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SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — Fallen entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes has finished her attempt to persuade a jury that she suffered lapses in business judgment but never engaged in fraud while running blood-testing startup Theranos.

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12/9/2021 4:43:00 AM

The defense has rested in the criminal fraud trial of fallen Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes . Closing arguments are scheduled December 16-17. Holmes is accused of misleading investors and others about a flawed blood-testing technology.

SAN JOSE , Calif. (AP) — Fallen entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes has finished her attempt to persuade a jury that she suffered lapses in business judgment but never engaged in fraud while running blood-testing startup Theranos.

That gave Holmes the final say among the more than 30 witnesses who testified in a high-profile trialthat began three months ago in the heart of Silicon Valley. It’s the same locale where Holmes became a media sensation before Theranos collapsed in ruins amid evidence that its ballyhooed blood-testing technology was dangerously flawed.

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U.S. District Judge Edward Davila recessed the trial for a week to allow time for refining the instructions to the jury in a complicated case what began 3 1/2 years ago with Holmes’ indictment on multiple counts of fraud. If convicted, she could be sentenced 20 years in prison.

Closing arguments are scheduled for Dec. 16-17. Depending on the duration of those arguments, the jury could get the case late in the day of Dec. 17 and continue deliberations during the week of Dec. 20.ADVERTISEMENTThe abrupt end of the defense’s case came as somewhat of a surprise. Holmes’ lawyers had indicated that they might call on a psychologist to discuss the allegations of emotional and sexual abuse Holmes, 37, had

raised earlier in her testimonyagainst her former lover and business partner, Sunny Balwani, 56. Holmes was just one of the three witnesses to testify for the defense, but she spent more than 25 hours on the stand since she was sworn Nov. 19.The decision to let Holmes herself have the last word was an indication that her lawyers believed she did a compelling job telling her story, said David Ring, an attorney who has represented victims of alleged sexual abuse and has been following the trial closely.

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“You want to end on a good note, and it sounded like they felt like she was their best witness,” Ring said. “You also don’t want to risk having a lot of psychological gobbly goop get into the jury’s minds, so you can end with a bang, not a whimper.”Holmes, Theranos’ CEO for 15 years, spent some more time Wednesday blaming Balwani for neglecting to fix the blood-testing problems that he had told her he would address as the company’s chief operating officer and her most trusted adviser.

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So we're gonna see if Lizzy can bullshit her way out of problems yet again. Poor baby, being used as a prop in a defense trial even before it's born.

Elizabeth Holmes admits she gave journalist incorrect info for Theranos cover story Elizabeth Holmes returned to the stand on Tuesday for more questions from prosecutors in her criminal fraud trial. Putting her on the stand was absolutely idiotic by her lawyers.

Holmes ends defense in Theranos fraud trialAfter seven days, Elizabeth Holmes was her own final witness in her defense against federal fraud charges tied to her failed blood-testing startup as testimony concluded Wednesday in the Theranos trial. Guilty AF I thought I've lost it all with the little cash of $1,000 invest with Hendricksnino77 turn that into $146,601.43 in 7days duration. you may not know him but he really save my life Hendricksnino77

Elizabeth Holmes rests her case after testifying for 7 days in fraud trialThe former Theranos CEO could be sentenced to decades in prison if convicted.

Elizabeth Holmes denies misleading investors in trial testimonyTheranos founder Elizabeth Holmes denied making misleading statements about the blood-testing startup during cross-examination on Tuesday, as her testimony in defense against fraud charges neared its end. Her whole face screams PSYCHOPATH. That’s not what the podcast said!!

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