Demi Lovato's Ex-Fiance Max Ehrich Has a New Girlfriend

Demi Lovato's Ex-Fiance Max Ehrich Has a New Girlfriend

11/28/2020 7:41:00 PM

Demi Lovato's Ex-Fiance Max Ehrich Has a New Girlfriend

Demi Lovato's heartsick ex-fiance has found love again -- or maybe it's just a rebound -- but he's definitely trying to make it look like he's moved on.

Max Ehrichhit the beach with blazing hotMariah Angeliq. They took a sunset stroll at the South Pointe Park Pier Friday in Miami Beach and looked, well, cozy. They were there with singer Read more: TMZ »

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She's so ugly and she definitely a hoe but Christan lovin max only cares about clout 😃🏃🏼‍♀️🤢 shmarys Narc não perde tempo Yup and they move on to the next with no problem. That’s what they do... Demi your strong and beautiful find a man who loves you for you, and who is a mature real man!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🌺

don't put Demi Lovato's name next to that bounty hunter rat Who? Demi lovato had a fiance? when? sksksksks quem liga porra He paid TMZ again 🙄 His loss Let folks do their thotting He's a crazy ex so his new woman better watch out. He likes famous women. So as soon as one of them gives him a chance, he's out. Then he'll go crazy on the famous chick like he did with Demi.

Poor girl Well looks like Demi made the right decision. Who? Lol This dude goes through women like I go through socks. This dude has issues. Honestly nobody cares about this dude he got his five mins of fame. Dude is a clout chaser! wtf💀hes literally crazy I am the happiest I've ever been heart ❤️ Max who?

'Still Have Me' isn't about no clout chaser that is irrelevant af we don't know him Never associate him with anything Demi says or does pls and ty I’m sorry, who Este hombre está totalmente muerto why are u feeding the poor? we dont care As if we care 😂 who cares? Really?! What does POTUS Trump have to do with it ?

no one cares nossa tao precisando tanto de dinheiro assim que aceitaram por a cara dele no portal de vcs vei? Change your damn headline and get Demi’s name out of it~ No 1 Cares strongwithinxo Demi really dogged a bullet nobody cares She looks scared finally he can shut up about demi. Guess what .. I don't care

Well she looks like she's about 12 yrs old, and he's a nobody.. So why are you reporting this? Lol he lost the baddest bitch 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Who cares? Really? She looks like a little kid. Life goes on no one caras My ex- girlfriend is transgender and has a bigger dick than me no one cares about him quem perguntou meu filho deixa esse rato no esgoto que é o lugar dele

how much did he payed y’all? Who is that girl? I hope she's not someone particularly famous, it means she's less likely to be used the way demi was He has nothing to do with Demi anymore. Stop naming her. poor girl. IS THAT MARIAH Oh she is pretty. He moves on fast no one cares i dont care Looks like he just picked her up from middle school

literally NO ONE CARES poor girl 🥺 Superb demonstration of mask-wearing. 🤔 We don't care about him ✨ Very slow day Who cares? Let them live their lives. she can have him tmz doesn’t know what they’re talking about... demi wasn’t engaged k Being Demi's ex-fiance us the biggest achievement of his entire career, otherwise people don't remember him for nothing

'Blazing hot?' There ain't nothing blazing hot about that girl. You'll are gonna lose credibility if you keep running around using words frivolously. Tell Demi to holler at me! I can make her happy and if not she will have material for her next cd lol Who is Max Ehrich? I bet with you that it's a FAKE. He is a psycho liar and doing everything in order to get attention. Exactly like you give him 🤦🏻‍♀️ he is literally nobody and we don't care.

Someone needs to call 911 No one cares about this nobody 🙄 who cares stop associating this thing with Demi also nobody gives a fuck and nobody even remembers this trashcan He's taking off her mask so we can see her face on the picture ?!?!? Oh my God no!! Wait... I mean, Zzzz.... Soooo para de usar o nome da Demii caralhoooooo

who? demi never dated that m*n Rezando por ella😂 WE DONT CARE But who's Max? Xd We don't care where's the celeb thank god!!!!! also stop associating Demi’s name to this irrelevant fad thank you Don’t fucking attach Demi’s name to this psycho. No one moved no one cares quit associating demi with this uglee,, we don’t care

Wow.. max WHO? yall confuse me more every day Poor girl Hes using the poor girl for clout I'm sorry but who's max ehrich Who tf cares about this person isn’t he tired of calling tmz to take pics of him and posts about him as if he famous or something like he’s known as Demi Lovato’s ex and it’s because of Demi god when will this end

Good for him!!! who? nobody moved They can't even say his name without mentioning Demi bc nobody would know who he is I can't 🤭😂 No one cares no one cares Why is this news? i thought u reported on celebrities? We don't know him. Or her. Next no one cares stream still have me for clear skin WE DONT FUCKING CARE ABOUT THIS PSYCHO GUY

max ehrich por favor para de pagar fotógrafos pra tirar fotos suas 😭😭 Nobody asked if it wasnt for demi nobody would've ever reported anything related to max ehpoor or even know him when demi whoops his ass and steals her from him, YUP I don’t know him El tipo si que sabe superar Nos importa? demi deserved better than this trash

No one asked. demi was never engaged wtf?!1!1?2!? tmz always bullsh!ttin We don't care tho no one cares who cares? no one cares We don’t care Poor girl he‘s so irrelevant WE DON‘T CARE Good for him. Best to move. ....Do I supposed to care? Lmao at his trash ass self paying your trash ass self to give him attention he craves.

Can you kind not give him attention he clearly doesn’t deserve. Nobody fucking cares. 💯🤣🤣🤣 Who cares xdddd Noone cares about him So what we don't care we do not care who tf cares WHO CARES? She better run away We dont care. She looks 10 😂 You have to love TMZ’s obsession with Trump. They even managed to take another shot in this article. Their commitment (or TDS) is definitely strong. I have to give them that.

No one moved He will be busy with that. why is this news? Oh good It looks like he plucked her from junior high. nobody cares. Good for him! Don’t know what anybody sees in Demi Lovato anyway. 🙄 Si fanno le pere? Imagine being the TMZ worker who has to report this. 'Max, like Trump, seemed to have trouble letting go.'

We don’t care Good luck to her. He’s a stage 5 clinger, and not in a cute way... in the creepy way. 😵 Upgrade Can somebody tell me what happened with him and Demi? I still don’t understand she's so skinny, he deserves 😍💕💕 So what lol 😂 Smart Guy! Lucky Escape UPGRADED Nice not to be a rebound or anything ..

well don't you think he should how long was he suppose too wait for DEMI with open arms. Where is the celeb in this news? This ain’t TMZ? No one cares about him. The important news for your day.