Demi Lovato Announced In An IG Story That They'll Be 'Sober Sober' From Now On

The singer was previously 'California sober.'

12/3/2021 8:29:00 PM

The singer was previously 'California sober.'

The singer was previously 'California sober.'

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Demi Lovato Is 'Sober Sober' Now, Not 'California Sober''Sober sober is the only way to be,' the singer wrote. Good for her. They😂🤣😂 Glad to hear that they are doing better and can get healthy. Any kind of dependency is difficult to overcome.

Demi Lovato Is No Longer ‘California Sober’: ‘Sober Sober Is the Only Way to Be’Lovato opened up in their ‘Dancing With the Devil’ docuseries this past spring about allowing weed and wine in their life while avoiding liquor and hard drugs. You can be sober in any state. Best of luck. Demi She is weird

Demi Lovato renounces ‘California sober,’ says they are now ‘sober sober’Pop star Demi Lovato is renouncing their “California sober” ways and says they’re now entirely sober, just three years after nearly dying during a drug

Demi Lovato Reveals They're No Longer 'California Sober'Demi Lovato will no longer drink alcohol or use cannabis ... announcing they're now kicking their 'California Sober' lifestyle. 'They're'..what does she have a turd in her pocket They fucking up the English language I was born and raised in California and this makes no sense at all “California Sober” more like “Rich entitled sober” being sober is a challenge and a struggle people go through because of the effects of drugs and alcohol have done to them!

Demi Lovato Is No Longer 'California Sober'They were smoking weed and drinking alcohol in moderation. No offense but cali sober is mushrooms (psycs) and weed only, not alcohol, am I wrong? I love this for them Couldn’t care any less

Demi Lovato Says Goodbye to ‘California Sober’“Sober sober is the only way to be,” Lovato announced in an Instagram story.