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Defense Secretary Announces Withdrawal From Northern Syria

The decision effectively cedes control of the area and could allow a resurgence of ISIS, but the secretary argued American forces would not have deterred the Turkish invasion.


President Trump ordered a withdrawal of American forces from northern Syria , Defense Secretary Mark Esper said, which effectively cedes control of the area and could allow a resurgence of ISIS

The decision effectively cedes control of the area and could allow a resurgence of ISIS, but the secretary argued American forces would not have deterred the Turkish invasion.

a group of fighters trained and backed by the United States government

The bulk of the roughly 1,000 troops in Syria are positioned in the northeastern part of the country, and the new orders will push those troops further south. Military officials said plans remained fluid, and it was not clear how far the troops would withdraw to. But in any case, the implications were clear: American forces will not be coming to the aid of their Kurdish allies in the face of the Turkish-backed offensive.

Throughout the fight with the Islamic State that began in 2014, the Kurdish forces proved to be America’s most able partners. But Turkey has long viewed those forces as an offshoot of what it and the United States consider a terrorist group it has long battled inside its borders and throughout the region.

. If the Turkish incursion into Syria breaks the power of the Kurdish force, some military officials believe the Islamic State could once again find lawless safe havens from which to rebuild.

Turkish officials have long objected to Kurdish control of Manbij. Ankara has repeatedly said it wants Kurdish forces to withdraw from Manbij, and give control to its Syrian Arab allies.

in south-central Syria, as a deterrent to Iranian movements in that region. It was unclear whether the withdrawal order affects that post, which American officials have said in the past would be the last United States presence in the country to be withdrawn.

American forces will try to avoid contact with the Turkish-backed forces, but the military official warned they will defend themselves if attacked.

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Did they go around the table stating how great a leader Trump is. Maybe that is the deal he made with Erdogan. We don't know what the crook in the WH is doing. Maybe he wants ISIS to be out - or maybe it was Putin's wish for them to come and attack us. TraitorTrump Sounds like Turkey and Syria’s problem

50 soldiers? Quite a FORCE Little wonder you are the FailingNYT... FactsMatter sounds like fake news! the chosen one said ISIS has been destroyed! I wonder what all the diligent and conscientious members of the military think about this decision. What about all the money, blood, and sacrifice the military has given toward the goal of bringing some kind of stability to the Middle East? Trump has flushed them down the toilet.

ImpeachAndRemoveTrumpNOW 25thAmendment The Kurdish PKK and YPG are Terrorists....responsible for multiple attacks against Turks...leading to almost 50K dead. This is Not our fight! All the names should be engraved on a wall of shame....traitors, all. At least Benedict Arnold was a hero and a soldier before he sold us out. These craven...not at all.

Defense secretary says Trump ordered near total withdrawal of troops from northern SyriaPresident Trump is ordering most of the remaining US forces out of northern Syria after initially pulling about 50 troops, US defense chief says but didnt he just say thursday no troops were there? Trump is pure evil. Job well done. Thank you for pulling our troops out of senseless situations

Somebody identify these 2 Generals so that we can get them fired. Now we know who to blame in case of a rise of Islamic terrorism ... TurkeyOutOfNATO So we can bomb the shit out of them. America, the land of many possibilities. Young man invents 'Windows' in the garage and becomes multibillionaire, real estate shark and reality TV clown becomes president. And now this... Shame. After Judas has done his betrayal, he is now scuttled.

İnsan biraz onurlu olur, o onur abd de yunetiminde yok çekilin, yeter artık Kürdlere acı verdiğiniz. Between Assad,ISIS,and Turkey the Kurds are totally screwed. Trump didn't pull the US out of Syria - Democrats WAAH! Trump pulls the US out of Syria - Democrats+GOP WAAH! Someone run a poll, 'Should US troops be involved in the middle-east?'

Obama got us into this mess and I'd Congress was doing their job instead of the ridiculous impeachment scam maybe they could have done something TREASON is the only word that comes to mind. The Rosenbergs were executed for treason.

U.S. preparing to withdraw all remaining troops from northern Syria: Defense SecretaryThe United States is poised to evacuate about 1,000 U.S. troops from northern Sy... Bring them home sir !! What a joke جيش من المرتزقه الايجار لمن يدفع

Hihi So Assad regime coming to aid the kurd,s against Turkey as we speak so now you have a NATO member in a war with Assad was this the set up all along COULD It already has. Who is Trump working for? Because he certainly is NOT working for us. History repeats itself. In 1991 during the first Iraqi War, there was a city called Karbala they revolted against Saddam, and paid a very heavy price in human lives.

first strategical flee since Vietnam, dark times are coming back This is the way realDonaldTrump deals with everything in his life. honor has no place in the administration of this coward. He brings shame to the country and the military, and probably resurrects ISIS And the extermination of the Kurdish people in the region.

Seems he is very serious about his election promises . Just take a good look at these stooges sitting at this table and remember them when you enter the ballot boxes in 2020.

Trump Orders U.S. Forces to Withdraw From Northern SyriaPresident Trump ordered U.S. military forces to be withdrawn from northern Syria in the wake of Turkey ’s invasion, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said on Sunday. Another green light...do they need to keep announcing their bad decisions publicly? Good!!!! Bring our forces home Mr President

Ok. Let’s skedaddle out of here before the shooting starts. Well get everyone to meet at that secret oasis in Saudi Arabia. I have my harem there. We may never know what undercover deal he struck or with whom to cause this abrupt change in strategy. And sending 2000 to protect the Saudis. Isis fights are literally streaming out of the jails... could?

IntlCrimCourt UN amnesty what is happening!! How is all this allowed to happened in real time without any consequences whatsoever!! Enough by standing! Call the perpetrators out and hold them accountable for these atrocities! TrumpGenocide Leaving the Kurds to ‘bleed’... They fought against IS/Daesh and, yes indeed, not in Normandy -1944, neither did POTUS Trump... So they are to be left with the ‘dagger’ in the back...? E tu brute...

The things a guy will do to shift focus off his domestic troubles... So let’s make Syria a part of America if our allies in that area can’t handle the problem even though we supply and train their militaries. That’s essentially what you’re saying? That ONLY America can stabilize the Middle East? Which defense contractor wrote this?

With each massacre, with each crisis, with each outrage, never forget that the Republican Party is working night and day to keep this administration in power. Republican values are not American values. The NYT and their globalist neocon friends NEED you to believe that ISIS is gonna kill your entire family. Stay scared America...

'We didn't sign up to fight the Turks': Defense Secretary Mark Esper hopes Kurds make deal with Russia, Syria to avoid slaughter Mark Esper confirmed 1,000 U.S. troops are set to evacuated from northern Syria Sunday under President Trump's 'deliberate withdrawal,' and administration officials are continuing to threaten Turkey 's economy. After Russia bombed 3 hospitals?!

Now Liberals are pro war! If Trump said drinking water was a healthy thing to do Liberals would ban water 💦 🙄 1st - It isn't a withdrawal... It is a retreat! 2nd - The U.S. can no longer be trusted by our allies. 3rd - Trump is a self-serving coward and he is infecting our country.

U.S. withdrawing last troops from northern SyriaBig mistake to leave the Kurds. Helicopters on roofs again? realDonaldTrump golfs, troops get shelled and our allied Kurds die. Nice work for a president.

Mattis: ISIS will surge back after Trump's Syria withdrawalHe. Is. Unfit. Thanks for your statement Capta-...General Obvious. He's not he only one who knows this..

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