Dear Family: A Resignation Letter From Mom

1/29/2022 12:28:00 AM

Thank you very much for the professional experience and opportunities over the years.

I am happy to work with you to help you train a replacement and ensure a smooth transition. I am 100% done.

Thank you very much for the professional experience and opportunities over the years.

Wishing you all the best.

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I’ll look forward to running into you in the building, as I’ll be maintaining my other positions as person-who handles-all-the-laundry; person-who-handles-all-the-family-logistics including doctor appointments, weekday recreational travel and scheduling; and person-who-handles-overseeing-of-schoolwork, relationships and parties.What’s the matter with me that I’m pining over a man who turned so sour? I should feel relieved, right? How can I help myself move through this? TOO MANY TEARS DEAR TEARS: I sympathize with your disappointment.APA for representation.Published: Jan.

Wishing you all the best. Sincerely, . Now wipe your nose, dry those tears and remind yourself that, had the romance continued, you might have married someone who would verbally abuse your children and cheat on you.