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Democratic candidates facing off on stage in South Carolina: Live updates

Seven Democrats are facing off in the 10th primary debate, including front-runner Bernie Sanders and billionaire Mike Bloomberg, in his second debate appearance.


Mike Bloomberg on stop-and-frisk: “I’ve apologized and asked for forgiveness. I’ve met with black leaders to try to get an understanding of how I can better position myself and what I should have done and what I should do next time.” DemDebate

Seven Democrats are facing off in the 10th primary debate, including front-runner Bernie Sanders and billionaire Mike Bloomberg , in his second debate appearance.

The stage is set for the tenth Democratic 2020 presidential debate at the Gaillard Center in Charleston, S.C., Feb. 25, 2020."Let me say that I got into this race because I wanted to fight for economic justice, for racial justice and to make sure we had climate justice for the American people," he said."And I am scared. If we cannot pull this party together, if we go to one of those extremes, we take a terrible risk of re-electing Donald Trump."

"What happened here is we went back 40 years and we could only find three case where women said they were uncomfortable," Bloomberg said."Nobody accused me of anything other than making a comment or two."8:20 p.m. Warren calls out Bloomberg for funding right-wing candidates

"In 2012, he scooped in to try to defend another Republican senator against a woman challenger. That was me. It didn't work, but he tried hard," she said to applause.Biden then said, with confidence, that he intends to emerge victorious on Saturday, regardless of Sanders' momentum.

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders waves ahead of the tenth Democratic primary debate of the 2020 presidential campaign season at the Gaillard Center in Charleston, S.C., on Feb. 25, 2020.8:12 p.m. Biden hits Sanders for reportedly seeking to primary Obama in 2012

Sanders only responded,"I'm hearing my name mentioned a little bit tonight.""In Charleston alone, just in Charleston, over 2,000 people have contributed to my campaign," Buttigieg said.MORE: In wake of tragedy in places of worship, faith leaders come together to discuss challenges

Warren went after Sanders' and his avoidance to put a price tag on his health care plan, saying that her transparency on the details of a"Medicare for All" platform led her to getting criticized on the cost, while Sanders has avoided that criticism.After the Washington Post reported that Sanders was briefed on Russian interference in the 2020 campaign, particularly, to boost him campaign, Bloomberg immediately took a swipe at Sanders for that revelation.

Democratic presidential hopefuls arrive on stage for the tenth Democratic primary debate of the 2020 presidential campaign season co-hosted by CBS News and the Congressional Black Caucus Institute at the Gaillard Center in Charleston, South Carolina, Feb. 25, 2020.

Democratic presidential hopefuls arrive on stage for the tenth Democratic primary debate of the 2020 presidential campaign season co-hosted by CBS News and the Congressional Black Caucus Institute at the Gaillard Center in Charleston, South Carolina, Feb. 25, 2020.

8 p.m. Seven candidates taking the stage in debate showdownWith Sanders emerging as the clear front-runner after back-to-back wins in two early contests, he's expected to face the most friendly fire, but the night will also be key for Biden, who since the start of his campaign, has been banking on a win in the Palmetto State to give him the momentum heading into the 15 contests on March 3.

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DCSoljaGurl Thank God he will never be our Pres. He’s crazy. Committ this man. This shows you how strong the Zionist lobby is. As far left as Bernie is, even he has to kiss the ring in the midst of expressing a dangerous level of compassion FYI the embassy is still in tlv. Trump moved a tiny section to Jerusalem. TheMoreYouKnow

He's right. It should be so both parties are represented and agree in words and deeds. Good on Bernie. Moving the embassy to Jerusalem was an insult to the Palestinian people whose homes and land have been stolen. Ben zona. Kapo Okay cool what's the issue WLOS_13 Wouldn’t piss on Bernie if he were on fire!

correct a two-state solution is not Antisemitism a two-state solution is not Antisemitism a two-state solution is not Antisemitism a two-state solution is not Antisemitism a two-state solution is not Antisemitism a two-state solution is not Antisemitism

In South Carolina (and Only South Carolina) Tom Steyer Is a Front-runner Tom Steyer is everywhere in South Carolina, on billboards and TVs. But unlike in Iowa or New Hampshire or Nevada, people there don’t just look right past him. Olivianuzzi reports Olivianuzzi Weird way to spell spoiler. Olivianuzzi Pathetic Olivianuzzi He’s not winning anything though: just hurting other viable candidates TomSteyer no path to the nom, what’s the point?

nothing wrong with this. from, a jew Another reason why he is a disaster for this nation and as you can see for Israel also. There were no big moments, that was terrible! After tonight's debate I'm voting for Biden! Trump 2020🇺🇸 Sanders scares me as the nominee. I know many love him, not trying to knock his appeal, but I know many haters of trump that are gonna vote for him against Bernie. 😖

Well that’s all the time we have...whoops! CBS moderators suck The democratic candidates should attack the criminal trump family not each other!!! Biden and Klobuchar were on fire! 🔥 🔥 🔥 Where were the big moments? DemDebate These individuals just re-elected realDonaldTrump

Live Chat: South Carolina Democratic debateSeven Democratic presidential candidates meet ahead of Saturday's South Carolina primary — and one week from Super Tuesday, when California and more than a dozen other states vote. Joe Biden, Michael R. Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg , Amy Klobuchar , Bernie Sanders , Tom Steyer and Elizabeth Warren debate… Donald Trump’s campaign to choke off almost all immigration to the United States is starting to threaten the economy, which dependents on new citizens to fuel economic growth. ElizabethWarren right now: So she attacks him and doesn't back it up.

It was like watching Jerry Springer. Hmmm...... His experience interacting worldwide, even before becoming President, compared to hers? The Democratic Party is also over. Thank God 🤣 What a mess! Trump won this debate!! The audience was full of billionaires and fakes That was no debate, it was a pillow fight. Mods lost control off the jump. DemDebate

Woof NeverBernie

2020 Democratic debate in South Carolina: Live coverage - CNNPoliticsThe Democratic presidential debate in South Carolina starts at 8p ET. Follow here for updates as seven candidates take the DemDebate stage: ➡️ What to know: ➡️ What to watch for: Ringling brothers Barnum and Baileys Democratic debate Ask them if they will release the names of Congress people who used taxpayer funds to settle sexual harassment suits what a diverse group....

Jesus what a spin. Move on BernieSanders comment re: Fidel in Cuba was a historical FACT Reference .. the laborers in Cuba were STARVING.. the Rich 1%ers were treating them like SLAVES.. IT'S why Fidel came to Power NeverBloomberg Bernie2020 DemDebate2020 DemocraticDebate What? Just throwing Obama’s name doesn’t make it okay

'...I'm just saying, literacy' Gimme a break. This guy Sanders wants to be president? He would do better running in Cuba. So out of touch with reality... just like msm. He’s right - but good grief does he have to say that now 🤦‍♀️ he’s writing Trumps commercials for him. Smarten up Bernie !!

Live Updates Ahead of Tonight’s Democratic Debate in South CarolinaTonight's Democratic debate in South Carolina: —Will feature 7 candidates on stage —Is the last one before South Carolina's primary and Super Tuesday —Follows what was the fiercest DemDebate yet last week Follow our live coverage. lol 😃 last week.. Tonight's Democratic debate in South Carolina: Will be behind a paywall at the .

Welcome to another comment section filled with anti-Semitic Bernie bros. Joe Biden responds: “(Obama) did not in any way suggest that there was anything positive about the Cuban government.” No she wouldn't even try She will never be president. Dems are a complete disaster and it makes for great comedy show

Yes, I agree with Sen. Sanders. He is a good human. People on both sides of the fence, do matter. In the upper Midwest, they’re called casseroles, not hot dishes. Why on Earth should US policy be about “protecting the independence and security” of ANOTHER COUNTRY I guess he could of delivered him a few billion dollars on a pallet in the middle of the night to fuel his nuclear program. Oh wait, that was Iran and Barry O.

Democratic debate tonight: Live updates from South Carolina - CNNPoliticsThe Democratic presidential debate in South Carolina starts now. Follow here for updates as seven candidates take the DemDebate stage: ➡️ What to know: ➡️ What to watch for: No point, Trump's got this. 👍 Seven Democratic presidential candidates qualified for the South Carolina DemDebate: • Joe Biden • Michael Bloomberg • Pete Buttigieg • Amy Klobuchar • Elizabeth Warren • Bernie Sanders • Tom Steyer

Trump can cure cancer and people will still complain. Trump has done better than any of his predecessors on this subject. They could do no better. ✅ Why move it back? BernieSanders leave it where it is now and look for other options with regard to the crisis over there. Taking back to Tel Aviv is restarting the crisis! Dumb idea

True talk Im American in the USA why do i care about a embassy in Tel Aviv?

South Carolina Democratic debate live updates: Candidates face off in CharlestonThe 10th Democratic debate will be the last before the nominating contests in South Carolina on Saturday and 14 other states on Super Tuesday. I want someone at the DemDebate to explain to me how a Medicare for all plan is better than my ppo for me. The Medicare in NH told me my insurance is better for me, because I’m in and out of doctor offices every two weeks, and have 7 specialists taking care of my health TODAYshow Why are the banks offering low mortgage interest rates while student loan rates are double those rates? It is like watching a blooper show!

go home Brrrrrrnie Something I can agree with Democratic socialism in any other modernised democratic nation is centrist or center-left. America has moved so far to the right you all don’t even know where the center is anymore WLOS_13 drop out please Mumbojimbo Go Amy go! Plans not just talking points! AmyKlobuchar2020 AmyForAmerica DemDebate2020

Trump is getting re-elected regardless of which wacko candidate the DNC picks. The majority of Americans see them as complete clown show. There’s only 1 person that can beat trump and that’s Bernie I agree The movement of FREE STUFF no thanks

If he’s nominated, Trump doesn’t have to spend a dime. 7NY I agree Wrong! TheView Agree Amy. Bernie would be a horrible choice. Well why is amyklobuchar a Senator? She has a Socialist job. Our government is Democratic Socialism. The problem is that corporate Dems like her want corporate Socialism. BernieSanders DemocraticSocialist

Agree with Amy on this point. Bernie is the least choice we have She looks like a Karen. After watching this debate. One thing is clear. Trump will win. I would not vote for someone approved and was engaged in a ruthless unjustified War ! Steyer makes no sense. He appears angry for no reason. He is a Bernie 2.0

Sad... Shootings keep occurring because Democrats and democratic controlled media glamourize them. So put security guards at schools like you do at effing public government buildings that's what you tweet out? Not about him voting AGAINST the Sandy Hook Families? Hi ABC. Why not talk about how trumpsters are voting for BS in Open states. It’s rigged.

Vote for PETE I think he is right There is a better than average chance regardless of the democratic nominee.

Sanders is a gift to Trump, and Trump knows it. Hubris He is a communist not democraric socialist, thats is just a play on words for his young and dumb base I’m missing Jeopardy! WTF ! WLOS_13 Suddenly Sanders realizes Native Americans exist? 🤔 So let’s task Washington once again to fix it? Did we not learn?

He's right. Goodnight Tom!

Justice? Who's justice? His agenda has nothing to do with justice WLOS_13 Go away You missed some other groups. Lmfao what a circus Trump 2020 Sounds like Trump's base, commie BernieSanders DemDebate Bernie doesn't have that. Liz doing her best Chris Christie. Shameful. BernieSanders DemDebate2020

forget about the issues, forget social security, medicare, medicare for all, free coolege education, or whatever you desire! If we lose this election, realDonaldTrump will wipe out all of them and have one or 2 more Supreme court seats confirmed! Don’t take risks, not now! Bernie..increase corporate payroll taxes 7.5% and increase minimum wage. What does that do to the cost of goods?

And you yourself are a joke!!!! 😂😂😂 Are they going to do a floor show afterwards? I mean besides the one theyre engaged in now. None of you are worth a damn It’s not the core of any party we need to worry about. It’s whether we can pull from the other party at all. Only Biden has that power. ewarren you won't be happy until you MikeBloomberg says your lies are true.

I am absolutely floored that she outright LIED saying Bloomberg said “kill it”. She’s disgusting and for someone who has so much to say about realDonaldTrump, sure acts a lot like him. Can’t wait for her to drop out. Yeah loser! Quit.... bring it mother fu(%ers

She should spend the next 4 minutes redoing those crooked eyebrows. What a vapid quote. Debates are for debating. As much I don't like her, she right I marvel at every candidate hawking the same issues Bernie Sanders has spent his entire life addressing! Bernie Sanders praised the authoritarian regimes for educating their peoples! He has always stood against authoritarian regimes!

She should drop out after Super Tuesday then DemDebate It is true. The Democratic Party has been torn apart for months and if possible, will take months to come back together. If Bernie gets elected there is no hope to come back together amyklobuchar If you want to help our country. Rid us of IlhanMN Married her brother in illegal immigration scheme, and is an Islamist.

Do it ... fun to watch you clowns. Ask the commies where the American flags are on that stage

We need teamofrivals to align and cooperate. Now. Bernie spent literal decades earning their support and you wanna trounce in and beg for it cause its convenient now lol He’s pushing for socialism. That’s why I pick PeteButtigieg, a real Democrat PeteButtigieg He has a point, but no matter who the nominee is, I will VoteBlueNoMatterWho. Trump wants Bernie to win because he's so polarizing and those who are on the fence likely won't vote for him. DemDebate

No kidding you don’t want government involved in people’s lives - you’re a billionaire and mostly republican. TomSteyer dropoutsteyer demdebate Economic Justice? Workingfor me... 🖕 What's the alternative? More of the same? PeteForAmerica Help Pete compete Super Tuesday and beyond. He is the only candidate with a code of conduct for his campaign & supporters. He leads by example.

Bernie is scary Wages are rising for the bottom 50% for the first time in decades. You're going to create a destructive economy. One with no motivation. How come people haven't read into his policies? How do people justify Bernie Sanders? Healthcare for all has blinded you that much? why Ahaha SenSanders is delusional.

PolitiFact fact check this I think ABC news has printed this same quote from every debate Bernie has been in for the past four years. Bernie's response to the LOWEST UNEMPLOYMENT RATE EVER in our Country. If you thought realDonaldTrump using a sharpie to change an official weather map to serve his political purpose was bad, you now have Coronavirus which he claims is totally under control when his own CDCgov officiala are telling us some really really bad days are ahead of us!

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