Death of George Floyd sparks conversation about race, violence and protests

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'What we're seeing play out on our screens is a 'profound exhaustion' in the black community.'

a black man was birdwatching

"If you study the history of this country, study policing of black communities, of violence against black Americans committed by police ... you know that this is part of a very long history and that these are not unrelated," she said.


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Absolute nonsense or they would also be “ exhausted by black on black crime which is just as deadly and 9 times as frequent liberal agenda is to divide

Sensible people don’t act senselessly.


So peacefully sit surrounding every police station. Hold up signs. Stay in their presence as a reminder. But stealing and burn down your city only makes you look bad and causes more division and suspicion of blacks. How can you not see that?

Protesters were clearly infiltrated, no doubt.

Driven by the media industry

What I’ve seen in the last days is pushing me even more to vote red in 2020. Cities run by Democrats turn in to shit. The left anarchies ANTIFA is now burning minorities neighborhoods.

You are a tool

I wonder who's going to do and pay for the cleaning up and rebuilding

What we are seeing play out is the professional terrorizing of a community in mourning as these domestic terrorist groups use the death of a citizen to destroy the community entirely! SAD

The world is watching. We've all seen the murder of an innocent black man by the police. America you are an absolute disgrace of a country. You have heaped shame upon shame on yourselves thanks to your out of control police, crap POTUS & your heinous racism. Totally disgraceful

People of all races are appalled by the killing of Mr Floyd.Why aren't you calling out the Dem politicians, & former Prosecutor Klobuchar who created this environment? Why arent you pointing out the whites that are protesting & in this pic,Cleaning up? Always, division!why?

Cops do similar things to other minorities and immigrants. In other words they do that to everyone who has no voice, period. The justice system cover those things up.

It’s Time to Unite as One Race, the Human Race. United We Are Strong!!! Blk/Wht No Difference GodBlessUsAll BlkWhtNoDifference Unity

Bussed in violence

These are not protests these are thugs who want to cause destruction to property and businesses.....I dare them to come to my place

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

No, That is organized.

exhaustion caused by fake news and decades of false promises by the democrat party. its time for the black community to free themselves from the media and from the DNC.

i think we can solve the minority injustices by having more minority officers. so they can relate to minorities better bc other colors are having a hard time diffusing a situation. and it's ending tragically.

I think it’s antifa mostly. Not protestors

Это важный для меня пост

No you are seeing the Thug element coming out of the black community. RIOTING DOES NOT EQUAL PROTESTING. These people are criminals for what the do...looting, burning buildings & cars, vandalism and bodily harm. They belong in jail. So STOP referring to them as Protesters

What we see is anarchy by antifa, just coordinating more chaos. Ineffective and worthless democrat leaders being used and abused

what were seeing is profound resistance to take responsibility for their own lives.

No. You are seeing animals. Actually, worse than.

Most of the vandalism was started by white people!! Report on that!!

We are just tired of the injustice

Or it could be frustration of it being the 21st century and it's still,1960 for them.

I don’t think so. I think it’s a funded attack on communities. They are using black people like they always do. And you, ABC are spewing their talking points. Shame on you.

Irony this city Minneapolis all run by TheDemocrats So how did this not get handled prior to this brutal death of George Floyd at the hands (or knee) of a cop with 18 complaints on file? Ask city leaders and police chief and union!

Dear Whitenited States of America once again y’all ugly ways have caught up and expose your hatefulness. Although, the world always knew,Y’all’s greed, evil, malice empty hearts now other countries are looking at the true SO-CALLED, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.. except not united


Paid,antifa rioters.

They destroyed their own neighborhoods and wiped out their fellow black neighbors that worked hard to open businesses to serve these thugs. My sincerest sympathy for the business owners. Zero for the hoodlums!

'What we're seeing play out on our screens is a 'profound exhaustion' in the black community.' Interpretation: The only remedy is to boot the Dems out of office.

Burning, looting, disruption is certaintly not justice for anyone.

Sick & tired...

It’s called fucking rioting, you hacks.

What we are seeing here is nothing but a bunch criminal destroying their cities and hard working people businesses... This is not a protest, this is vandalism, and the left media is trying to justify a wrong doing.

Total BS post! This has nothing to do with race or politics- this is all about rioting and looting!

With white people dressed in black breaking windows and setting fires, it’s totally what you said. Not!

It’s thugs

The question of 'Race' is simple: ' How much/many White folks hate/dislike other Races in this country🇺🇸 How long will this last Generation pass on to Generation. WhiteSupremacists is everywhere, my neighbor 2 door down is ONE too. 😪 Hide behind US Flag and Military past

What WE SEE HERE is the destruction of a city and small business owners without their only thing that they had built to bring food to their families, and employees who won’t be able to work. I SEE THE HAND OF EVIL


Sick to death of them killing our people!

I don’t know about you, but I’m watching thug criminals destroy privately owned businesses and burning their cities to the ground. Mainstream media is the systemic problem with this country.

Trump’s silence is deafening. Our “President” lit the fuse with a racist Tweet this morning. We have 5 major cities in turmoil. Where is the Bombastic Coward In Chief. Disgraceful.

I hope there are people signing folks up to vote at every protest.

WRONG!!! It's extreme liberalism in our black community!!! Lack of faith. Lack of humility. Lack of humanity.

Exhausted and tired from racism, social injustice, unfair treatment and many more.

We've seen this 'profound exhaustion' happen many, many times in the past. This is a cycle, not a journey. We need to figure out, as a society, how to address these issues in a meaningful way and break the cycle.

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