Asia, Covid-19 Delta Variant İs Pushing Southeast Asia To Breaking Point - Cnn

Asia, Covid-19 Delta Variant İs Pushing Southeast Asia To Breaking Point - Cnn

Delta variant is pushing Southeast Asia to breaking point

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8/5/2021 7:06:00 AM

While nations such as China, Japan and South Korea are seeing growing outbreaks, the sharp edge of the Delta wave is being keenly felt in Southeast Asia , with countries seeing rapid rises in case numbers and deaths.

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A doomsday COVID variant worse than Delta and Lambda may be coming, scientists sayDelta has shown how destructive new strains of COVID can get. Scientists fear future mutations of the virus could be even worse: 'Delta on steroids.' 😰 We've been facing a real nightmare... Don't worry. The virus will run out of Greek letters. No words. I'm actually speechless... 💔🤬

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