ‘protest peacefully’

Trump 2024 Makes me sick that he’s gotten away with all he’s done because of Republican Pride what a joke. Glad to know the values of right and wrong doesn’t matter where it should the most! I think since it’s been a long time and times are different we need to change laws to fit the times! Good hopefully many more lawsuits will be coming....

Good. They all should sue. Such an attention seaking ploy! Give it up!!! They can file some kind of civil suit where they sue for money rather than prison time. I’m not a lawyer so my terminology may be incorrect but I’ve heard of it being done!!!! I hope he lumps in their Don Jr as well Anything but working for the people

Anyone who backed BLM should be sued. The taxpayers should be allowed to sue also. At least 81 million of us. Such a stupid waste of time **GRANDSTANDING** 🙄 That should open up the door for Kammi to be sued after posting bail for criminals arrested this past summer during the blm rallies Loser Is this a class action suit? Can I be part of the Plaintiff's case?

We must not let them win! Fascism must be persecuted continuously, non stop, until it’s completely unrooted Arrest every single traitor! Arrest them NOW! The country will not rest until then Thank you Representative BennieGThompson🇺🇸 For protecting the United States Government🇺🇸 Constitution🔔and country🗽

What about unity, you 2 faced dims, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Well, that is what LeaderMcConnell said needed to happen since there were so few members of SenateGOP who still had their spines intact FerrisNed Yes, keep the lawsuits coming✅ It's about time! no_itsmyturn its gonna be trump 3 dems 0, when it gets tossed out of court

AMEN! Trump should be suing the Democrats And his STANDING is Or his DAMAGES would be Hopefully he FINALLY has to step up and be a man and accept responsibility for his actions and causation of such. O good lord get over it y'all got more important things to take care of.... no_itsmyturn So the headlines will remain about Trump for the next 4 years ?

👎 Ok, BUT, in a suit, it opens witnesses again and SpeakerPelosi will be called again, she avoided the last attempt when they changed their mind but now what? But, ok, sure, let's see if she shows up. KimZetter Get in line for the money. It won’t last long. BLM and Antifa need to be sued for the riots and incitement induced and carried out over the summer in multiple places too! Two sides to every story!

Hey everyone! I’m a nobody. Look at me. How does this work? Keep you all distracted while new world order goes full steam ahead by the global elites to take down humanity. 🇬🇧 This is great. It is beginning thanks to this Congressman. I hope other lawmakers join the cause. Trump put their lives in danger for his personal gain. We need to supply moral support.

Right on He better be paying 100% out of his own pocket....... Add Ginni Thomas (wife of Clarence) to that lawsuit. Her organization paid for busses. DonaldJTrumpJr and the other GOP Trump supporters that worked their constituents into a frenzy need to be held accountable. Can USA make it class action? Trump & company endangered all USA residents; good to know, BJ are impeachable offenses, death & domestic terrorism is not

I am glad someone did it. 👍🏼 If Trump was guilty of it,he would have sovereign immunity. If you don't like it you can thank senator warren for the defense. Litigation is simply a continuation of political intercourse, with the addition of other means (with apologies to Clausewitz). Impossible. Make it a class action !

Good for him! JonLemire Now u will get witnesses good More people need to do this in billions That's great news cause Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani are guilty of the insurrection Lol jillrbyrne Meaningless. Suits should include every politician and head of medias who pushed lies about fraud in the election, about covid, about previous impeachment, about campaign links with Russian authorities and oligarchs. Everything is linked, from sabotage to trying to install an autocrat.

Thank you More bullshit Perfect! 👏👍 👏👏👏👏👏👏 Good Good! Holy shit Trump is such a con artist he convinced all these Democratic politicians to let him live rent-free in their heads Good, and we need more of these ! TY congressman, u just opened the door for lawsuits against other politicians. I list my job because of Biden and Democrats idiotic polices. now I can sue people like u for your actions that cause me pain abs suffering. THANK YOU!!! Get ready to go broke on lawyer fees!!!

I think it might be time to require IQ tests before politicians can run for office Hopefully the first of many. Law and Order! Let's do this I'm not a Donald Trump supporter... but come on... you wanted him out of office... he is out of office... he couldn't get elected dog catcher if he ran... enough with the fixation on Trump.... leave him alone... just remember... what goes around comes around.

So, the objective is to waste more TAXPAYER MONEY and file another lawsuit. Since this is a Democrat calling for this, my question is where is the stimulus package for the American people? Took the House, the Senate and the presidency, what's the excuse now? In other news - lawsuit gets dismissed after moron files for media attention

BennieGThompson sue this bro Good