Delta CEO Says Passengers Should Ask Permission to Recline Seat

Delta CEO Says Passengers Should Ask Permission to Recline Seat


Delta CEO Says Passengers Should Ask Permission to Recline Seat

The CEO of Delta always asks permission before he reclines his seat.

ASK FIRST, THEN RECLINE CNBC Well, this is pretty shocking ... the head honcho at Delta seems to think the woman on the American Airlines flight who reclined her seat -- only to have the passenger behind her treat her seatback like a punching bag -- was out of line. Delta CEO Ed Bastian appeared on CNBC's"Squawk Box" Friday, said it's an etiquette issue ... if a passenger knows a tall person is sitting behind them, they should ask permission before they recline. Presumably, that means if the person declines then the passenger can't recline. That certainly isn't the way our users feel -- by a 2-1 margin they support the woman on an AA jet who put , only to have the dude behind her attack the seat like a boxer in training. Play video content PUNCHY PASSENGER Of course, the counterargument to what Bastian believes is that the airline configures the plane, so it should design it so people can recline without interfering with the person behind them. If that's not the case, it's on the airline. Read more: TMZ

He needs to resign! I think the woman was an ass! I do agree that the proper etiquette is to ask if it’s okay. I fly 12 hours between Europe and USA and I don’t recline my seat. So, she is an ass. I’ll ask Permission ... WHEN THEY PAY FOR MY DAMN TICKET!! Just read a suggestion from syndicated radio personality EdTyll. Basically, don't ask, just inform. 'I'm reclining my seat.'

I just love how TMZ keeps harping on a non-story until it becomes a story. Thanks CashMeOutside. He looks like a creep. Does he fly economy? This guy is on crack. As he flys in a private jet. FOX5Atlanta Really that guy had no right. Unless she just slammed his legs. Hell no Delta I shall not ask anyone for permission my seat that I paid for I will do as I see fit during my flight! JackAss

Delta Air Lines CEO announces the carrier will go 'fully carbon neutral' next monthStarting March 1, Delta is going carbon neutral globally, CEO Ed Bastian says. “This is not a race to be number one in this space, this is a race for our planet.” Crap, crap, doublecrap Awesome

Bullshit. What? If there is not a space for that don’t have the chairs do it. The guy behind you should ask if he can let his tray down then or if his feet can go under your chair. I have never heard of such ignorance. If these company’s won’t protect those who fly with them we won’t fly Did you ask permission to report Kobe's deaths before the police?

I will consult with the man behind me when you refund me 1/2 of my ticket🙄 I’m flying delta Wednesday, and will NOT be asking if I can recline my seat! No. That is stupid. Don’t make seats that recline if you don’t expect people to recline. What a cop out. The real problem is the airlines cramming so many seats into the plane. Eliminate some rows, problem solved. But wait, you wouldn’t make as much $$$. Oh new problem. Asswipe

Hell no. They barley recline anyway !!! Give more room delta !!!!

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🖕 What? Should I ask them before or after I PURCHASE MY OWN SEAT? What does the clown suggest if permission is not given. I had a problem with an individual who kept banging my seat.stew did nothing,so when we approached gate I opened bin above him and accidentally dropped a bag on his head. That's BS! I pay for a seat that you install reclining capabilities I'm going to use it! WTF?!? Airline tickets are expensive I want to be as comfortable as possible.

🤣🤣🤣 Fck you ‼️ The worst airline ever 🤢 DELTA! And if they say, No..I’m still reclining👊🏽 Common courtesy? Get outta here

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Quit reposting this tweet! Jesus Eh, WHO CARES?! What about the free beer? We never did before. Why start now? Tell the President of Delta to EAD. jaco_stokes No Delta, you should have seats that do not recline into your neighbors lap! When I pay for my seat and it reclines, I don’t need to ask anyone! I’m reclining

They should make Coach more comfortable so you can recline Or better yet Dont stuff People in like Sardines.... I used to love Delta & others.. But the overwhelming greed factor makes me never want to fly again!! Move the seat a foot & charge everybody 50 Bucks more people will be OK with that..ask ppl they would be ok with it!!Cow}:-O)

Maybe we should ask ourselves if we should fly Delta. They should do like EVERYTHING else.....just TAKE AWAY OUR OPTIONS!

Airbnb IPO Can Succeed 'Irrespective Of The Economy,' CEO SaysHistorically, CEOs of public companies serve shareholders — but Airbnb chief Brian Chesky says people expect business leaders who are also accountable to customers, and issues such as sustainability. An IPO is planned for this year. hereandnow hereandnow this is what's so wonderful about CEOs (and why they DO deserve to make millions and millions of dollars!) They're so great at saying the right things when they see markets moving in that direction! Doing things is the easy part, hard part is already done (talk)! thank you Brian! hereandnow ACTUALLY, CEOs were supposed to serve STAKEholders, not just SHAREholders, and it is good to see that some companies are returning to that concept that somehow got abandoned in the 1980's hereandnow Frmr host here: it was obvious after a while that they don't care about hosts. 'Superhost' was the dumbest thing ever (had it for a few years). As a traveler, hotels are often better after cleaning fees & other 'fees' are assessed. I have a feeling an IPO will make this worse.

No way What if the person behind me says no? Do I have to sit up straight on my full transatlantic flight Stupid comment, CEO. Seriously? How about they quit making the seats closer & closer together to get more people on board 🤔 Delta How about we ask each other about a boycott? It is 1 freaking inch! Please!!!

Die I know you fuckn lying! Perhaps airlines should put this bit of info at the end of their safety videos we have to watch? Good reminder to just do what’s right and be polite.

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No one ever asks me if it’s ok. They just do it. He is wrong. That passenger was a jackass. Ask my ass For real? How about he asks before he gets paid then. 😂 get your shit together man. It’s 2020. Y they are paying for a service. And a lot Wondering. Why hasn’t Delta asked my permission when they’ve cancelled flights in the past. Would have though such manners permeate throughout the company 🤔

Boooo! Dumb response! Why not give enough room in the first place to allow reclining or remove reclining altogether? I’m paying a lot and if it reclines I’m going to recline. Delta Needs to remove a few rows and give us extra leg room. That would solve the problem. If i paid for a seat, why should i ask someone who didn’t pay for my seat what I’m allowed to do?

Students sue Delta after jet fuel dump over Whittier high schoolThree students from Pioneer High School in Whittier have filed a lawsuit against Delta Air Lines after one of its planes dumped jet fuel over their campus and other L.A. County suburbs. Of course they did .. 🙄 Yes, a 777 dumped fuel from 3,000 feet while going 400 mph. The 'victims' were treated on the spot with....wait for it...SOAP AND WATER. Nothing to see here. Next. The photo doesn’t go with the caption ! Brown lives matter? Hell the fuel didn’t discriminate

I paid to recline my seat Don't provide reclining seats. Jesus people, that man was a complete asshole. The next time I fly I am going to ask... 😆 TMZ click bait Just stop flying Delta DeltaNewsHub until they figure out how all customers can be comfortable during flights. It's hard sitting straight up for hours at a time & no leg room either which 1 is it going to be. Your already hella close to the person next to you DLHughleyRadio

Shut up tmz, you posted this a week ago and everyday since. Go chase ambulances or some shit All airlines should stop the seats from reclining on flights shorter than three hours! End of story! Because the additional legroom would just cripple the airline industry. Might want to redesign how those seats recline. Think Lazy boy recliner technology where you can recline up against the wall and the seatback doesnt fall straight back it shifts the seat kinda up and forward.

Ok They should remove that back seat against the wall that doesn't recline tbh... FOX5Atlanta If tmz is reporting it, you can bet its fake made up lies Then don’t install reclining seats in your planes. If someone has the unfortunate need to poop, shall they ask before stinking up the lavatory? Really? I didn’t know people were traveling on SardineAirlines!AllCrampedWithNoLegroom

That’s a really horrible comment, maybe people shouldn’t fly in his shitty airline anymore What a joke that's bullshit Honestly, what is the point of the reclining seat? It doesn't even recline back far enough to make a significant difference in the way you're sitting. Pointless, in my opinion. I've never used the reclining function of an airplane seat.

p Stop making recliners. Problem solved. FOX5Atlanta Publicly subsidized privately profitable Airlines have it easy every American pays them in taxes and all they do is shit on the passengers Fck that lol Then don’t have seats that recline. Simple as that. That woman had every right to recline her seat. She paid for the seat. Just because that man child picked a seat that doesn’t recline is his fault not hers. His actions were like a 2yr old that doesn’t get his way. GrowUp

Delta you clean up the gross cheerios or crackers on the floor when I go to sit down in my “just cleaned” seat and you have a deal ! I wander if Deltas CEO travels in. coach ? If he does and does he ask permission ? Wrong...thats not how it works...ask BizNasty2point0 he knows... I’m not asking to recline. I paid I use my seat how I please. I at least wait till we are 30k feet up 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

Delta When are passengers getting their money back Passengers bought their reclining seat with the full expectation that they would be able to use it. Delta

Delta What about making the plane have more room to recline Delta DeltaNewsHub OR, take out some of the seats so passengers can do what they want with the space they pay for.. Who cares about economy class flyers? What is this world coming to!? This is an old post from last week. Why they still showing

In related news: Delta CEO has not sat in Coach since 1982. Of course. Manners are highly underrated.

GoodDayAtlanta Reclining doesnt bother me Seating between to fat guys does Now that's not a pleasant trip Read the situation. Sometimes all the way; sometimes none; sometimes partway. Imagine a restaurant saying you can order the fish as long as people at the table next to you don’t mind the smell. He said this from his private plane

FOX5Atlanta Of course the Delta CEO doesn’t want you to recline. Im sure he wants to remove reclining seats so they can take that space and make your seat smaller. That will allow them to pack more people on the plane. The airlines have created this problem by treating people like cattle. That’s right! Time to stop being a dick and being courteous of the people around u :-)

I agree This Gif is an example of 'The Soul of the Delta CEO' who Wants a Few-Maniac/Psycho's to believe It is Now OKAY TO COMPLAIN and start trouble with people who merely want to recline to what amounts to a distance of about 2 inches. Should planes not be designed that passengers can recline without affecting the passenger behind them?

Another over paid brain surgeon Never expect more than a grunt from a pig. If I’m flying and the seat reclines, I’m not asking permission from nobody! If the seats weren’t meant to recline, they wouldn’t. End of story! yeah I agree, just don't put the seat that far back. I mean economy is tighter now with space sooo...

No. Screw you and screw that. I will recline when allowed as usual unless the person behind me is injured, ill, or needs extra care for any reason. Try just having some respect. Pretty simple. Unpopular opinion.. I agree Just build bigger planes🤷‍♂️ Funny, when his lips moved I heard “Fly any other airline than Delta”.

🤔 Why dont the airlines just put more space between seats? Idiot...... Um no... that’s not how that works. I agree; if I could even afford a plane ticket. Seats should not recline, there is not enougn space. Delta did you ask our permission to put more seats on a plane, or ask our permission to charge more for seats with legroom. Ask customers, then we will talk!

Seats shouldn’t have the functionality to recline or should be more adequately spaced apart. He’s is stupid for that, 😂😂😂 What a joke

Ask permission How about change all the seats where they don’t recline? They really shouldn’t. Not enough space for all that. Then why make them recline? Idiot! shiiiiid nope This is how much an airline seat reclines /——————————-/ Next they will take away the seats. I’m surprised Delta hasn’t gone to bleacher seating!

clearlydoesntflycommercial Delta your CEO is ignorant of what it's like to be 'working class' I paid the same amount for my ticket as the person behind me. Therefore, I have the same right to recline my seat.

All in favor of boycotting Delta airlines, fabulously say Meee!! I just don’t get how this box faced ‘VAN’ can even say that, I guess greed makes you feel to comfortable now an days. Regardless I’m paying $$$ I’m ‘reclining my seat’. period 💋 F**k him! Do you even fly commercial? I mean talk about out of touch with reality and your line business - dude stop talking.

Clean version: If the greedy $&* running the airlines would take out some rows of seats we wouldn’t have to sit like sardines. If the seat has a button and reclines, I’m gonna be right between your legs. The person in front of me is welcome to do the same! Ugh 🤦🏼‍♀️ I am old enough to remember when we had leg room on flights 🤣

Just a common courtesy 🤷‍♀️ treat others the way you want to be treated. But people are too stupid! ihatepeople Why didn't she turn around and tell him.. CEO...bullshit...seats only recline maybe a inch...feelings hurt!! Rub dirt on em!! Spoken like a true moron. Never have I ever seen ANYONE ask before reclining the seat. And I’m always in the cheap seats in coach cuz I’m a normal human.

What?!?!? Delta should offer MORE ROOM FOR PASSENGERS Ask permission to suck my balls I don't think so. I paid for that seat I HATE reclining seats and anyone who reclines. It’s so rude and unnecessary. It shouldn’t even be an option. WTF! WE ALL PAY THE STAY PRICE IN THE SAME AREA. GO BUY A SEAT IN 1 CLASS.

Says the man with private jets. Absurd. We are not your slavesonaplane make them bigger reduce coast and we will fly more. Your slow , multi stop flights suck GTH Lara94941251 LARA IS A BOT! MANY NUMBERS AT END OF NAME, FEW FOLLOWERS, NEW ACCT, RETWEETS ONLY. REPORT AND BLOCK! What is the angle of that reclamation? It is close to zero....

Should you ask permission to fart...I at least try to make them silent When he start giving me free plane tickets I'll start askin to recline my seat. Whatever! I say you should design your planes so passengers have some REAL space so they can recline. Instead, you cram as many people as possible into the plane so you make as much money as possible. Pull it together!!

No they shouldn't due to the fact that every seat offers that INDIVIDUAL choice to the passenger. Maybe they should have more spacey aircrafts. FrancesRivera better not fly Delta... I’m not asking or don’t make them recline. No you should make your seats more roomy and comfortable you greedy dogs! Make seats so they can’t recline period then. If you have to ask to do something that comes with what you paid for, option shouldn’t even be available. Problem solved.

That’s the most rediculas thing I’ve ever heard, really ? Ask permission ? Then don’t make the seats recline!

I agree and always have. Yes I paid for the seat and should be able to recline the seat but there is also another issue that has gone by the wayside in recent years. It's called being considerate of others. Well I won’t fly Delta! America freaks out that a CEO suggests courtesy and empathy. Perhaps instead of being so greedy the CEO should require more seating room so this would not happen.

No you need to ride in not allow the seats to recline If my seat reclines, I’m reclining it. I’m not asking anyone for permission. Nonsense...they are made to recline for a reason...if someone was punching my seat they would have regretted it...I flew nearly every week for nearly 5 straight years...i

Also never flight Delta ! worst service/ airline ever.

DeltaAirlines seat recline as the bottom slides forward to prevent overly crowding the person behind you Does this mean the children that sit behind you should ask permission to kick your seat? Just happened to be on an entire flight! It’s a respect thing but today Americans have no respect Just remove the recline option if we can use it!

What a knob this guy is. That’s why I never fly Delta and always fly first class. How about that? Unless it is a red eye flight over overnite international flight.. you should be able to sit up without reclining which shoves the back of your seat into another passenger greatly diminishing their space and making it hard to use their tray!!!

Wtf!!! I will not fly Delta I have MS and cannot stay straight a whole trip. Reclining gives a lil more room to stretch and move

How about more space between rows instead of pitting passengers against each other cramming them into a compact space? Why does Ed look like he’s a character on “Get Smart?” The seat reclines so I will recline And now people won't fly delta anymore. the seats should not recline.. there is not enough room for the person who has been reclined on.

Never used to be a problem until the airlines got greedy and scrunched all the seats together. 🙄 ...and I say passengers should never fly Delta 🤷🏻‍♀️ Why have recliner seats? Then don’t make the seats reclinable

If you don’t want ppl to recline then don’t let the seat recline!! If i pay for a seat...u better move..or hav short legs,, pound on my seat an I'll whoop ur ass an toss u down the emergency slide.😁😁😁😁😁💛💞💞💗💗💘💘💘 I dont fly Delta Fuck delta’s CEO! wow, I have handling this all wrong for years..I am tall with bad knees and cannot handle a reclining seat in front of me.. so I always book a flight where I get on the first row of economy that does not have seats in front of me..

Travel over 300 days a year, were we allowed to comment on airlines adding more seats to an airplane......what a silly response by Delta’s CEO. And that is why you should never fly Delta! This would be like having to check with the table next to you at Chili’s before ordering fajitas.

You watch. In the next year delta will fix the seats so they don’t recline!!!! They will see how customers take to it. When their passenger count goes down quickly they will reverse the seat fix. Lol. Stupid‼️ then why do you make the seats recline then you take up all the space you can to put more seats on a plane so you can make more money on the already ridiculously high and overpriced seats for your pockets. The seats only recline like 1.5 inches if that

I make it point to not speak to other passengers. People are too litigious in the air nowadays. Sorry Delta you are wrong! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Airlines should simply have more space between seats, passengers are not livestock!🙄🤦🏻‍♂️👎😡 A little less greed, would go a long way! I don’t know how he got that job. But he obviously doesn’t fly commercially. I purchased the right to use the seat. I’m reclining if I want. And no one better punch my seat. Which reminds me if you are traveling with children don’t let them kick the seat in front of them. Rude.

Stupid Delta CEO, you're the BamaOfTheWeek I've never had an issue with people reclining the seat in front of me and I am tall. Ever since JetBlue had seats with a bit more space, I fly with them. For other airlines, I know their seats do not have much space, so someone is going to recline the seat. I never recline mine.

Wrong. Need more room on them planes all they care about is money never comfort for the customer GTFOH! Not a seat I paid for!! Why make the seats recline if you gotta ask permission!!🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Maybe airlines need to provide proper seating room! Deltas CEO is an Idiot. What? Half the time, it seems, I get a broken seat and it won't recline. How about they fix that issue?

He is in a fantasy world unless he wants to refund the money of the folks who couldn’t recline their seat. What a TOOL. As a CEO, this IS NOT how you actually solve problems. 🤡

If you're not supposed to use it, don't make the seats recline! BTW Nobody in first class complains about reclining seats BECAUSE THERE IS ADEQUATE SPACE BETWEEN ROWS! Greedy airlines have to stop blaming passengers for objecting to being crammed in like sardines at $800 a pop. You think 🤔 Cop out by Delta - they pack us in like sardines.

Bull If the seat back reclines, then it’s up to the user whether to exercise that capability or not. They paid for that privilege with their ticket price. If you don’t want that flexibility, then it is YOUR responsibility to fix it so that they do NOT recline. This is YOUR fault. Nope I wish they would please shut the fuk up about this. okay we get it! 😑

If I’m given a reclining seat (which I’ve paid for). You can bet your life I’m going to use my option to recline it. And no, I’m not asking anyone’s permission! Delta should ask their customers permission when they are considering raising their fares or when they bump passengers who have already paid or reimburse passengers when their flights are delayed

Exactly the women was being’s commonsense you ask someone if it is ok to recline or if your far enough, or if you want it adjusted. Not even just common sense it is commoncourtesy, two things society lacks these days. wakeup Better yet - don’t allow the chairs to recline - then no issue

How is this not the obvious and most reasonable solution I don’t agree. WTH? Nooooo. You just recline. If you have to ask then the airlines need to provide nore legroom or make it so seats cant recline. 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 Delta should sacrifice a row to give people a.little room I have seen more people back the guy. She kept it going. He asked her to begin with to please sit upright!!

Maybe Delta‘s CEO should make more room for passengers instead of worrying about putting more money in his pocket. Bet he owns a private jet and doesn’t fly in coach ever! as he luxuriates in 1st class. Oh hell, he's on his corporate jet with a king size bed.

Why even have the option then What’s his number? I’ll be sure to give him a ring before my next flight to see if he’s ok with me kicking back a little. What's next no more mile high club with the flight stuartist? Maybe you should redesign the cabins of your airplanes in such a way that people aren't packed like sardines in a tin can.

I agree with Delaney_Ahern if you are paying for a seat, you have the right to recline YOUR SEAT 🤷‍♀️ I loved Delta until I read this!!! I don’t always recline but if I want to (because I paid for a reclining seat) then I do and don’t feel the need to ask permission. Shame on you Delta :( that’s ridiculous.. u can’t give people the option then tellem no.. lock the seats or deal with it

Best response to this situation yet. Yes but un the first class only... 🤣🤣

So in other words let the passengers fight it out... Good luck with that 😂 🤣🤣🤣 He’s right F Note to self: Don’t fly Delta. EVER That’s BULLS___T!!! Really? Then what's the point of making them that way? Maybe they shouldnt make seats too close. Um, no!

At the point you have to ask permission why even make the seats recline? I I’m tall and absolutely do not care if someone in front of me reclines. We pay hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to fly. We should be able to use all amenities available without people whining and acting entitled. What a ridiculous argument 🤦🏻‍♂️

TomScibelli Why is this news? Uhm, fuck you. I paid for that seat and I do not have to ask permission to do with it what I want. That's literally ridiculous Bullshit I was a flight attendant and I think this is total Bullshit I paid for the seat with the button and the space. Airlines should reduce their greed and remove one row to provide adequate space for passengers.

He’s totally lost touch with reality. For $500 a ticket and a 2 inch decline. No thanks. He’s an idiot. Ensure Delta planes have enough passenger room space for the chair to recline and not inconvenience the passenger behind. Don’t make the situation a customer passenger issue to resolve. Delta CEO should ride in coach once in awhile before offering opinion

Maybe Delta need to ask passengers’ permission before they reduce seat pitch to the depth of a potato chip and then leave the recline button functioning to give the perception of “comfort”, allowing pax to self police. I pay for the F’n seat...I’m going to recline it if I feel like pay for my seat I’ll do as you request...GTFO

Has he ridden in Coach lately? No- seats should not recline if you have to ask permission 😬 Why not just put seats that dont recline at all and no one has to worry about clowns beating on the back of their seat.

After I pay my money for seat that reclines, I haven’t to ask someone esle if I can recline. REALLY....... Chill bru This is stupid AF. Either you make it so everyone can recline comfortably or that no one can recline at all. Give us enough space so that reclining is no longer an inconvenience for the person sitting behind us. Delta I can help you design of you need.

Seriously!!!!!! Delta should provide enough room between seats to recline so you’re not in someones lap!! Don’t blame the passengers! Thank you! WTH Why don't you start by making the planes bigger instead of smaller? Genius, huh?

I don’t think So The same guy whose airliner no longer allows a friggin carryon on certain tickets is gonna say we should ask permission to recline the whopping 2 inches the seats go back? I hope he gets crabs. 😑 If even the CEO knows it’s a problem maybe he should find a way to fix it. For the seat I paid for ?! FOH

Uh uh Delta - that’s the three inches of recline I paid for. If you don’t want me to use it, don’t make such uncomfortable pieces of shit to sit in while we patronize you. Let’s talk a little about airplane seat design, wouldn’t it be lighter if you just left it fixed? Exactly. Either give us more seats, or anyone who don’t like it can upgrade their ticket. The seats have recliners for a reason. And oh I’m sure this guy ALWAYS flies ecomony class on his salary but ok. 🙄

I disagree. The seats r made to recline it's natural 4 the seats to recline. That's ones choice to recline their seats. U don't wanna give that right to recline don't make reclining seats. If u do then it can b used. Coming from someone who's probably never sat back there Not permission but just to be polite and maybe not recline all the way back.

🤔 DrWendyWalsh

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!🤦🏾‍♂️ Wrong answer This just shows how intolerable and petty society has become. This much outrage and debate about reclining a chair on a plane. Wrong. The person who pays for the seat has the privledge of being comfortable in their own seat Then why have reclining seats, I'm 6'4 1/2' and have had people just recline their seats without saying a word....

Delta should ask for permission before dumping their fuel on elementary school kids.... I think he was trying to be a bully cause had that been a man I don’t think he would’ve done that! just another CEO out of touch. I really like the platform, but respectfully that’s not what he said. He said if you notice a tall person in the seat behind you, would be ‘considerate’ to ask before reclining. Just good manners. I co-interviewed Delta CEO on SquawkCNBC, so I know. 👌🏽

That is a HELL NO!! People who get upset over seats reclining back, as does theirs, have CLEARLY some issues that’s more than the seat in front of them reclining back in to their space... 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Is this a joke Yes that would be very polite You are kidding? Just make enough room on the planes so that people can recline without bothering the person behind them, or don’t install reclining seats. Easy.

How about add more space n leg room F Delta 😂😂😂 If the seat reclines, then you have the right to recline it. I don’t much like it when the person in front of me reclines but that’s their right. The peoples CEO says, this is 2020 so Delta and other airlines should start mandating that all passenger aircraft make the seating more passenger friendly, stop packing people like sardines. Maybe, remove the last row or give the seats in front of it, limited recline range.

Please, SOMEBODY, find out who the guy is that punched that woman’s seat.

No person on any flight has ever asked the person behind them if they can recline their seat. Ever! Maybe if Delta didn't squeeze little rows of seats together, like they do, it wouldn't be necessary to warn some stranger that you are going to put your seat back. If you ask, the person will likely say no.

That’s ridiculous. Why not just take away recline feature and add more leg space? If the seat reclines and we have a recline button, I wouldn’t think I need permission. It’s only a problem as airlines have markedly taken away leg space. Who do we ask? DELTA SHOULD give it’s paying customers the CORRECT room around it’s seats to actually USE the recliner button on their seats 🤔 🙄

Passengers says Delta CEO should make more seating space in his jets and put passengers first. CEDont 😂 STUPID!!!! Then why have them? I flew one time and the person infront of me reclined with out my consent. Nothing happened to me. reclinedvictim shareyourstory Ask? It’s a function of the seat... if you want to limit this function or discontinue, you the airline have that power!!

Kiss my hairy Italian ass. It’s weird to me to offer the functionality, then to assume someone is rude for using it🤷🏼‍♀️ 🙄maybe you should make the seats further apart if you’re going to give passengers the option of reclining or don’t make the seats recline at all!!!! Finally! Someone said it!! The next step for Delta....when the really large person next to you wants to lift the arm rest so they can spread more easily into your seat, it will become their preference. IPaidFor100%ofASeat

So long Delta! This is question is why do the seats even recline then? I can’t even believe the insanity around this BOTH people were acting like CRAZY people. This CEO is part of the problem with this world! If a passenger has to ask to recline...why even make reclining seats? Why... aren't the seat designed for reclining and have space for the person behind you pay for the seat to do anything you want with it...

Nah Everyone should stop flying Delta until he is fired and given a $30 mil buyout. AmericanAir is just as out of touch. These airlines offer not customer service or loyalty. CNN FoxNews chicagotribune nypost nowthisnews Wrong! 💋❤️ Next level sensitivity Well they don’t make the seats to recline asshole

Well, there you have it. An important stakeholder in a large customer service operation makes a rational suggestion and he is totally slimed. Thank you all you self absorbed, uncaring, elitist, impolitic-ly correct people who’s egos are wrecking the bestest, freest nation ever! I paid for the seat, I'm going to use everything that was included with that price. Maybe the triggered idiot should have booked a better seat.

AmericanAir SouthwestAir Delta Painful cramped seats - and you want us to ask permission to use the seats “comfort” position to grant approval. As an caring person that flys more than anyone I know- I do not -just recline. I understand the un-comfortable in front and behind. I'm 6' 5' I don't ask anyone

Or perhaps, they stop buying planes with smaller and smaller seats. You want to charge me $500 to fly to Florida, then I expect some leg room and to recline.

This is BS wtf? And if you don't ask, the person behind you is allowed to gently pummel the back of your seat, while forcing you to listen to justinbieber music for 1 hour. You'll never recline again, by golly. Quick Poll: Which of these two punishments is worse? Ok so now Burger King is going to advice people to drink coffee carefully because someone spill hot coffee between their legs in McDonalds. Smh

They don't ask my permission to delay or cancel flights!! Greed by Delta for cramming too many seats in economy with no room to recline. Arrogance by the CEO to give advice to travelers who sit in economy while he is in first class or likely flying private. That’s common sense. It’s called courtesy. Look it up. Assholes.

Even if I do ask, no one should be beating my chair like a rude 4 year old. You beat my chair, I beat you with my chair. I will make sure to never use delta again. dealtaairlne needs new ceo

Yeah... no. How stupendously patronizing. I don’t fly delta.. and won’t Okay, how about you remove 2 rows of seats and spread everyone out? With the two rows missing that means there would be less weight on the plans so there shouldn’t be any extra baggage charge. Problem solved. 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ Delta The board should ask for his resignation.

Or they could just make seats that don’t recline Then why have reclining seats if you need permission. Delta is a poorly run airline. Now I know why. if i’m paying for a seat then i’m freely reclining it without asking.

If I pay for my damn seat, I sure as hell WILL NOT ASK NO-ONE FOR PERMISSION TO RECLINE MY DAMN SEAT. Period! Tell the CEO, bullshit! No chance my friend. I paid for the seat I will be leaning all the way back. I’ll pay more for more room too. Why doesn’t the Delta CEO make sure there is enough room on his planes so it wouldn’t be an issue!

All anyone has to do is to kindly, repeatedly punch the back of the seat of the person reclining. or The back of seats could be designed with buttons that, when pushed, result in a vigorous, repeated shaking which can only be deactivated by returning to a fully upright position. Nope. Please! If you pay for the seat, you should be able to recline it. The guy was being a baby!

Haha this is hysterical . What a joke this ceo of delta is. If someone is tall pay for the extra space seats. Your paying a hefty fee for airline ticket . It’s your right to be comfortable . If I pay for my seat and it declines bet your ass I’m reclining.

Bruh........ Does he ask for permission on his private jet? Who should I ask for permission though? My parents? 😂😂 maybe I should also ask the fcabin crew if they hold my hand when I need to walk to the toilett cuz I might not find my way back to my seat 💺 😂😂 It is all about greed. Does he ask when flying first class.

Sorry no Gtfo, i don’t need permission to relax after spending that much money. I’ll keep my seat up if they are eating but that’s all Tell the CEO IDGAF No. I have a back problem. I am reclining my seat. And that little bitch CEO isn't telling ME what to do. He needs to learn how to do his job and make his planes more comfortable before he lectures me on how to live my life. Delta

How about making reclinable seats exclusive for silver and gold medallion passengers only? 😂

Delta and American Airlines. Check Any other airlines will suffice Gtfoh. The delta CEO is obviously an idiot judging from this statement. I figure delta will probably start charging for reclining seats now. This was a dumbshit statement This fool is crazy AF. Delta is now on my 'no fly' list. Delta kid Take the cheap flight expect the cheap service

He is 🥜 Then maybe CEO you should not have seats that recline. Bullshit👀🤣🤣🤣 Says the guy who put the seats too close together 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

I never fly American or Delta for a reason!!! Fuck that guy The guy paid for the shittyest seat on the flight in the back up against the bulkhead. His seat won’t recline the person before his will. Suck it up buttercup next time don’t buy the ss seat on the plane. No permission needed to recline!!! He is the highest-ranking executive in the company and this is the best he can come up with? MISTAH, YOU GOTTA DO BETTER! I WILL NOT BE FLYING WITH DELTA!

You paid for that seat, no questions asked. Same airline that dumps jet fuel over schools. Maybe the CEO of Delta Should fly Economy class for once and ask the sweaty guy behind him if it’s okay to recline his seat and then the fat dude says no and he will just sit uncomfortably his whole flight. Everyone should be entitled to the extra 1.5 inches of reclining.

Be a decent human being and before you recline your seat, check behind you that you’re not going to make that passenger’s flight uncomfortable. Don’t just recline like BADOW 🤱🏼💥💺 People love being jackasses + cause a scene. Since when does a human being need permission to do something they have the right to do ? Gfys dude.

Delta The Knee Defender that sells for $21.95. You can clip them to your tray table supports and prevent the seat in front of you from reclining. Since 2014 due to a dispute between 2 United passengers, many airlines have banned the device. OK to use now?

Don't forget to save up your Delta Miles people. Because Delta is the only airline in America that actually CARES about people Bad PR Move.... he should've remained quiet. What happens If you ask permission to recline your seat and the other person says, 'no'? awkward Agreed So you purchase a high price seat on Delta, that seat has a reclining feature. Yet, you should check with the person behind you if it’s OK to use it? OK then

PEOPLE THE SEATS RECLINE 3 F’N INCHES!!!!! If one person reclines we all have to. It’s the domino effect 🤷🏽‍♀️ That’s dumb. I purchased that seat & if I want to recline my seat I’m gonna recline the shit out of it. Bull crap When was the last time this guy sat in couch? As a 6’3 inch tall man, I agree. If you don’t ask permission, I reserve the right to punch and kick your seat until you incline it to the upright position.

Are y’all going to stop flying delta? Or maybe they could provide more foot room? Don’t make the seats recline if I can’t use it when I want. That dude was just an ass who is lucky he didn’t do it to a man but we all know that wuss wouldn’t have done it to anybody with balls. That’s wild but you don’t need any permission to listen to good music like Yung Smallz’s new song ascend out on all platforms 💯

I’m not one that flys to much but if not reclining you’re seat is like an unspoken rule why not have seats that don’t recline Nope! BobCock sucks !! Absolutely Says the guy who likely travels in first class wherever he goes. What a presen to United

Well that’s why I fly AmericanAir and JetBlue I agree And how many times have u flown coach in the last month. First world problems Yes Because we should all take advice from a guy who’s flying 1st class all over the country Since when? Maybe they should let people know this. The flight attendant should’ve offered her seat to the man then...since the airline feels it’s an inconvenience when a guest reclines...she(Flt attnd) could’ve kept two people happy since it’s rude, what if that lady develops post trauma -abuse now who’s liable? Airlines/psgr?

That CEO is an a$$. You know he never flies economy. They need to give the customers more leg room. What’s his take on suffocating puppies?

“Its the year 2050, and humans have to ask permission to breathe” The price you pay to fly you should be able to recline! Stop cramming seats into the planes so that your passengers are comfortable! Passengers Say: Why not get all those engineers and make a seat that reclines and doesn’t crush people. You can do it, have a contest

Agree, or if they recline and it is on the knees of the person behind them and they ask you to put it up a bit you do it. Planes are uncomfortable as fuck. Respect and common courtesy. Shut up I never fly Delta .Delta Just stop seats from being able to recline. There isn’t enough room. Bless His Heart!! He obviously hasn’t flown in a long long long time!

I always do. Whats new!?! Delta united FlyFrontier SouthwestAir

THIS is the problem that America is worried about? If people cannot give up two inches of space and MUST react in outrage because of this supposed infraction? Maybe they should read a book or two about World War II. Then decide if you're gonna react in anger. If I pay for that seat, I'm reclining that La-Z-boy

I have always thought all the seats should recline at the same time and you should chose to bring it up. I have no suggestions for the emergency row or the back row, unfortunately. If someone reclines, then you can recline yours and so on so it evens out like a domino effect. Unless you have the misfortune of getting those miserable last rows that don’t recline and are next to the toilets. In that case you got bigger problems. Been there, NEVER going back.

In ima just keep living my life news That guys face look like he farted and poop came out well, that is a considerate thing to do... Top tip. Always lean back and get your knee as deep as you can into the selfish twat’s spine and don’t relax it for any reason. Guarantee they’ll raise the back within 10 minutes.

While he rides alone in his jet. Foh 🤦

This is like a slumlord telling a tenant it’s proper to ask the neighbors before taking a second hot shower that will use up the hot water in the building. Uh NO!!! Why Have a Seat that reclines if u can not use it!!! Maybe they should make their seats roomier!! I have never had anyone ask me if they could recline their seat, so perhaps this rule of courtesy should be posted on the back of the seat so that folks know.

Excuse me... do you believe this Delta CEO guy? He does not recline his seat into the face of the person behind him because he NEVER rides economy! Who is he kidding? As a 6ft+ person, if you are going to give us NO-LEG-ROOM, at least STOP the seats from reclining. Get REAL! It’s because it was a woman who reclined and not a man.

Absolutely not. If you’ll be uncomfortable in your seat, pay for an upgrade. If not, suck it up. Allow me to get this straight...after you spend your money on an overpriced ticket, it should be up to the person behind you if you can recline or not?! He should resign for being a fool. Too right! .AnnCoulter can you settle this debate about your favorite airline?

Nah I paid for my ticket. If reclining my seat brothers the person behind me, they can politely ask me to not recline so far back. Other than that, don't make the seats reclining, less seats on the plane, or just maybe pay for better seating. The brass of this guy. Legit couldn’t even come up with a worst solution Delta 👍

Damn Delta .. First you dump gas on people.. now you want em to battle each other for comfort? striketwo Um, no. Also Latam? Idiot!! Why I don’t fly Delta This is all going to lead to reclining becoming a premium feature they can charge for. If the CEO is saying anything, it means money is involved. They don't care about anything else.

Guess I'm not flying Delta 😂😂 Fuck that... The seat recline?... I'm Reclining it! 💺 I kind of agree with him, I’ve been on planes just cause you pay for a recliner seat, to just give a heads up to the person behind you. So they don’t go to far is a fair thing to ask. There’s worse things like when someone is coughing the whole flight, or putting feet on chair.

Nope stop decreasing the size of plane seats and leg area and treat passengers gets with respect!!! The woman did nothing wrong. Squishy spin of a CEO. (Say whatever is safe) Maybe then reclining seats shouldn't be an option! Next we'll need his, RepAOC, & SenSanders permission to fly anywhere. He can suck off

Delta CEO should ride in that last seat for 7 hours. Then he should increase the amount of space between one row and the next.

And if there’s not enough meals on the flight for all passengers you should share. And if there’s a therapy dog you’re allergic to, placed in your lap, you should pet it. And if.... Here's another concept: not packing people in so tightly that you can't recline your seat without getting in someone else's personal space.

Maybe Delta should provide more room between seats. How about taking out some seats so everyone can relax? Absolutely not. Permission is given by the feature being available for a paid seat! What an idiotic statement! How about making space between rows wider? He says he doesn’t recline his own seat, but I assume he is at the front of the plane, behind the curtain where he doesn’t have to see the peasants.

I usually bother them until they stop reclining. I tell them I'm always eating or drinking and seat must be up.... So they bonk up and down until they give up... & stay 🆙 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Delta DeltaNewsHub Dear Delta... F U. If I pay for a seat and it reclines I will recline it. If you want people to be more comfortable please remove a row of seats and increase the leg room. fuckDelta

Bulkshit response Add space so seats have full functionality Im tall and hard of hearing, planes have so much white noise i shouldnt have to engage passengers to get what i pay for to be comfortable

Here's an idea. Get planes with more room for passengers. F*** that. We paid for those seats. You’re responsible for cramming people in airplanes like sardines. Gross! Don’t encourage a stranger on a plane to talk to me! IDontRecline If I paid for the seat it is my seat to recline it if I what to when I am sitting in it.

Wtf? Seats and leg room have shrunk to the point that it’s completely miserable and now we can’t recline an inch? The delta ceo should do something to make flying bearable! How about taking out a few rows. 👍👍 That's ridiculous! There are reclining seats and we should be able to use them. The seats are so close together it's like sardines in a can.

delta Sounds like great customer service. I'll be sure to fly JetBlue Permission to recline the seat I paid for Absurd. Thanks All airline CEOs should be forced to *only* fly economy class on their own planes. Then they can understand why the heck there's a problem here. stephrainone .... yikes

Wtf ! If the seats recline then people have the right to recline. If you don't like it then stop being a cheapskate and pay extra for exit row seats. Who is running this airline? Fly coach and film yourself asking for permission from another adult if you can put your over priced sardine can of a seat back 2.5 inches

Why don’t you take out a couple of rows so the seats can recline without affecting the person behind them? Tell Mr. Delta CEO 🖕 I’ll start asking permission to recline my seat once Delta starts giving me free flights indefinitely WaspRed Men should ask permission to touch women, but do they? No. Should they also ask permission to punch the seat in front of them every few seconds?

I fly delta often and usually upgrade to Comfort+. You better believe after paying that premium I will be reclining my seat.

Take out middle seat. Remove 1/4 or 1/3 of the rows. Planes are more fuel efficient, larger, but nothing stops greed. Race to the bottom. Sardines are feeling crowded. Baffled how many Recliners don’t care how miserable it makes it for the person behind them. Recliners are the worst. Airlines should make flying suck less.

😳Absolutely NOT. DeltaCEO is why we can't have nice things... 🖕🏻 Seriously? What an idiot. How about u sell the last toilet seats for cheaper and make them click the radio button “I know these seats don’t recline and I’m so cheap IDC” 1/3 No 🧢 I’m 6’2 like 70% legs. As soon as I sit down my knees are in the chair in front of me. One time there was this lady sitting in front of me and she started to recline her seat. Right away I explained my situation and asked politely but she refused to move her seat up..👿

What do you do if permission is declined? This headline is misleading.

Bullshit - you might as well solder all your seats into the upright position today - why have the ability to recline seats if you’re not allowed to use the vilify to do it? Preposterous Ok... Right......I bet that over priveldged deusch CEO would ask if he could recline as well if he had to fly in his shitty Delta economy class seats... What an out of touch with reality imbacile!!!!!

No reason to ask if there is a button to recline, plus the guy was 1st eating and 2nd then working on a laptop! She was right he was wrong. Are we so PC now we can't even recline our airline seats. I remember the days where there was ample room for everyone and there was no need to ask. I also remember the days they served complimentary food. Now you just get peanuts and have to pay extra on some flights for anything extra. Womp

Nope. yeah, like he does Nah. You put seats in that recline and many times we have to pay extra for those seats. They recline, I recline. Come on. This I all the CEO can say. WRONG!! GTFOH imreclining reclinenation Goes both ways. Proper etiquette also is to ask the person in front if they can not recline since its getting cramped for them.

Why can't every seat be reclined partially, but stationary and fuck of with the stress inducing bullshit on planes!? Maybe Delta should make seats that don't recline and STFU! Is the CEO of Delta single? It is common courtesy- you turn around and say, 'I am going to recline, please let me know if it bothers you at all during the trip.'

He Sounds stupid Fine, put a goddamn sticker next to the button to push to recline the seat that says to ask the person behind you if it’s okay to recline the seat. You put rules and stickers for everything else in the plane. whaaaaaaaaaaaa?! I’ve been flying wrong my whole life. Ugh...this is why Donald Trump is President. Folks are reading the headline & not the actual statement. He said if you know theres a tall person behind you, the polite thing to do is to ask. It’s common decency - something a lot of folks don’t have these days

Can't Delta make the seats recline less than now?

I pay for a seat and I will recline my seat. Not surprised tho Curious as to what he says about the people next to you who remove their shoes and socks... CEO said there will Be ticket passenger On Saturday. Or, make room for reclining seats to actually fucking recline SorryNotSorry boycottdeltanow!! Don’t allow the seats to be reclined then. 🤦🏾‍♂️

If my seat reclines then I'm going to use it and if you start punching my seat I'm going to turn around and knock you out. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 has he flown in economy!? He's seriously asking folks to use manners? WTF! Delta CEO can fly economy, then talk.

I wonder if that CEO has ever spent 4 plus hours on a flight in economy class in his cramped planes. I would love to see him fly with his seat completely upright after the person behind him refuses to let him recline his seat Maybe just give people some space? He’s speaking purely from a defensive lawsuit POV. Remove him from his job title and his answer is assurablely different

Delta was the only airline carrier that could have bought Northwest and actually made it worse Suck a rock Mr. CEO, I pay for my seat, I do what I want with my seat. F**k this guy! Do I get a partial refund if the person says 'No'? I rarely even look to see who's behind me, tbh. Unless they're being a maniac with the tray or kicking my seat. I'd never think to ask them for permission. 🤷🏿‍♀️

He should ask our permission to speak while he's at it.

Please join me in boycotting Delta. Do you really want to risk being on a plan where some passengers are allowed to assault other passengers? I was today years old when I found out I needed to ask before reclining my seat. Seriously? ahahahah get bent buddy!! Like this guy doesnt sit in first class. Kiss my ass buddy. For what I pay for those seats, its gonna recline a few inches

If everyone reclined wouldn’t everyone have the same room? Based on these replies, I’m confused on when I need to be polite to someone before encroaching on their personal space and when I need to say “I HAVE A FUCKING RIGHT TO BE HERE”. Complicated times we live in. Delta get the fvck out of here with this nonsense. The seats recline and we pay a PREMIUM to fly. If you didn't cram far too many seats onto a plane, this wouldn't even be an issue. Fvck right off. Sincerely, every passenger with back problems.

bloballama Let's see Delta STEP UP and be the first to forego greed by removing seats/rows to make this not a problem.

What a FANTASTIC idea. Put us all in FIRST CLASS with lots of legs and butt room....THEN and only then will I request permission. So frikkening ridiculous. He should have to fly ECONOMY in the middle seat for the rest of his life. DeltaCEO PutYourselfInMySeat The seats shouldn't recline at all, plan and simple. There just isn't enough room. You want a recliner, buy a 1st class ticket.

Taco Bell CEO says customers should ask roommate's permission to eat Mexican Pizza So why have them recline at all? This just seems like common sense Everyone reclines their seat, so there is no problem How about Delta and other airlines either extend the distance between seats (I know, I know 'but our profits!') or disengage recline altogether since the passenger's seat in front of you ends up in your lap?

Something tells me this fuxkin guy has NO IDEA what it’s like back in them coach seats... It’s every man for themselves sir So is this officially Delta policy now Asking for a friend... Should I get permission before punching people who didn't ask my permission? Thank you.

Eat shit Delta - I’m not asking permission! He flies in first class..he doesn't care about the majority of air travelers who support his lifestyle and bloated compensation. He's an airline CEO, so you know he's a bad guy, and will have bad takes. Or build the shot box with room to actually recline and not crush the person behind.

i pay hundreds of dollars to fly- the seat reclines i should be allowed to recline in comfort k bye you should really listen to the video or if you did listen, you should stop trying to create outrage... Maybe a better solution would be for airlines to stop cramming seats so closely together? Don'tFlyDelta

I absolutely will never ask permission. That’s part of flying on an airline. It sucks. The least bit of comfort comes from reclining

Next thing you know, people in coach will have to pay to be able to recline the seats! Delta CEO should ask for permission to weigh in on this issue. Everyone on the plane is suffering through lack of leg space. So common courtesy should very much be taken into consideration. Crash yourself The Delta CEO has my permission to go eff himself.

This is kind of a douchey thing to say, given the context. Also, if the person behind the seat gets to decide when it declines, why is the button on the armrest and not the seat back? How about fewer rows? Pretty sure people will pay more not to be crammed in. This guys getting canned forsure. This is even more absurd than software engineers commandeering control from pilots (Boeing 737 MAX).

I agree. and if you dont then you are the problem. No u shouldnt punch their seat like that video of the guy recently.. but you can geive them a glare. sociallyunawarepeople Even *if* the lady should have asked to recline her seat the guy was relentlessly SHAKING AND PUNCHING HER SEAT!! Who does that?!! The CEO is wayyyyy out of line

Permission is excessive but a heads up is nice. Also I’m a firm believer you should not be reclining your seat unless you intend to sleep and never when a meal is being served Lmao what a fkin cop out shit answer by the ceo. Hey CEO How about giving passengers more space? The real problem is passengers are sitting cramped and crowded in too small a space.

Screw him and the greedy airline Delta CEO should resign. Totally disagree. How about they ask their passengers to not be asshole-ish He needs to resign. So this fool thinks that we should pay outrageously for a too small seat and then ask permission to use it?

Delta CEO wants the riff-raff to make the best of the cramped seating that Delta forces upon us, so that he and his company can continue to make their $$$$$ while escaping responsibility. Commoners must fight amongst ourselves, never against our exploiters. To all the people saying 'I have the right to recline my seat!': Do you do the same if you have a rear seat passenger in your car? Do you just slam your seat back and to heck with your buddy's knees Probably not. Try having the same respect for a stranger as for your friend!

Delta should get rid of them then Also airlines should give customers more room. Cowardly response We should all appreciate that we live in a world where this a considered an issue to waste fucking time on. OMG I’m losing my MIND!!! Seriously The guy was a psycho. This is crazy talk. Esp. from the this guy, who cleared $40million in compensation over the last couple years ...

100% correct!!! Give people with long legs the seats with more room. Then there isn't this BS. I agree, but the real question is why isnt there enough room for people to comfortably ride on a plane!

Agreed Make Airline Travel Great Again ✈️ DeltaCEO wants you to ask before you recline your seat. How about Delta configure seating as we had in 1970-1980 ✅ Delta ceo asks public to not hold him responsible for how plane design makes people uncomfortable. Maybe the Delta CEO should start sitting in those economy seats for 4-5 hours at a time.

Nope When was the last time Delta CEO flew economy? If I’m paying for my seat I’m not asking some stranger if i can use it when ever i want. How about not being an asshole if someone doesn't comply with your request. Grow the F up people. That was completely uncalled for and he would never have done that if that was a man. Hate to say it. You don't get to harass people if you don't get your way.

Delta CEO can get bent. Delta CEO says says customers should beg to be treated like humans and not cattle.

Should Delta be so inclined, I will decline any mandate to request to recline my seat. Delta CEO is in a lot of trouble and he doesn’t know it yet. Me - Do you mind if I recline the seat I reserved and paid for? Person behind me - I do mind, please don't. Me - Well....*reclines anyway PBM - I said please... This is going to go well

But there are trays on the back. Y’all really would feel comfortable reclining knowing that someone is back there eating or on their computer? Hell No! Delta CEO is absolutely wrong for that statement he should have just kept quiet but because he made that statement should be publicly excoriated. Can we ask permission to lower your ticket prices? GTFOH

White guy CEO, of course Not once in 40 years of flying has anyone asked that of me. So the Delta dick leader can Effoff and keep Effing off into eternity. meanwhile there would not be an issue if they didn't crowd in two more rows of seats on every plane. This prick has no friends Delta CEO can eat shit. Give passengers more room over making them extremely uncomfortable so they can make more money.

He's just being polite and rocking the other passenger to sleep!!! Hahaha

Passengers say airlines should provide more room Breaking: White man surprisingly sides with *checks notes* white man. Story at 11. I guess we should ask permission to be jammed into a plane. To the point of fighting for space just to sit. Grrrrr Oh fuck off Delta - people are so unhinged these days I would not dare to approach a stranger about something that I paid for! “Permission” pffffttttttttt 🙄🙄🙄🙄 EdBastian DeltaAirlines

What about the shitter? Need permission? Hold your hand up “I gotta poop” Delta should ask themselves to shut the hell up. That was extremely aggressive behavior from that, and I use this term broadly, gentleman I can’t believe this is being discussed, the earth is being destroyed by man, veterans live on the streets, women are being sold, crime is getting out of hand , and this is an issue , here simple if it’s designed to recline then FN recline.

Tone deaf CEO says what?

Delta can fix this. Either put a few more inches between rows or make the seats not recline. Me CEO says Passengers Should Not Fly with Delta Effing Airlines. Next time, should we also ask the CEO before using the restroom? Poor tall men, they're always at such a disadvantage in the world. BizNasty2point0

I don’t ask people at the movie theatre if I can recline my seat? I don’t see a difference. People pay for that seat. How about giving the passengers more room? Ahhh Delta truly the GreyhoundBus of the skies, thanks your input. Do NY to Sydney vertical in Coach and get back to me Im adding the Delta CEO to my list of people I’d like to punch in the face (but won’t) 😉 Delta

Hey Delta - No F’n way. I spent a fortune on this particular seat. It’s mine. I’ll do whatever I want with it. Well yeah of course Might want to put a message on the seats or something. What if someone from outside the country who isnt familiar with the way we do things is on that flight? Reason why I don’t fly delta Delta

Or remove the problem by removing reclining seats. Now no more issues... you’re welcome. Next we should all strike up conversations and buy each other some drinks. i paid for a seat on that plane... I ain't asking for permission to do a mf thing!!!! This is such a silly comment by the Delta CEO. Either give people more room or don’t make them recline.

Bitch how about you make seat areas that are comfortable for people to recline or not. He is incorrect

Quick reminder who Delta is Next thing I guess is we will need to ask permission if we can put down the armrest!😜 If I feel like reclining, I’m reclining...I do try to see if the person behind me is a larger person first tho Somewhere in the hundreds of dollars paid for a ticket is the ask. As a counter offer to Delta...go screw yourself.

How about more space between rows?! 😤 Take out a row of seats “We’re testing ‘reduced recline’ seats..we have a fair amount of our fleet on ‘reduced recline’ as a result of [people having issues with passengers in front of them reclining]” So THAT’S why?🤣🤣🤣 It has nothing to do with squeezing more passengers for more $$$ delta

Perhaps you should also ask us for permission before you raise ticket prices and/or reduce leg room too. delta ... What

BS. Don’t make your seats recline then! I already don’t like flying Delta, but now I’m sure never using their airline. So basically after somebody dies and the lawsuit behind reclining their seat, you might admit you were wrong🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Pretty much everyone flying would be willing to pony up the extra $20 it would take to lose a row and make everyone comfortable. And load back to front for Christ’s sake.

Imagine putting recliners in spaces that don't have enough room to recline. R u 4 real? Ask permission? Remove the ability if it's improper to do! Or save ur money for an UPgrade! wig4usc Or just fucking scrap the reclining function all together because it is shit And you know what else Delta needs to do? BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE FUEL DUMPED OVER COMMUNITIES OF COLOR in LA

Sounds like a crisis of aircraft manufacturing to gain higher profits by corraling passengers into ever-decreasing spaces at inflated prices. Conventional wisdom tells us: The love of money is the root of all that is evil. BeBetter, Delta! Hey Delta instead of picking on the woman who reclined her seat (as it is able to do), address the idiot who punched her seat continually like a 6 year old and was coddled with ALCOHOL! Remove a row of seats to give passengers a few inches to breathe!!

No! Some cultures are better than others. Too bad the United States lost its culture. This was common courtesy, as was the extinct act of a thank you wave when driving and someone let’s you in front of them when you needed it Congrats Delta, you've just moved downwards on the list of airlines I am likely to fly.

Give people their leg room back? The real villain here is the airline. Right of the aisle may recline at will. Left of the aisle may only recline if it doesn’t offend anyone. williamlegate These fucking greedy executives can start by treating their customers humanely, increase row spacing and seat width. Stop profiteering and have real competition for our business.

Pretty soon you’ll get charged to recline... swipe to recline The aircrew gives you permission after the takeoff sequence and revoked it when preparing for landing. This guy can fuck off As a flight attendent just don’t let the seats recline. I deal with this crap too much 😂

Sometimes the price of First Class is worth it. Yea I’m not asking anybody anything. Here's an idea. In places where the configuration is more akin to cattle car than public transportation, remove the recline feature. Personally, I never recline in them. Long flights are good for catching up on reading.

Delta CEO should stop shoving more seats into an airplane, before it starts to look like... Perhaps consult the sardines in the can. not true. the airline needs to not make seats that recline, if that’s the case. 🖕 I’m reclining every seat from now on. Ask permission?!?! GFY Delta How about we all stop flying and Delta sucks it

Delta should ask permission before they dumb jet fuel on school children. Such a 🤡! If u give me a Button to Recline it means it's MY OPTION! & I WILL exercise my option w/OUT PERMISSION! Stupid PC Police!

Then don't give us reclining seats. Talk about bullshit. delta will never enjoy my cash. Companies should give away few seats so passengers could recline as the seat is supposed to, without having to ask for permission. Don’t throw back the responsibility on passengers, when it’s the air carrier who are greedy for maximum profit packing people like chicken 🐓

That’s some bull. Stop cramming all those seats in the plane. corporategreed This guy would have plane cabins looking like this if he could. If I paid for a seat, and your seats have a recline feature... I will use it. F asking permission. actually you won't have to ask if you buy the 'crew comfort boarding package', everybody else, yes

Are you kidding me? You create the problem and then expect your customers to solve it? Pfft. Get rid of the last row, raise the price of the remaining seats and tell people to recline away. I believe asking permission is a great idea. I also think punching the back of the seat is wrong. I don't recline ever because its not very considerate. Someone with a medical issue should still ask. I might have retaliated when he started punching my seat.

The fuck not.

Wow Delta Never thought I’d have to find a new airline. Saddened. The same people who are in disbelief about this are the same people who think it’s okay to grab their bags and run to the front of the plane as soon as it lands. Surprised he didn't announce that Delta will now be charging for the right to recline.

Really Delta? I go on long haul flights so no one can ever tell me how to sit on my seat! I pay for my comfort and not to please other people. Ask permission? Forget it! Da fuq Oh Hell No. You are not going to put this back on the passenger. The industry created this design, NOT your customer base. In fact, this is a great learning opportunity and you are absolutely BLOWING it. EPIC fail for the AIRLINE industry.

No. Y'all are wild, talking bout ask permission. My permission was granted when I bought my ticket. Maybe people should just fly private if they don't want the seats in front of them to recline on planes. Who doesn't recline? He added, “If you want to bring luggage, use FedEx”. Then what’s the point of even being able to recline? The airlines shouldn’t be packing people in like they do then. But this is coming from a guy who hasn’t sat in an economy seat in like 20 years

Delta CEO if you feel that strongly move him to First Class. The seat in front of him was designed to recline. And he doesn’t recline — because he doesn’t fly coach. Fair to assume Delta CEO doesn't fly economy... and maybe even has his own personal jet 🤔 Translation: Fight peasants, FIGHT. Bwahahahaha We damn sure are not going to remove a row of seats to fix this problem and reduce our insane profits.

Fire this idiot. You sell reclining seats, they get reclined. Don’t like someone reclining, you should buy better seats. Maybe they should give us more room and stop being greedy. 100%, hard no. Maybe they could put enough room between the freaking seats so that people could be comfortable and it wouldn't be a problem

Do they ask permission to jam 300 people into a metal tube built for 130?

Then dont put reclining seats in airplanes dolt.... no one needs to asked permission if thats what a seat is there for 🙄🙄🙄 The delta ceo is an asshole. Put more space between the seats. This whole discussion is because the airlines cram seats into planes. Air carriers buy the seating separate from the plane. So don’t blame Boeing or airbus. It’s the airlines.

If lack of space is the issue fly first class. All this about manners and judging people you don't know is irrelevant. It's a flight ,can't get comfortable in coach anyway. Every took public transportation before Same thing!!! Something tells me he does not fly economy. How about asking if passengers would like more legroom?

Soon Delta will charge us to recline! Wait til a flight attendant taps you on the shoulder and says sorry sir/madam $20 to recline. Oh we don’t take cash. Credit cards only. Wtf, first of all u can only recline about an inch back which ain’t shit. Sure, if the seat is free. Delta shifting responsibility to all their customers. Interesting

Men should have to ask permission before speaking.

No. TF?!! Whatchu say JetBlue BAN RECLINING SEATS LOL If you watch the video...He says at the beginning that customers have the right to recline...He then goes on to say that he thinks it would be right to ask permission to recline. My opinion is that we should be polite to one another. That's what he is saying.

Delta is not a decent airline. wtf wrong Ditto ditto ditto! I’m here to say that I’ve never been asked. As a matter of fact, I’ve never asked anyone either. richpeopleproblems If the seat reclines, I’m reclining. If I’m impeding your space, you can recline too. If your seat doesn’t recline - you should have considered that when booking. notmyproblem

Says the person who probably never flew coach on his airline!!! GTFOH HometeamBleak That dude most likely never rode coach in his entire life. Eat my motherfucking ass. Typical 'All or Nothing' reactions to the reclining topic. How about a little reclining is acceptable, like 50% as far back as it goes, but reclining it all the way is not acceptable.

Cc: JimmyKempski CEO, please! Well I won’t be flying Delta. Or add 6 more inches between seats so it’s not a big deal. Coming from a man who never flies coach, 😂 Delta can kick rocks.

I have a better solution: stop making seats that recline. I say Delta needs to add some more fucking leg room. Yea well I dont see him asking to pay for my flight either so- Of course, he flies in first class. He’ll never has to ask. Permission? Passengers say Delta CEO should spend more time improving their flight experience instead of telling them what to do.

Ask for permission. To get what I paid for? Yeah fuck that lol How about just making the seats not recline? I’ve never had an issue with someone reclining their seat. But, there has been plenty of times where I was unable to use the arm rests because someone’s flab is covering it up. Omg! Why even fly anymore Airline CEOs have ruined the airlines!

If the person in front of me reclines, then I recline so I get some room back. Fuck them ppl I paid for that seat, I am 6'4' I need allllllll that room Then they don’t need passengers Fewer seats like 20 years ago will do it. Stop treating passengers like cattle Delta Screw him. The freakin’ gall. No, just no.

Delta CEO should have to fly coach. No Um HELL NO !!! Is he gonna cut the price of His tickets or give more leg room?

You pay for that seat....It's a feature of that seat..... thedomains No one do this 😑 Make bigger planes, this shouldn’t be an issue Um no FU Delta. Perhaps Delta should add six inches of pitch between seat rows and then reclining won't be an issue. How long before they just put poles in the cabin and tell us all to just stand for the flight?

My ticket confirmation number says I have to right to recline my seat if I want to. I bet Delta will start charging an extra fee to recline. If i need to ask someone else to use the recliner of my seat then why is it an option I have never met anybody on a plane that has asked if they could recline their seat. Not ever. This guy is dreaming.

Nope. Wrong Delta. Delta wants me (an adult) to ask another stranger (an adult) for PERMISSION to put the seat back that I paid for Gtfoh

Seriously? Why is that passenger responsibilty? NO THEY SHOULDNT. This is a matter of inches. Someone get on a plane and video the difference between a reclined and upright seat. You want to complain? Complain about the leg room!!! This is unbelievably dumb. No. No. No. If they don't want us to recline the seats, then make them that way.

Airlines deregulated & pitch space has decrease 35” to 31”. Seat manufacturers never changed specs for seats to accommodate this. making passengers pay for functionality that shouldn’t exist is a potential safety hazard to others so you can jam more seats on an aircraft. $ grab If they don't cram the seats in the economy like sardines then this won't even be part of the discussion. Next time passengers will have to win in rock paper scissors to determine who can recline or not If they don't comply they'll be dragged out of the plane & labeled a threat.

Who wants to recline anyway? Make people pay for that feature, no one wants comfort on these planes! What’s the point of having recliner chairs if you need to ask to lay it back I mean I paid for this seat imma use all the seat. No, Delta needs to give the space for passengers to recline their seats. If they actually reclined, I would Delta

Doesn’t Ever Leave The Airport

“Recline” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙄 Ridiculous debate. Can’t take anything said from him seriously. Delta is already a joke of an airline OOOHHHOGA HOO OGOAHGHG OOOOO OOOH OOAOOA OHOOOH OHHAOA!! TheValuesVoter If this is our biggest problem then I think we are okay. He’s man who can afford 1st class when he flies. Of course he said that. lol

EricksonMurphy jamescurtin 👀👀👀 Yeah, and why doesn’t Delta’s board make it mandatory for the ticket holders to approve the CEO’s annual compensation. CEO caves in to an ADULT GROWN MAN acting like a toddler ! Fixed it Then lock the damn seat!

Delta this is terrible! You are welcoming conflict among passengers. Delta should have the duty to ask, maybe during check-in process. I would be upset if I couldn't recline on a long flight. Might as well fly Spirit. Boycott +Delta = BoycottDelta ! Thats one of the reasons I never use Delta is that is the CEO. Just imagine the rest!

Hey Alexa, show me White privilege and white mediocrity in a single dumb headline! What a cop out. The airline is more concerned with getting as many rows/seats in an airplane than a passengers comfort. Who raised yall lol. I don't think you need to ask permission but have the decency to at least let the person know. Don't just be throwing that thang back like you don't have someone behind you

magsmom7 OR- perhaps Delta should either not have reclining seats or increase passenger leg space? I’m, no. Don’t make the seats recline. DUH. 🙄 Some CEOs probably shouldn’t be allowed to talk to the press

I'm not about to spend MY money for someone else to tell me how to use my chair. More of this, please: It’s not crazy to expect courtesy. It IS crazy to call that “reclining”. Sensible Have any of you considered that perhaps the real problem is that Flying isn't viable any longer? Maybe it's time to build a worldwide transportation system that can handle 7 billion people?

I think they should stop making seats that recline. Is this the same CEO that cut the amount of recline last year? I don't recall them asking us permission for that. No, sorry. I'm not asking permission. If you think I should, then you should design the seats to where they can't recline until someone behind you engages your reclining mechanism.


Fuck that. If the seat reclines I'm reclining it. The person behind can recline as well to recoup the lost space. I can see that ending well. Of course, it lets him off the hook for squeezing seats in. And he just encouraged shi* behavior, like that exhibited on the plane yesterday. Delta CEO and others created this problem by jamming as many seats into these planes as possible.

Good thing I don’t fly delta or ever sit in the last row. Y not make more space? Or have passenger planes & then another set of planes for those who want to pay the extra price for comfort n luxury? .Delta that is a ridiculous answer. Now, if I go into a restaurant and order a meal, when I am served do I need to ask the table next to me permission to eat. I DON'T think so. That man was RUDE and the woman passenger should demand a refund.

Says the asshat who NEVER flies coach. DaffuqOuttaHere ImReclining I’m not flying Delta 'Excuse me, sir? Do you mind if I urinate right here? They only put two bathrooms on the plane.'

Delta should ask permission to hire a douche as CEO. Sad that people have to be reminded to be courteous FFS I have a crazy idea... what if we put less seats on planes so there is actually enough space for people? All this commotion for one inch of recline? Really? How about we make the Delta CEO fly in the cramped economy sections for weeks on end. This problem is his making.

That’s a horrendous response. Bye, Delta. Dear Delta CEO, stop. williamlegate The funniest thing about this bullshit response is that he expects us to believe that he flies Delta and not in a private jet. Lmfaooooo People like that dude who repeatedly hit a womans seat for reclining ahoukd be locked in airplane bathroom for the rest of the flight. Grow up, people!!

Maybe it’s me, but I don’t understand why people feel put upon by asking if it’s okay, or letting someone know you want to recline your seat. They may have an injury, be holding a child, or have their tray extended. There is no harm in being courteous. No judgment, just my POV. No. Does the DeltaCEO even know where Coach is on a typical airplane? Has he even ever flown on a typical airplane or only private jets?

Fuck delta. Worse airline ever. How about removing a row or two and spacing the seats out so folks aren’t right on top of each other? Delta Ed Bastian Let them eat cake! Delta Why? Permission!? If they didn't jam every possible seat into those aircraft everyone would have the option of reclining... Make seats bigger.

Delta should pay customers to fly their crowded uncomfortable germ tube. williamlegate Seats have always reclined, but we used to have way more space between rows. I think it’s time they remove the recline and eliminate the argument. I know probably not popular response but after braiding the hair of one too many passengers in front of me, it’s a fix I can live w/

Boycotting Delta Stop crushing the sardines in the can. Problem solved. Oh good a rich guy telling others what to do , this will go well and I use to like Delta Ummmm...Are they going “HALFSIES” on that ticket? But, to keep it the FULL 💯, I’m willing to ask the person. But, I’m reclining regardless of the answer. If I really want to recline.

imseanavery BizNasty2point0 ding ding ding How about you move back the seating / space requirements to per 90s? Delta greed

How bout giving people more space. Oh wait nvm, that hurts your bottom line. Fudus. Delta now wants us to ask permission to safely get from point A to B. Agree. There is hardly any space in between rows. If you just have to recline, be courteous and ask the person behind you if it's ok. Does he mean permission to the person behind you?

The airlines take away our private space and make us fight each other for it You dropped this... Only First and Business Class (Comfort Plus) should recline. No other domestic seats have enough room. Economy should not have an option to recline. Can he also announce that middle seat gets both armrests people hating on him when hes actually kinda right... its polite to ask first. but keep justifying you being the asshole

Wut? Why make them recline then? williamlegate Like this mf rides economy How about i never fly Delta again debbie_nyasha Make more leg room for everyone to recline freely without lapping into someone's space this might be mind blowing about you just don't shove us in like cattle? Give us an inch or 2 more and then we don't have to worry about it.

People with money are so out of touch with reality. GTFO. Boy, I hate to go this far. .but I'm going to: Fire him. ExplodingShowerDoorFan weighs in. Says the man who makes leg room smaller and small for everyone. Fair enough... As a lifetime recliner; I never had any idea it was burdensome to the one behind me. Leg room seems like it stays consistent, just the airspace (that’s rarely used) seems compromised, no?

Go ahead and recline. Lol What? That’s ridiculous. Then don’t have seats that recline! NOOOOO. With that sort of logic, (besides his skin tone) how is he a CEO of anything... Delta should ask permission to cramp seats Permission from whom, my wallet (cause I paid for this ticket, and my seat came with a recline option)? Ok, yes, I asked, and IT (my wallet) said it was OK!

WTH! Stop making seats that decline...ridiculous AND he's a CEO! I would love for him to purchase a seat that reclines and ask if he could use it. Show that video please. Oh wait it doesn't exist! Maybe make the seats so they actually have legroom . Crazy idea Gotta disagree... there’s a purpose why the seats recline. Chose your seat before you pay for them. If you’re too tall.. find a seat where your feet may be able to stretch.. sorry but wouldn’t bother me any. No need to ask.. recline away.. 🙂

I will kindly TELL you that I'm about to recline my seat, smile obligatorily, and turn back around. That's the most. All Airline seats are inhuman Boycott this airline Delta CEO likely flies on a Lear Jet or 1st class when he travels. Needs to sit stand in line to board, then sit in coach and understand what his 'customers' go through. Clueless Delta

And if the person refuses to 'grant permission,' you still have the right to go ahead and recline. It's more of a heads-up than an ask. Fly Frontier they don’t recline and its way cheaper and also way more uncomfortable, so if I have to ask I will pay less for being uncomfortable Delta customers say the CEO shouldn’t pack in humans like sardines 🤷🏻‍♂️

How about no more reclining seats? Space is limited as it is, I don't want to be forced to look at the top of someone's head. No FOH

Delta for real? We’re gonna go there? He just said they are testing reducing the recline? So if I fly from ATL to Maui, I have to sit upright for 11hours ? Why don’t you leave enough room so we don’t have to. For a sec, I thought they were talking about space_delta Wrong Or, you could give people enough room to recline without causing an incident.

I DONT think you should have to ask permission to recline your seat you paid for. On the flip-side I generally don’t like people in front of me reclining their seat. Probably the only solution is for then to remove the recline function. I’m sure the CEO doesn’t have worrry lol Dumb... fix your product if that’s the case.

This is a CEO taking literally zero responsibility for the problem he perpetuates lol He’s right. People should just have common courtesy. They should ask me permission before charging me to check my bag. I believe the woman who was being punched mentioned she had a spinal condition so sitting upright the entire flight was too painful. She sat upright during the meal, but he wanted to be on his laptop, which was not possible at same time. He was in the LAST SEAT, his problem.

No. That’s why I pay for a seat that reclines, doofus. Whelp, time to BoycottDelta nationalize the airlines and run them as utilities. Also put all airline executives in jail. Solve your problem right there. Does the CEO of Delta fly in economy and ask permission to recline his seat? Or does he mean he asks this from first class?

Maybe they should not have reclining seats or increase the leg space for the person sitting behind the reclining the passenger Delta being 6’4” I’m cramp in my space when that happens. Delta CEO can kiss my behind. If they didn't pack people in like sardines we wouldn't have to at each others throats over trying to be moderately comfortable, especially on long flights.

Then put a sign on each seat Hey Delta there wouldn’t be a problem if you provided seating for actual adults humans. Dear Delta CEO. If the one who reclined the seat was wrong, then why are you selling people reclining seats on airlines? I want my money back!!!!! Money makes people stupid. 🤦🏽‍♂️ People are seeming to forget that the man ALSO PAID to sit there. While his reaction was unnecessary, the woman should have been considerate. I think both of them are assholes, but I'm more inclined to agree with the man.

I agree. At this point, just make plans standing room only... problem solved 🤷🏽‍♀️ How about delta and all airlines stop stuffing us like sardines in airplanes then we could all recline without guilt.

Coming from a guy that flys in a private spacious jet. Unforced error delta. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? White male privilege. That’s why I don’t fly Delta. Ridiculous. My comfort, for the next 6 hours, shall be granted or denied by someone who happens to be sitting behind me? Forget that, I paid for those 3” of reclining room.

Delta is a shit airline anyways, last choice for me. Shut up. The seat reclines. Obviously I’m going to recline it. Don’t need permission to do it! This is what AOC talks about wrt “scarcity mindset” I'm not going to ask permission to watch a movie, put on ear buds, eat my lunch/dinner I just brought on board, or recline my seat!

Dear delta CEO, you’ve lost your mind!

Wrong! Say what now? It reclines like 2 inches. Delta has abysmal leg room, and now I should ask to recline the seat?! Where's my Hyperloop Seriously dude? You keep squeezing passengers into smaller and smaller seats to squeeze more profit out of flyers. How about Giving enough space for your CLIENTS who paid for their seats? Maybe there’ll be less problems if they don’t have to feel like trapped rats? deltaSucks

If you're so disrespectful to slap my seat on purpose, then you deserve what's coming. Why exactly does he think his opinion matters here? Does anyone really think this guy is flying coach? That he has any concept of the discomfort of doing so? Would he like my thoughts on limousine etiquette? why are we actin like they recline into the other persons lap? you only get like an inch & a half. the recline doesnt impede the person behind you much and you also dont get much additional comfort. everyone chill tf out

Girl. 😂😂😂😂😂 Weird, I read a lot of, “I paid for that seat and I’ll do whatever I want” yesterday. I don’t see what the big deal is anyway. I just dig my 6’6 knees directly into the chair in front of me rendering it “unreclinable (Not a word).” It’s worked for 25 years, why stop now? So, I assume he means only the chicken farmers traveling with live chickens and senior citizens traveling on coupons...

'The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) doesn’t ban the device, but every major airline has forbidden its use.' - NBC News, 2014 Delta what nonsense. I pay for a seat and all of it’s available functions. How long until seats that recline come with an additional fee? Passengers will fly another carrier

esaagar How about the CEO figure out how to make comfortable seating affordable? WHEN YOU MF’S MAKE A PLANE THAT TALL PEOPLE DON’T CRY ON, we can discuss this! NOPE. The seat reclines. I’m not asking permission. Passengers say Delta CEO Should Have More Human-sized Seating on Planes Or, don't allow the seats to recline, thus fixing the problem and not creating passenger conflict.

So if the response is negative then do you have to follow it or can you disregard it? 😂😂😂

Severe spine issues. What do I do if the person behind me says no? Sit in agony rather than lean back 2”? It’s ludicrous. Look back and make sure you aren’t crushing food or a laptop, then recline. Delta sucks. Hey Delta CEO, stop placing the seats so close together that reclining them bothers your passengers.

Then don’t make the seats recline 🤷🏼‍♀️ so stupid He’s got a Lotta nerve didn’t they make seats smaller so they could squeeze in more people. Pure Greediness!! I always reclined my seat and don’t mind if the person in front of me does either. Shift the blame to us okay. Issa no! Just make no reclining seats OR we recline.

Absolutely For us 6'5' Norwegian born dudes? I never do anything childish. Its the guilt at the end of the flight when they realize their head (and whose hair I can smell) has been in my lap for 3-5 hours that I live for. Good times. They barely recline -I’m 6-3 230 & will recline & put a leg into isle ( move when needed) - people in front reclining hasn’t bothered me - PS 1st class or em. Exit when possible - Have a nice flight ✈️

Reclinable chairs are one of the amenities provided on a flight. Why would I ask a total stranger if I can fully utilize the amenities provided. Should I ask them if I can use the bathroom too? I suggest you fly commercial on one of your own planes, sir. Or better yet, quit cramming more and more people on a plane.

Agree. Thank you Delta CEO.!

Maybe they should eliminate 3-4 rows and give people enough room for the tiny bit the seats recline. I already have to deal with my shoulders spilling into other seats if I don't scrunch up, ain't no way I'm not leaning back. He has hella nerves. How bout you stop cramming us in there like sardines. Or make the seats unable to recline all. Delta should we ask to goto the bathroom also❓🤷🏾

What? Lol And if they say no? Then what? I don’t get to recline the seat I paid for? They were better off just either reducing the recline , or busting the seats. He trippin lol What they need to do is stop adding more seats to the planes and having less room between rows where people can recline the seats and not be in lap of the person behind them. It the plane is for 25 rows don’t squeeze in another 10 for the greed of money.

Fuck you boycottdelta Um no If there is a tall person, then yeah ask.

I fly United anyway. esaagar How about stop packing in passengers like sardines and price gouging seat selection and baggage check in. Delta ceo should fly coach for a few long trips and then make a statement Add more space and legroom between the seats then it won’t be an issue. Oh I forgot, the more seats, the more money!

Says a CEO who has only ever ridden in first class seats and is the primary reason for cheaper seats being so packed in so he can make more money. It’s simple, get a 750ml water bottle, put your tray down, position the bottle in the middle and when the seat in front tries to recline it catches the bottle and can’t, done this on a long haul and worked a treat, poor fella tried and failed for 8 hours

And fuck the people defending his greed. Plane seats are not designed in fixed positions (that's why your window seat is not always aligned). Plane seat are on tracks that can be shifted modifying leg space. This should not have happened at all. ALL seats should be reclineable or NONE of them. How about you space the seats out more! Jeesh!

I wish I would ask a random stranger for permission as if I was being rude.... Excuse me?!?! You airlines have become extremely arrogant at the paying customers expense.

No one asked his opinion ClayTravis Unfortunately, I have to agree 🤷🏽‍♀️ Ha, that's rich considering this is all due to the fact that airlines treat passengers like cargo and charge $50 extra for the luxury of not having their kneecaps press against the seat ahead of them. So the jackoff who you KNOW flies for free & in 1st class & is responsible for the shitty lack of room on a plane in the 1st place is telling us 'Don't recline unless the person behind you says it's ok'? This is why I've only flown once since 9/11.

Clowns be tripping acting gangster till they actually get on a plane and they go shutdown mode because it easy to be tough on Twitter...real world is different! Let’s just try and be respectful and understanding False my man Says the trifling azz CEO who profits from making your seats smaller than humanly possible to sit in unless you’re undersized. Perhaps HE should ask permission before making seats smaller and more expensive

Hell no! He obviously doesn't have to travel in coach. 🙄 What that guy did was assault. And this is the response you get when profits are placed above the customer expectations. He would cut back on safety if he thought he could get away with it.

Delta BoeingAirplanes Airbus Stop equipping planes with recliner seats. Find a seat angle suitable for takeoffs and landings. Set it fixed, and give more knee room. You got a whole fleet of 737 maxs you can start with I have the right to stay in the fast lane in most states and drive slow as I want. Doesn’t mean you should. If the polite thing to do is not recline then don’t. The real issue is the airlines stuffing as many people in a small tube as they can and charging too much.

I always ask the folks behind me if I want to recline. Common courtesy. They might be working on a laptop and reclining makes using it impossible. I know. Delta I agree but not as a matter of company policy but as common courtesy. Delta and all other airlines should make it policy to keep your damn shoes on throughout the flight and sit the hell down when it lands.

Why doesn’t delta just make it more comfortable and allow for every passenger to recline the seat THAT THEY ARE PAYING FOR! The seats are made for 4’5” 95lb humans. No, we shouldn’t. The seats recline without need of permission. The problem with asking.. is if they say no. Depending how they say no/if they offer a legitimate reason... I may or may not still recline and then it’s even more awkward 🤔

Imagine asking, the person behind you saying no. And the person behind them saying yes. The rage. Crazy idea, Delta: sell fewer tickets per flight and go back to the row spacing/legroom you had when you didn't treat passengers like sardines in a can. Stop making reclining seats then or....Here’s a thought - stop putting 500 seats on a plane and packing people like sardines

Yikes Delta I’ll remember this. To never fly your airline ever again. Hahaha! He hasn’t flown commercial for a while obviously! Fuuuuuck no. Lock my shit up or else I’m reclining Lol That’s bullshit. I’ve always reclined my seat and always will. I paid for that seat. I have a medical condition that causes severe pain while sitting. Why do they recline if your not suppose to?

You could just give everyone enough room, they are not sardines delta how about NO!! Wtf!! As someone who hates seat recliners in front of him and never feels comfortable reclining my seat, here’s an idea, Delta: Move 👏🏼 the 👏🏼 seats 👏🏼 up 👏🏼 and 👏🏼 give 👏🏼 us 👏🏼 more 👏🏼 legroom. Cc: united AmericanAir

Pay for first class, poors. First world problem.

I’m not asking a thing. If the person near me doesn’t like reclining seats, they should fly Spirit Delta CEO should work with other airlines to stop making seats unbearably uncomfortable to make more profits by stuffing as many people as possible on a plane like sardines in a can. How about Delta make the seats lager & create more leg room🤬🤬🤬😤😤

That's just never going to happen... He said 'that ain't got nothing to do with me.' No, airlines should buy planes that let people sit comfortably and recline as needed. Sure...I’ll “ask permission” to recline my seat on my $500 flight. FOH. Hey Delta CEO, I quit flying Delta after I was stuck in your economy knee cram seating over ten years ago. I,m 6'4'. Pathetic and cheap. You SHOULD BE FIRED!

Delta ceo likely lives in a massive house on an massive estate unlike the sardines he turns his customers into. This passing of the buck makes uncomfortable situations like the recent one we’ve seen. Recline or don’t recline. It literally is debatable and both sides have a valid point. Soulution: Make the damn seats more spacious. 🤯

Ughhhhh this is what happens when your entire corporate team + PR are totally disconnected from the real world u want leg room ? Pay for it. 1st class , Delta Comfort has extra room . Then you dont have to worry about people reclining plus free drinks ! Don’t make me close my Delta card, Ed! That's what we call respect and I agree with him There is good manners to have to avoid embarrassing situations Your liberty ends where the other one starts

I recline mine and have people recline theirs and it hasn't interfered with my happiness one iota!!! What a jerk. Passengers say Delta CEO should provide a basic minimum of leg room, instead. He just opened up a can of worms!!! 🤦🏾‍♀️ Ask this! Then why don’t you change the recline button to the person in the row behinds seat? They should have control of other passengers comfort

Bullshit. Fuck Delta. delta has much bigger problems. Glad to see where their priorities lie. This man is scum. Maybe build a plane that you can recline and not bother the person behind you Didn’t even have to click and I already knew this person was a man. no What if they say no ? “Pay full price for the seat but ask permission to use full features of said seat”.....

We are split down the middle once again 😂 Ask to recline a seat that was designed to do so?

It’s called Seat Consent people, and it’s IMPORTANT. You should also check with the person behind you no less than every 4 minutes to make sure they’re still consenting. Heck no, be mindful but recline Wow! He needs medication. Now Delta passengers will have to pay to recline their seats Just stop reclining seats altogether.

Whatttt? He was bullying her! Don’t want the seats to recline, build them so! Maybe Delta could give us back the 3 inches of space they took. Let’s get some rocks and find his home He's going to have a bad day I agree! 100% ...or risk being assaulted.”

When’s the last time that douchebag rode in coach? My husband is 6'4' & when we fly, we book either the exit aisle seats or pay the additional cost for the seats with extra legroom; and if for someone reason we cant, he would never tell someone in front of him 'not' to recline. Maybe these airlines should give people more room so they aren’t sitting so cramped. airlinesstopgauging

Um, no. How about charge more for the OPTION of reclining your seat? You charge for everything else. said the person who can fly private! No way. That’s the only thing that doesn’t cost money anymore! ... Stupid. Maybe if there was more than 3 inches between the seats, it wouldn’t be an issue. And when’s the last time he flew economy in one of his cattle cars Delta

Why make chairs that recline then ?

How about not jamming people into a small shitty seat so we don’t have to have a conversation about this Lol Spoken like a man who should be paying a higher % of his income to taxes. He should ask permission before he makes me sit with my knees and nuts squished together for 3 hours Why not make the planes bigger and stop driving everyone crazy for being packed like sardines! I don’t even find the seats to recline enough to make it worth it to begin with. I say get rid of the recline or make the planes bigger.

WRONG! Delta CEO. You simply cram too many seats on planes now. Either remove an aisle or two and allow seats to recline OR go the way of SpiritAirlines and no recline — let the market decide. Just because I can sneeze doesn’t mean I’ll sneeze in your face. It’s common sense and it’s called being considerate to others. It’s a common human value.

Delta CEO is going to be quite sad if he's sitting behind me. Disagree- stop squishing us like sardines on these planes and making us pay $1500+ for these sardine seats when y’all making BILLIONS off of us. Make us comfortable! Let us relax! Make travel relaxing! Delta - I don’t fly often but I’ll certainly never fly you again. What an out of touch, entitled statement by a guy who likely hadn’t flown coach in years. Why don’t you make the seats far enough apart to allow everyone to recline? It’s YOUR FAULT - how can you react this way 🖕


How about you open up American routes to international companies. Instead of restricting national flights to an oligopoly that builds planes to stuff humans like sardines to maximize profits. Things like this wouldn’t be an issue if other airlines could compete for customers. It is really easy folks, take a peak behind you, assess the situation. An adult trying to feed and entertain an infant, don't recline, a very large tall human, don't recline. If you feel there is room, slowly recline back. Be a considerate and kind human. Why is this so hard

LOL Delta blame the passengers instead of the way you construct the space? What's wrong with this guy he makes the seats smaller and tell you you need to ask permission too led it back.

How about more comfortable seating for all passengers instead? Delta is trash anyway gabrielmalor Out of touch, goofy executive said what? Seriously, how long has it been since home boy sat in coach. FFS. Foh. I’m flying on delta next week. I wish I would ask permission for that high ass comfort seat I purchased

Delta y’all shouldn’t also allow short ppl to have aisle or exit row seats too 🤷🏿‍♂️ Bite it Delta They need to build planes that consider people. All of them. It's MAH RIGHT ta recline! But punching the seat back, sreamibg at another passenger, and causing a ruckus is okay. Bullshit. That CEO owes that poor woman an apology.

Complete bull! If I’m paying the ridiculous prices of a ticket to be squished in a tiny space I should have the option to lean back the 1/2 inch they allow me to recline without asking permission

Hey Delta maybe you could lead the industry in longest passenger seating pitch, instead of this ridiculousness. This never occurred to me that reclining was considered rude. I do it all the time and will continue to do so. This is a joke.... Honest question for folks who travel. Have you ever asked for permission to Recline?

F that guy Or maybe you all could offer more room to stretch out. All they have to do is REMOVE THE LOUSY 2 non-reclining seats!!! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ ThatGuyWasAnAsshole PeopleAreStupid lol nope. if you wanna punch the back of my chair go for it. i got a 6 hour flight back home, i guarantee your ass will get tired before i get irritated. i got my movies loaded. i’m set!!

Delta this is a bad and wrong take BREAKING: Delta CEO is Max Headroom Tell Delta CEO that airlines shouldn’t squeeze so many freaking seats in coach! ...and yes passengers should ask!!

Nope. Don’t provide facilities people aren’t free to use as and when they see fit. Short haul flights should have fixed seats IMO. How bout normal American size seats? I’m 6’3, how am I gonna not kick the shit outta the chair in front of me Holy shit! Of course not! It’s courteous to have some consideration if the person sitting behind you has long legs. We all know there isn’t much space and it doesn’t hurt to do the neighbourly thing.

Don’t make the seats reclinable if we need to ask for permission. BS! Shouldn’t be able to recline the seat with no legroom. Just get rid of reclining seats. People move it so fast too. Or they could configure their planes so there's room for all of the passengers. Delta tell your CEO asking someone if you can recline the seat you paid a fortune for to travel on a plane is ridiculous!!! 😡 RECLINEGATE delta

I think a lot of people who recline their seats have no idea what it's like for the person behind them. Can't stand a bottle of water on the tray table, can't open a laptop or book on the tray table, can't use the reading light because the seat blocks it, can't access seat pocket Delta Airlines gets no more of my 💵

Sorry but fuck this, I’m not asking for permission to use a feature built into the seat. Nope if it reclines it’s the first thing that I’m gonna do. .delta should sell the seats as unreclining and uncomfortable and charge less Says the man making seat space smaller so thy can make more money. If u don't want the passenger to decline take away the option. That guy was an asshole. If he didn't want to sit behind sum1 reclining he shuda flew Spirit where isn't not even an option. EVERYTHING is NOT news

Millionaire tells everyday citizens to 'suck it up' 👎🏽 If that's the case, then dont put reclining seats on your plans.. wtf is wrong with the world..

A great example of a systemic problem (lack of adequate space between rows of seats), and asking individuals to adapt to it by calling those out not willing to adapt as being 'rude.' Instead of making more space he deflects to this nonsense. This is a stupid take, why don’t you make it your official policy? What happens if the other person does not give permission? This shitty situation is on you, not the passengers.

What an asinine thing to say, especially as a CEO of a major airline. 🙄🙄 Airlines should ask permission before adding rows of seats to planes. Delta How about putting more space between rows? they should not recline at all in an age of line item flying costs for everything this feature should be only available on upgraded seats that have extra room

I feel like the seats only recline an inch or two at the most anyway so not sure what the big deal is. I've encountered way more irritating people than people that put there seat back. Asking permission will only create more problems. Delta DeltaAirlinesCEO We pay Delta DeltaAirlines money for a reclining seat with expectation to use that product we bought & not ask permission to do so. It comes with the territory of riding on a plane. Otherwise people should buy a seat with no recliner in front of you.


I fly virtually every week. I never recline unless I’m upgraded to 1st class. I honestly don’t see the reclining really being more comfortable! Especially on short flights. The avg airline seat reclines only 2-4 inches. But the guy behind was being childish. How about you NOT cram everyone in like sardines in the first place?

or, like, restrict how far back they go so that anyone over 6 feet tall isn't completely fucked over. (not that I'm sticking up for the asshole in the viral video.) Maybe they should not make the seats so close that reclining becomes an issue. We must ask permission to recline because they pack the seats in so tightly. Maybe they should remove all reclining seats and just make the seats get even closer row by row.

esaagar Do we also need to ask permission to use the potty? How far in advance does the permission need to be asked for? Can we submit it in writing? Is there a hotline available? Maybe y’all can just have that feature unavailable till the passenger pays for the recline. $10/hr good?🙄🖕 How about this... Why don't the airline companies quit packing people into airplanes like cattle and give them some reasonable space to stretch out and recline their seats? Focus on the real problem People!!!!

Delta either take out rows of seats or make it so they don’t recline. Who is their General Counsel? Did they ok this statement? 🤦🏾‍♀️ The lady said she had a lower back issue. If she asked ‘permission’ to recline & he said “No,” Delta May be opening themselves up to some lawsuits for denying disabled folks reasonable accommodations.

Maybe the Delta CEO should ride coach more often.... I beat you if that women did one of those silent but deadly (pass gas) he would of stopped, An found a way to recline. Sometimes you gotta fight creativity w/ creativity.

Mad Men reruns? when the Delta CEO starts flying coach in one of his airplanes instead of in his private jet, we'll talk about it. Says the man who hasn't flown economy for years! kelleedank Ima sit in front of you tomorrow and recline my seat and idc what you think 😂😂😂 This is why Delta is not my first, second, or third choice.

No! esaagar Or they could start giving passengers more space again... talk about passing the blame onto passengers for their greedy practices that make planes uncomfortable in the first place. The seats don't recline very much... It shouldn't be an issue. Not once have I seen anyone ask before reclining their seat.

Says the guy who sits in the front row in first class This would be like allowing passengers to blare the volume on their seatback TV, then getting pissed when people listen to it too loudly. If we shouldn't recline our seats then our seats shouldn't recline.

Delta CEO is up his own ass and I would be RIGHT up his if he sat in front of me on one of his airline's flights. Air passengers should NOT be treated like freight. This is ridiculous.. the seats recline. I am not going to ask anyone to recline my seat if the seat is built to recline!!! NO ONE!! and passengers reply - screw you.

stop treating people like cattle on a plane and maybe things will get better, small seats, no legroom, charging for every little thing so what? the CEO can buy another Benz....bullshit...enough is enough...and add the TSA in, the whole experience sucks!!!!!! Lmfao idgaf whos behind me, my seats reclining!

I’m not sure about that. I would say that people should be courteous towards others though. If the person in front of you reclines their chair and you don’t like it kindly ask them not to. For those in the reclined seat, if someone asks you not to recline try to be courteous. Delta CEO needs to have his company specify sufficient spacing between seat rows that reclining isn't an issue.

I know! I mean that 8th of an inch is so intrusive. How about airlines just remove the ability to recline out of the equation

Fuck that response. If I got a reclining seat then I’m reclining that shit What? How about if there isn’t enough space to recline a seat, make them not able to recline. It’s not up to the paying customer to provide reasonable comfort,. its up to the airline providing the service. 100%! I can't sit straight too long because of medical issues... I'm reclining

PassengerShame Well officer the car goes 140 i should be able to go 140 😂 I’m not asking permission to do something that I paid for that is included in the product/service. Get outta here. Says the entitled man who represents a company that shoves as many RECLINING seats as possible into a metal tube for optimum profit. The best way to stop this is to stop making the seats recline. End of story. Problem solved!

Delta CEO can kiss my reclining ass.

Based CEO. You're not in your living room. Sit up! I do agree with being courteous to other passengers but the airline has to take some blame on making it impossible to sit behind pple that recline all the way back. You can’t even put your test down! Then delete the button Delta. This is absurd. Don't put a feature there if you don't expect people to use it. I will use it 10/10x. I expect the person in front of me to use it 10/10x and if they don't they are missing out.

Alot of people on here dont surprise me with their answers 😂 Should they also ask for permission to sit? So paying customers have to negotiate with other fliers for a better travel experience . maybe charge more money it you recline Maybe he needs to ride on a few airlines and see that people often recline. Or better yet step down as CEO!

If we have to ask, then don't make them able to recline. The option is there, people are allowed to use it. I personally don't use it, but it's fine with me if the person in-front of me does. No, wrong we pay for our seats, and deserve to recline! They should stop making seats reclinable on airplanes specially in coach. Because obviously ppl are inconsiderate and feel self entitled!! to the point where it's gonna start CONFLICT amongst the plane. It's not fair to make someone else's flight discomforting for ur selfishness.

How about just lock the seats so they can’t recline? If you pay for a seat that reclines you have the right to recline. If the seat can’t recline they should sell it cheaper His way to have no one recline and then they can add more rows of no recline seats nobodies ever asked me if they can. they just do. Myabe you should put notices on seats saying this? ask before reclining.

All airlines have taken away so much passenger space so noone should be able to recline their seats anymore. The seat is almost in your lap when they do it. Lmao ya no Lmao!!! Why do you even have the reclining option then?

So I should ask to move the seat he’s decided is made for maximum profits an additional inch? delta Can keep screwing people! Regardless, the dude is in the wrong! You don’t handle things by punching, pushing or being childish. I wouldn’t have moved my seat back regardless after he acted like that. Unless it’s a long flight I usually don’t. The issue is when the asshat in front of me reclines it the second the bell dings

Why TF do the seats recline if I have to ask permission Maybe y’all should stop being so greedy, take out some rows and make it so everyone has enough room. Ask permission 😂 If the seat reclines you have the right to recline it. The end. *immedialelty shorts Delta stock I’ve grown to love Delta because they’ve been good to me. You have to be considerate of the person behind you. That’s why I think that this is a good thing. I get tired of people laying back in my lap without checking on me

Hey airlines! I got a perfect solution to this... Don't make the seats recline... ...Said the old, white out-of-touch millionaire who flies private. Disagree, don’t make the seats reclinable. If I pay for that seat I’m reclining that bad boy

Why? If the seat can recline then I'm not asking permission. Why don’t you make the seats with more room and not bunch them up. They why would you make the seats recline at all ? Makes no sense Why is it so difficult to just have manners and common courtesy? Meanwhile this ass hat flies first class or a private jet

Good for him, I have a better idea, just don't put reclining seats in planes except for first class because they pay through the teeth for those seats No, airlines shouldn’t squeeze so many darn seats on one plane being greedy! Inconveniencing the customer to make MORE $$$$ The airlines should ask customers permission in regards to seating schematics, dimensions, and construction prior to launching new airplanes.

Yes, he is in the First class. This means nothing to us. This happens all the time. It is indeed the airline's fault. They cram in as many as possible. This is not going to go well

Then why give us the option? Woke airlines I’ll remember never to fly Delta again. I agree. Don’t just lay back in my lap! JoyTaylorTalks People shouldn't recline their seat over ppl soke ppl do it and invading other passengers space. You should politely ask can I? If not it shouldn't be a right especially with attitude.

Well, guess I’m never flying Delta What a disaster for these airlines

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