DeMarcus Lawrence Should Be Reprimanded For Reaction To Giants Fan, Dad Says

DeMarcus Lawrence Should Be Reprimanded For Reaction To Giants Fan, Dad Says


DeMarcus Lawrence Should Be Reprimanded For Reaction To Giants Fan, Dad Says

The father of the little Giants fan wants to see DeMarcus Lawrence reprimanded.

Play video content RIVALRY RUNS DEEP In the video, you can see Lawrence give Kamil a sideways look, and tell him straight-up,"Get the right jersey, son!" TMZ Sports spoke with Kamil's father, Jorge Bautista , and he told us the situation at AT&T Stadium really sucked ... saying he didn't think the way Lawrence reacted to his son was right. In fact, Jorge says he believes DeMarcus' bosses need to sit the 6-foot-3, 265-pound pass rusher down and explain to him he can't act that way around fans. "I've got employees," says Jorge, a Giants fan who works in a tennis shop in McAllen, Texas ..."If my employees say something wrong to a customer, I'd be like, 'Hey, that's not right. You gotta be humble. You gotta be polite to people.'" Jorge says he's not mad over the fact that DeMarcus didn't sign for his son ... he claims there were several other Cowboys -- including Read more: TMZ

What an ass, they forget who helps them bring in big money you should not feel like the commissioner of the're a fan..sit down D law can do whatever he wants dad is just looking for Publicity sad pathetic trash If a Giant player did that to a Washington fan, this guy would have loved it. Shouldn’t have pushed him out there to get embarrassed like that just so you can film it and post it for attention. You knew what was more than likely gonna happen. You should thank Lawrence for teaching that boy a valuable life lesson.

Ok Get bent, Dad. Lawrence doesn't owe your kid shit. I get that your trying to push good values across your son, but come on! any person with common sense that on divisional rival games. Fan asks any player from opposing team are automatically going to be apprehensive cause it would disrespect there own teams fan base...

What they gonna do suspend him for not signing a autograph for a kid wearing a divisional opponent jersey GTFOH Clout chase.... man go to philly with any other jersey but an eagles jersey tell me how that goes...

NFL's DeMarcus Lawrence Defends Roasting Kid, 'Get The Right Jersey, Son!''SorryNotSorry' .... It's the kid's right to wear whatever jersey he wants to wear Lmao!!!!! Im sure he was the only kid to not get an autograph that day. Move along _Sports find real news.

What kind of Giants fan is waiting to get Cowboys autographs? Where's all the New Yorkers? Got nothing to say about this dad sending his kid to get Cowboys autographs? Thinking this is what we can expect from many 30/40 something these days & if DLaw felt it necessary to apologize for this incident (just watched the clip) just adding too the neutering of America! Mommy; I didn’t get a pay raise... it’s ok honey, I’ll go see your boss & fix it!

He got paid. Not bright enough to understand that fans make his fortune possible. GTFOH!!! I agree Demarcus Lawrence was wrong in saying such trash out of his mouth Holy shit. The dad is a soft ass crybaby too. This dudes parents raised a pussy. Lmao Lawrence is a prick and it showed What a fn tool . Participation trophy guy kid got no fn. Chance

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trash this is nfc east, get used to it The dad should quit being pathetic and lose his parental rights. The dad is a weak pushover and he's raising his son to do the same. I'm not surprised though since they're Giants fans. Now if he wants to be a Cowboys fan and you're forcing him to be a Giants fan, then maybe tank COULD make it right. But honestly, what did the dad expect?

I'm torn. I could never react like that to a child. It's not the kids fault. But the kids Dad should know better than to have the kid run up to a player while wearing a jersey of a rival player hes supposed to stop that very week. The Dad is the one most to blame in this. He probably hands out participation trophies.

And the wussifacation of America continues!!!!! WAIT!!! this cat works in a TENNIS SHOP and he’s comparing his business to Jerry’s? Get off the weeeeeeeedd. The big whiner should go back to New York.

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He was a total ass to that kid!!! 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼 this dude. he's not required to do shit for your son, get off your high horse That’s like going to a lakers game with a kings jersey on and asking Kobe can I get your autograph...GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE His son is a Giants fan why is he asking for an Cowboys get the fuck out of here...why is your son asking for a Cowboys players autograph...sorry Demarcus Lawrence you’re in the right!!!

TMZ is trash that's all I have to say SOFT This guy is an idiot; celebrities and athletes don’t have to stop for anyone to give a picture or autograph!

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GTFOH 1053SS Sorry to break this dad and kids heart. People DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN AUTOGRAPHS. Both need to learn that people do not have to do what you want them to do just because you want them too. Looking for hand out from the NFL for free stuff .... You know how many people will try this now 😑 he said no now get over it

I got cussed out by Jose Canseco when I was 10 cuz I got hit on the head by a Juan Gonzales BP HR... your boy will be fine. TankLawrence didn't do anything wrong at all. You probably wanted to sell the signed jersey and used your kid to try and get it Wrong jersey wrong stadium. 👋🏽👋🏽 How about don't let your kid go up to a different team with a New York Giants Jersey on!!! D-----

Hey Jorge, gotta prep the boy for rejection. It will happen. No reprimand needed. You have a 1st world problem. Well that sounds stupid

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BS just because he didn’t sign an autograph? Just because he’s on tv doesn’t give you and your son the right to even ask for his autograph!! Any athlete is not obligated to give you anything if they don’t want to!!! Reprimanded? FOH The dad should be reprimanded for pushing his kid to get an autograph from the rival. QuitCrying.

Is this guy serious? D-Law doesn’t owe anyone (especially Giants fans) an autograph... GoCowboys ✭ ☝️ This father should take his kid to Philly with a Giants jersey on and then talk to me! Maybe this dad should go find his safe space with his comfort pet. This isn’t a new thing where athletes don’t stop and sign autographs. Enough already. Not to mention he wasn’t in uniform! He was off the clock. Equating employees in a tennis shop to fans is a stretch. Get over it.

The guy should be fined for an act like that, for some of the stuff they gone guys for that should be right up there.

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And they wonder why adults act like they do at games. Cause they got treated like that when they were young. Kids not a customer of D Law or the Cowboys. If he was he would have had the correct jersey on. Maybe Cowboys fans should quit shopping at this guys store Gtfoh. 1053SS This guy just wants to get something from the cowboys and the giants you can tell

You’re not a Giants fan if you’re asking a current Cowboy for an autograph... it’s only been 2 seasons since giants fans could ask Romo for an autograph Hes a football player not a character at Disney land And you play city league basketball and want a participation 🏆!! Giants fans are as soft as their defense.

1053SS Gtfoh. Here is your autograph. Get the right jersey on son. It would have probably ended up on ebay anyway 1053SS This is by far the dumbest thing I heard this month. You posted the video for attention. Stop making it all about the kid. You famous now ✌👌👍 No he absolutely should not. He’s not obligated to sign for anyone let alone someone who is supporting the other team. Parents should know better

clarencehilljr see what happens when soft kids become parents? 😂 I’m a giants fan and you should teach your son not to ask for autographs from Cowboys Players.... Maybe he should teach his son, “you can’t always get what you want!” Tell the kid to get used to it...especially if he is anything like his dad.

1053SS The guts to approach Lmao. More like pushed by his Mom to jump out in front of DLaw lol Enjoy your 15 minutes of Fame, shitty giant fan father. The parents should get a reprimand. 1053SS s-o-f capital T!! TankLawrence watching this like 😂

And this dude should stop teaching entitlement. Who takes their kid into the home teams stadium in the visitors jersey and then asks home team players for autographs? 1053SS Mom: what should we name our newborn son. Dad: how about giants fan. Haha wtf Good. Gtfoh with that Giants jersey If your team is in the NFC East, DO NOT let your kids ask a rival for an autograph.

Reprimanded my ass. Grow up. 1053SS

TMZ loves to run stories that try to bash the Cowboys. This one is the most pathetic one DLAW should be able to sue for this BS 1053SS Lol dont push your son out like a piece of bait. Its on you that your kid was embarrassed 1053SS 1053SS If he signs one autograph he has to sign more. This was not the place or the time

1053SS Didn’t post it for the attention... hmmm yeah sure you didn’t. Just like you didn’t send this to TMZ for MORE ATTENTION 1053SS Please ! Making his son into a whiner “How dare this black guy not do what I wanted him to do...even though he doesn’t know me or my kid and doesn’t owe me anything”. Teaching his kid to be an entitled brat I see.

1053SS 1) mommy was a bit too overzealous with the nudge, 2)if the kid had actually been a Tank fan with a Tank jersey rather than trying to get the free seat hand towel signed.......suck it up buttercup 1053SS The dad should just have a good cry about it. His dad should be reprimanded for forcing his kid to wear that jersey! Giants suck!! NycIsCowboysNation NYC CowboysNation We Need Rivals anyway! DrinkABeer

Giant fans are soft just like their players. This guys just looking for attention. Anyone who's mad about this doesn't understand how rivalry football works. Dads an idiot shouldn’t have put kid in that position anyway if your wearin an apposing teams jersey don’t be surprised when the player says NO 1053SS Get real! I don’t blame Lawrence one bit.

1053SS Fuck this guy.....throwing his “point” want a autograph go to a assigned autograph session and pay 1053SS His mom should be reprimanded for shoving her kid to ask all because she wanted a viral moment. Quit telling your son to ask Lawrence while in full NYG gear, you damn well you said “there’s Demarcus Lawrence ..go ask him .....”.

Go sit down somewhere please! That’s the problem with these entitle f’ing kids these days. 1053SS He should be reprimanded for calling himself a “ dad” Im gonna say it in Spanish. 'No seas mamon loco' 😂 your kid does not deserve an autograph PERIOD. 🤷🤡 He don’t owe you ish just like Kareem Abdul jabbar didn’t owe me an autograph when I saw him in the Beverly center mall when I was kid... haha who am I kidding, f*** Kareem for that BS.

Naw, get the right Jersey. Who gives a shit Beat it, Kid. DLAW be like ... 1053SS Lol fuck that guy and all Giants fans 😂 So this dad wants to bully TankLawrence just because his kid was told to get the right jersey but it’s not okay for Tank to go to his vehicle after playing the team that the boy is completely decked out in? Oh come on and get with the times dude! He’s a football player! SMH

😂 1053SS Maybe this Dad should be reported to social services for raising his son to be a (())! 🤷🏽‍♂️ What a tool. This ain’t legoland it’s football and you’re kids need to know better. Life lesson So at the end of the day it was never about an autograph... the stupid ass parents used their child as a pawn to get 1 second of fame. Shame on them and shame on those low budget wannabe journalist at _Sports Live for even giving this attention.

Fuck that dad. Should've bought the right jersey chump. Nobody sees this as a problem unless it happens to their child and they have to explain why some people are assholes. Bunch of heartless animals in here. It’s a kid!! Just be nice. The dad should be reprimanded for prostituting his child for autographs.

I’m an advocate for kids but I mean he literally just said no I don’t think the kid will need therapy for this like it’s ok for kids to hear the word no time to time maybe demarcus wasn’t having a good day did dad ever think about that 🤨 no dad just has his panties in a bunch

Stfu 🤦‍♂️ ❄️❄️❄️ Lol! Soft ass mfer Lawrence had a Charity event with kids, yesterday. Tank loves kids. He’s always signing autographs for them. Just like any other player Tank has the right to not sign anything if he doesn’t want to. Make sure you wear the proper jersey kids! He probably believes in participation trophies.

Dad needs to get out of his feelings. Tell that future snowflake that’s life 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Easy attention

Bling bling I see you messing with the other team🤷🏾‍♀️ Another douchebag seeking freebies to cover his shitty parenting. Sent his kid in there to get the autograph. Tank didn’t owe a Giants fan of any age anything. Teach him some manners; my dad would have popped me for addressing a grownup as DeMarcus.

He should have signed it “Giants Suck!”🤣 sometimes you just can't the hood out of the day he will be wishing for someone to ask him for his autograph....your kid don't need that slugs signature....disgrace Keep that kid outta our stadium. For one he doesn’t owe anybody anything especially an autograph and why would a giants fan want a cowboys autograph teach your kids

Hell no.

I see his mom has spoken, where’s the dad in all this? Really? The kid didn’t get what he wanted and the media is alerted? WTF? This dad is attempting to raise a complete pussy. Football may not be the sport for him. Maybe try tennis or checkers.😂 thewussificationofamerica snowflakeparents snowflakes

Holy shit. This dad is a bitch. When i was a kid Patrick Ewing told me to get out of his face when i asked for an autograph and i was wearing a Knicks jersey! Get over it Well he should’ve had a cowboys jersey on 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ Why? Because your bitchass didn’t get to sell it for some quick cash? This guy is a pooooosssseeeeeyyyyy

What listen of demands does this dad have?! GFO! Boohoo 😭 now teach your kid how to live with rejection. It’s gunna happpen more often when he’s a grown up.

Tell him to be a NASCAR fan and see if the same thing happens Dad is soft Whatever buddy. This is exactly what this bum wanted, attention, why would you wanna go ask the rival team for an autograph? At least he should have been man enough to go ask himself, and not send his kid. Really?!? Get over it. Tank was just clowning. Kid needs to learn

Dork Be humble to deez nuts Stop pushing your kid to get an autograph from a Cowboy. BaronVonBlzZzrd you see this bullshit. The only non titans autograph I'd ever want is JJWatt. Otherwise I would never consider asking an opposing player for theirs. Forget that.

🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼 Aaaand any empathy for the kid not getting an autograph just vanished. Did you notice him signing ANY autographs? Beat it!! Ask a Giants player for an autograph Stupid man, just a kid. Falls under Bro Code. S

WTF lmao Cry baby giant fan. Be a better parent next time and dont push your kid out there to try and get you an autograpgh from a rival player. Your kid got told no so DLaw should be reprimanded? HA! What a clown😂😂🤦‍♂️ This guy is starting to sound like another Colin Kaepernick, if he needs attention let him find it after you fire him. Are his sox anti-cops? It appears he has a lot of extra baggage.

What you gonna do cry about it I mean damn Entitled ass people in this world. You know how many kids go to games/training camps and NEVER get an autograph? The kid probably doesn’t even know who DLaw is. The parents are douches and SHOVED him out there to get the autograph in a Giants jersey (to sell on eBay)...stop it

Quit expecting professional athletes to be role models! Am I right SHAQ Tell his son to go get an autograph from a peace officer, military vet, first responder, or teacher. Not a guy who’s getting paid to be an animal! This is the DUMBEST thing I’ve heard all day. Once you lose brain cells, you can’t grow them back. Please take care of yourself. SelfCare, it’s Real.

The autograph was probably for him 😂 Cry me a river

Um no... last time I checked this is America... he’s not obligated in anyway to sign anything shuuuuuuuuuutup You should be for sending your son to a rival asking for an autograph. Zero loyalty This is bs. These players are athletes, not signers. They aren’t required to give autographs to every person that asks for one. This dad is probably mad because he can’t sell the auto that his son didn’t get

If a kid in philly wore a DeMarcus Lawrence jersey and asked Wentz for an autograph and got denied would philly fans be pissed at Wentz? Hell no. Must be a NYC thing. Such a non story. Lol eat shit That Dad should be ashamed of himself with this idioctic statement..

This dad actin like a whole hoe LOL ok. You put this on video clearly hoping for this kind of outcome so you could get your five minutes. Maybe don't literally push your kid in front of a player as he's walking with his family back to a car? Lawrence spent the next day with kids.. Maybe post that? Hey Dad, get the little nimrod the right jersey and you may get an autograph. Also, don't get your vajajay sore when someone tells your kid no. Maybe he needs to hear it from you from time to time.

I see half of yall cant read or didnt choose to read the article. The dad said it wasnt about Lawrence not giving his autograph it was about What he said to his son. I agree wity that. There was no reason for him to tell the little boy that. Get tf over it he’s a giants fan Get a life. Bring a cowboys jersey and try again. It’s not his job to sign autographs.

A great man once said these wise words: “get the right jersey son” GTFOH when a famous tennis player skips over young kids trying to get an autograph not a dam thing is said. Where the fuck is the manners, hay Mr. Lawrence May I have an autograph, ppl don’t forget they are not obligated to sign anything when going to there vehicles

The dad is an idiot and needs to leave DeMarcus Lawrence the heck alone. That was a Giants jersey he’s a cowboy! S A W F T

This is ridiculous. Move on people. Delete your account Kick rocks ✌🏾 You’re not entitled to an autograph You’re not entitled to anything Go away snowflake So sorry.... NOT!! Giant's fan are crying about not getting a cowboys autograph, are we in the TWILIGHT ZONE!!!!!!! Giant fan. Seems soft af

Someone shoved the kid into limelight, they should be reprimanded. Lol This isn’t newsworthy. Do better TMZ. 🙄 Dad should be reprimanded for reaction to Demarcus Lawrence, random guy on twitter says Shove it Giants fan Fuck the Giants and there fans. Boo hooo! Man you cant use your kids to instigate players on the opposing team and then demand they be reprimanded. GTFOH that's garbage and this guy is a bad parent

🚪 🚶🏾‍♂️ FAKE. This dude doesnt even have eyeballs

Lol go hang out with tom Herman and the texas ad wah.Wah.WAAAAAAHHHH. 😭😭 For not signing an autograph! Now we know why a kid with an opposing jersey asks for an autograph (dumb ass dad told him to). Your kid will survive-stop coddling. Why would you push your kid to get an autograph from the opposite team? I’d NEVER EVER want an autograph from a Giants player. 🤮 or any other team other than the Dallas Cowboys. ✭. DLaw gives back to his community. Research it. Life lesson for your kid. Sometimes you get a no

This guys a clown I’ve been to Giants camps where Giants players stated get the right jersey I don’t sign others jerseys and they were nyg jerseys so gimme a break Wrong jersey , hope your kid does not grow up to be whiny like you

Not about signing autograph, it’s what he said to the kid that was obnoxious Soft Gtfoh pops! 🖕🏼 get the right jersey! 😂 Division rival,just got done playing the Giants kid was wearing 26,if Lawrence doesnt want to give a rival fan his autograph so be it,did he punch the kid,shove the kid,toss the kid,no so back the hell off and leave him alone!! Players are not obligated to give their autographs!

I have a feeling saquon makes this right ....nah. Can’t get mad when a fan has the other team on even though I do believe that was petty!!! C’mon it was a kid smh!!! No need for reprimand, but was a sorry move!!!

Lmfao!!! I’m sure he would’ve said the same thing if it was the other way around! Lmfao kidding! He totally would’ve defended his team! STFU, dad! Republican snowflake thinks he’s owed something As an Eagles fan I applaud Lawrence I’d want my Eagles player to do the same thing if a cockroach Cowboys fan asked em for an autograph

Let me guess, he's part of the Participation Trophy Alliance as well. GTFO White peiple smh ❄️❄️❄️ Cupcake dad One of my sources has confirmed already that DeMarcus Lawrence has since sent an apology letter and a signed jersey of his to the young fan. Give the kid a participation trophy too... SMFH

STOP. reprimand deez He should have punted the kid across the parking lot....and the Dad too. Fucking soft ass world we live in

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