Delta Lets Travelers Change Flights for Free Over Fourth of July Weekend

6/29/2022 5:15:00 AM

Nervous about flying during a busy holiday weekend? Delta Air Lines has an alternative: don’t.

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Nervous about flying during a busy holiday weekend? Delta Air Lines has an alternative: don’t.

The carrier is offering more flexibility as it expects some challenges despite efforts to reset operations.

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Delta, will schedule flights they know they can’t fill and then cancel at the last minute - forcing you to wait in long lines at the airport to find another flight - and make it difficult to get credit or a refund

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Supreme Court Lets Public Schools Coerce Students Into Practicing ChristianityThe conservative supermajority could only reach the conclusion it did by lying about the facts. Did you pen any articles about the blatant coercion of children and young people to get EUA vaccines which they didn't need, and which were given without fulfilling Informed Consent? You could use most of that headline for an equivalent article of equal importance. You are lying about facts. Christian students, teachers, & coaches are allowed & protected under Constitution to get together to pray on campus or school contexts. As a refugee from country where I was persecuted for my faith, I recognize how you are lying about rights in U.S. There is no “conservative supermajority” on the Supreme Court. After decades of leftist revisionism, creative interpretations and manipulative, political contortions of the United States Constitution twisting its meanings, there finally have been some corrections lately.

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Many Travelers Frustrated As Flights Get Canceled, Delayed Across US Ahead Of 4th Of July Weekend Travel ing for the Fourth of July holiday weekend? 🇺🇸 Hundreds of flights are either canceled or delayed at airports across the United States, including Philadelphia NewsWakisha reports

3.3M SoCal residents expected to travel over Fourth of July weekendThe Automobile Club of Southern California says 48 million people nationwide are expected to be traveling for the holiday. Did they all get a “bonus” from somewhere? Must be that recession and gas prices y'all can't stop talking about. Who can afford to?

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. His father did the same, comforting his son with a hug. , the Supreme Court has compelled judges to become amateur historians, substituting bright-line legal standards for mushy and subjective appeals to “tradition.