Demanding Broad Reforms, Thousands of Inmate Workers on Strike at Alabama Prisons

9/28/2022 11:32:00 PM

'The DOJ's intervention has done nothing to shift conditions inside Alabama prisons. They remain incredibly unsafe, inhumane, and exploitative.'

'The DOJ's intervention has done nothing to shift conditions inside Alabama prisons. They remain incredibly unsafe, inhumane, and exploitative.' ShutDownADOC2022

'The DOJ's intervention has done nothing to shift conditions inside Alabama prisons. They remain incredibly unsafe, inhumane, and exploitative.'

"The DOJ's intervention has done nothing to shift conditions inside Alabama prisons," said one supporter.Some also received emergency veterinary critical care.Senator Jon Ossoff, D-Ga.Paulsboro, New Jersey-based Your Hometown Deli , which produces less than $40,000 in annual revenue.

"They remain incredibly unsafe, inhumane, and exploitative." Julia Conley September 28, 2022 Saying that even a lawsuit filed by the U."Thanks to all the agencies who intervened on behalf of these dogs, this is the last day they’re going to have to live like this.S.Ossoff, the chairman of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations , spoke with Fox News Digital in the Senate halls last week on his bipartisan investigation into the undercounted DOJ deaths"in prisons across the country.Department of Justice in 2020 did not solve the"humanitarian crisis" that has gone on for years in Alabama's prison system, thousands of inmate workers are refusing to work this week to demand broad criminal justice reforms and changes to the state's prison conditions.The DOJ said the Animal Welfare Act makes it a felony punishable by up to five years in federal prison to fight dogs or to possess, train, sell, buy, deliver, receive, or transport dogs intended for use in dogfighting.The work stoppage began Monday after about three months of planning and organizing by inmates, with help from groups including Alabama Prison Advocacy and Incarcerated Families United.The Securities and Exchange Commission says Hometown International saw its share price climb from approximately $1 per share in October 2019 to nearly $14 per share by April 2021, leading to a "grossly inflated" market capitalization of $100 million for one deli with less than $40,000 in annual revenue.

Organizers circulated a"message from the inside" saying the roughly 25,000 incarcerated people in the state are"in the midst of a humanitarian crisis due to Eighth Amendment violations.." Sen."" This crisis has occurred as a result of antiquated sentencing laws that led to overcrowding, numerous deaths, [and] severe physical injury, as well as mental anguish to incarcerated individuals," said the inmates.Both Sides of the Wall, an advocacy group run by Diyawn Caldwell, whose husband is incarcerated in Alabama, estimated that 80% of the state's inmates would take part in the strike, disrupting the prison system as guards and other officials take over cooking, trash collection, and other jobs done by inmates.Alabama's prisons are notoriously overcrowded; a 2019 report by the DOJ found the facilities at 182% capacity." "My colleagues and I swear an oath to the Constitution of the United States to protect and defend the rights of all Americans, including those who are incarcerated," Ossoff said.The state's Republican leaders plan to build two more prisons, but Caldwell The New York Times that the state"can't build themselves out of the crisis that's going on in the prison system.18, 2022 in Washington, D.

" "We are not saying that we're trying to let every murderer or rapist or even serial killer out of prison," she added."We're asking to give these people a fighting chance.The Georgia senator told Fox News Digital that, over the course of the investigation into the nearly 1,000 prison deaths,"more than a third of them, they failed to document the circumstances of death." Along with the overcrowding and chronic understaffing, inmates face the use of solitary confinement as a"protection" measure,"a high level of violence" including rape, a failure by officials to separate sexually violent offenders from vulnerable inmates, and a lack of"safe and sanitary" living conditions which have reportedly included open sewage, mold, and toxic fumes in kitchen areas."The DOJ's intervention has done nothing to shift conditions inside Alabama prisons," said Hannah Riley of the Southern Center for Human Rights, who posted the inmates' list of demands on Twitter."They remain incredibly unsafe, inhumane, and exploitative.(Kent Nishimura/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images) Ossoff said his committee hauled the DOJ into a bipartisan hearing last week"to explain their failure to count prisons and deaths in jails.

" In addition to major reforms within the state's prisons, organizers are demanding: The repeal of the state's Habitual Felony Offender Act, which the ACLU has "unjustly incarcerates too many people for far too long" and has contributed to overcrowding; The creation of a statewide conviction integrity unit to identify inmates who have been wrongfully convicted; The adoption of mandatory parole criteria to guarantee that all those who are eligible for parole are released from prison; and The elimination of life sentences without parole.Eddie Burkhalter of the Alabama Appleseed Center for Law and Justice tweeted about reports that officials in the prisons appear to be retaliating against people participating in the labor strike by serving far less food than inmates are usually offered.The Times also reported that Caldwell's husband and his fellow inmates had"received two sack lunches on Monday and Tuesday, rather than the normal three meals.[Belinda] Maley, whose son, Matthew Laughlin, died of congestive heart failure – preventable – while he was awaiting trial, having been convicted of no crime." On Monday, supporters of the strike assembled outside the Alabama Department of Corrections to give voice to the inmates' demands and protest the state's plan to add more prisons to the dangerous and dysfunctional system."A huge salute to the incarcerated folks in Alabama striking against slave labor," the Woods Foundation, which works to end the death penalty and exonerate wrongfully convicted people.

"We stand in solidarity with these brave individuals!" Our work is licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 3." "We need to understand who’s dying, why they are dying, where they are dying, so that we can reduce deaths in custody across the country," he added.0).Feel free to republish and share widely.."At least 649 missing arrest deaths were reported in a public database maintained by a nonprofit civil rights organization, but were not collected by BJA," the review revealed.

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