Dean McDermott Addresses 'Weird' Tori Spelling Divorce Rumors

The actor broke his silence on the infamous photograph of Tori without her wedding ring.

9/17/2021 1:41:00 AM

The actor broke his silence on the infamous photograph of Tori without her wedding ring (via toofab)

The actor broke his silence on the infamous photograph of Tori without her wedding ring.

Last week, Tori wasasked about the divorce rumorsafter she and Dean were seen in public with their five children over Labor Day weekend. The sighting was the first time they've been spotted together in months. The only detail she offered was that the family had fun together at the Malibu Chill Cookoff, calling it a family tradition.

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But in June, Tori was on SiriusXM Radio Andy's"Jeff Lewis Live" and revealedshe and Dean were sleeping in separate rooms. Read more: TMZ »

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