Dearest Readers: Netflix Is Throwing a ‘Bridgerton’ Queen’s Ball for the Public

Grab thy best Lady Whistledown dress and wig, because your presence is requested at court.

9/18/2021 1:00:00 PM

Grab thy best Lady Whistledown dress and wig, because your presence is requested at court.

You’ve been cordially invited to the royal Queen’s Ball. So grab thy best Lady Whistledown dress and wig because your presence is requested at court. Tickets went on sale Thursday for &…

Experience,” a live immersive tour that will take place in several major cities across the country. Although the event won’t take place until March of next year, tickets are already going fast for the show’s first stops in Chicago, Montreal, Los Angeles and Washington D.C.

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The 90-minute ball is inspired by the Regency Era London portrayed in the hit Shonda Rhimes series, and will be backed by a live string quartet that will play songs from the show, including their trademark classical renditions of contemporary hit singles. Since the event will serve cocktails and other alcoholic beverages, you have to be 21 and over to buy a ticket.

According to a statement, “Attendees will be guided through the evening by the voice of the enigmatic Lady Whistledown and presented with opportunities to prove they are deserving of Her Majesty, the Queen’s attention. The experience features immersive rooms, including a visit to Madame Delacroix’s modiste to get fitted for the occasion, a stop at an underground regency-era painting studio to strike their most regal pose, and a highly-anticipated visit with the Queen to try and win Her Majesty’s favor.” headtopics.com

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