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Down Time, Satomi Matsuzaki

Deerhoof's Satomi Matsuzaki Is Mixing Up DIY Hand Sanitizer

Deerhoof icon Satomi Matsuzaki talks to us about her DIY hand sanitizer project

4/10/2020 4:01:00 PM

Deerhoof icon Satomi Matsuzaki talks to us about her DIY hand sanitizer project

Down Time is a Jezebel series in which we ask our favorite artists and authors what art, books, and activities they’re turning to in this moment of isolation and uncertainty. Lead singer of Deerhoof Satomi Matsuzaki describes how she’s working on her D.I.Y. and survival skills, including making her own hand sanitizer . \n

I was on a full-scale,possible lockdownpreparation mode since the second week of February. I started shopping little by little to prepare for self-isolation. I only bought the amount I needed. I contacted my friends to do the same. My instinct told me to not wait until the panic shopping day. It’s important to believe your instinct, knowledge, experiences, and act fast. You don’t want to wait for someone else’s directions, especially what comes out from Trump’s hoax mouth. Think ahead to reduce risk has been my principle,

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which the bandmates call “Satomi Solutions.”That’s what many of Deerhoof songs are about! The new generation will survive by being tougher and smarter than your executioners who try to screw you. I pray for everyone’s survival from the bottom of my heart.

AdvertisementIt’s a great time to care about friends, family,and community. Call, video call or text them and laugh together to make this hard time pass by. Encourage each other that we can do this! I discipline myself to exercise like sit-ups, jumping jacks, stretches,

and jump rope,which is my favorite. Also, I try to cook creatively with what I have in therefrigerator. My mother told me not to waste food since I was a kid. Farming is such a great work so we need to respect and appreciate food. Those words stuck to me. I believe all of these make me a better person for a better future. I am reviewing myself and trying to fix it. It’s never too late to change.

I feel good about advancing [my] D.I.Y. skills. It would be nice to gain something out of this crazy time. Hand sanitizers were sold out in New York. I already had one for myself but I thought friends might want them if I make some. Luckily I happened to have all the ingredients to make hand sanitizer at home. I mixed two-thirds of a cup rubbing alcohol of 70

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This is dangerous info. DO NOT use 70% alcohol in the ratios mentioned later in this article. The final product WILL NOT be above the CDC-recommended 60% alcohol minimum. Ratio info starts at 6:10.

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