Demi Moore's Daughter Scout Willis Shows Off Her Goofy Side in This Shocking Naked Video

1/8/2022 9:45:00 PM

How is she not freezing her butt off?

Demi Moore's daughter Scout Willis knows how to keep her fans on their toes with this shocking nude video.

How is she not freezing her butt off?

certainly gave us an end-of-the-year surprise with her new video. Back in late Dec 2021, Scout posted a video onto her Instagram with the caption, “I blame all the Wim Hoff breathing.” But everyone is losing it over the naked video of her in snow.Demi Moore & Daughter Scout Willis Have Us Seeing Double in This Winter-Themed Selfie

During the Moore-Willis getaway Christmas vacation, the whole family went to escape to a winter wonderland, with feet of snow covering the whole place. While some see this as an excuse to bundle up in every blanket they could find, Scout had a different approach: by twirling naked into a snow pile.

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