Dear Care and Feeding: I’m Worried About What My Toddler’s Horrible Behavior Now Means for His Future

This is a bad sign, right?

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1/22/2022 4:05:00 PM

I don’t want my kid to end up being like this forever.

This is a bad sign, right?

Dear Care and Feeding,I’m starting to lose my mind a little over my 2-year-old’s whining, whether over movies, Mommy’s phone, cake, and wanting to take “Mommy’s car” somewhere. This morning, he woke me up with a tantrum over wanting to look at photos on my phone. Every time we tell him no, or even, “Not now. After dinner,” there’s 20 minutes of “Cake now!” Is this normal? How do I handle it? Do I need to never give him cake or movies or the phone (because he shouldn’t be rewarded for whining!), or is it OK to just stick to my guns if I’ve told him, “You can have that after dinner”? I don’t want my kid to end up being the whiny one who can’t stand to hear no. And while I know that persistence is a trait that will be good for him to later in life, I’m also starting to have visions of him as the adult who won’t take no for an answer. Is this just a phase all kids go through? How do other parents handle the whining and crying after they’ve said no?

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