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Our Annual Year 2014, Facebook

Dead Facebook Friend From High School Still Has Cartman Profile Picture

Dead Facebook Friend From High School Still Has Cartman Profile Picture

11/8/2019 5:02:00 PM

Dead Facebook Friend From High School Still Has Cartman Profile Picture

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S : 535 ,ñ z U AkilahObviously Oof Oof Yo im bummed now Rip KabScorner Oop Not the first time an Onion made me cry. Grim. punished_stu At least he didn't live to see how bad the show got Oh fuck Oh... Jens76860578 drewmagary I thought you HAD to retweet the Onion articles, but it is kind of charming that it was genuine all along. . . . . . Boomer

can’t believe you went to high school with jimmy hoffa this isnt even a satirical tweet this is real life Everything ok bud? I'm here to talk if you want to. Oh man, too real. drewmagary Meanwhile... Shouldn't it be Kenny? charles_kinbote Why is this so true I don't understand Oh shnap Brb, I'm gonna play The Marshall Mathers LP as a tribute

drewmagary Shouldn't it be Kenny then? I first read this as 'Dear Facebook friend' and thought the article was going to be about convincing the writer's friend that this was bad Youngforever it's anime profile pics now yikes Favorite Bands: Puddle of Mud, Nickelback Favorite Movies: Fight Club, The Matrix

Respect my authoritah So he died 20 years ago, huh? drewmagary Spoiler: He’s dead I wonder if he received $10,000 cash. One of the best episode of south park. What's your favourite episode ? Onion going dark this morning. I often wonder if people who send dead FB friends Happy Birthday messages to their profiles every year know that there isn't any WiFi in the astral plane.

broing down When this first came out a few years ago, literally that week a person I went to high school with died and had a Cartman profile pic up. Oh my god, they killed Jimmy! It would have been MySpace for me. This hit surprisingly close to home. SWEEEEET!! It's a pretty good way to identify your libertarian friend who never grew up.

Lol South park fan til the end eh? This is big news, indeed! “Screw you guys, I’m going home”

1 dead, 2 injured and gunman is still at large after shooting at Church's ChickenThree employees were shot Wednesday evening at a Church's Chicken in Otay Mesa, California, the San Diego Police Department said in a news release. All those chicken related crimes need to stop. I love this video Something's missing from the suspect's description...

Hollywood Blvd. Superman Christopher Dennis Dead at 52Christopher Dennis, best known for portraying Superman on Hollywood Blvd. for more than 25 years, has died. No more suffering. He’s free. Dang i was seriously going to watch the old Confessions of a Superhero 2007 documentary with him.. Rip 🙏

Utah man arrested in Mexico after couple found dead in TexasAuthorities say police in Mexico have arrested a man suspected of stealing a car that belonged to a New Hampshire couple found buried at a South Texas beach. Nothing suspicious about that 😉 Good Mesela Dostummm ❤️

William Wintersole, 'Young and the Restless' Star, Dead at 88Wintersole died peacefully at his home on Tuesday. I am not sure his audience is on Twitter but I’ll tell my mom RIP

Christopher Dennis, Hollywood Superman Impersonator, Dead at 52Christopher Dennis, a man known for portraying Superman on Hollywood Boulevard for over 25 years, has died. 😪 M’kay. This breaks my heart 💔

It’s Time to Talk About This Insane Grateful Dead VideoFrom a fight in a biker bar to a duck in a leather collar, there’s a lot to unpack in Grateful Dead's 1987 clip for “Hell in a Bucket” 🎉 “Duck walks into a bar....” Nah we good