De Blasio pushes back against Trump, says NYC is 'fighting back'

The president on Thursday at the debate said New York City resembled a 'ghost town' on account of the coronavirus. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio joins Morning Joe to push back against the president's claims.

10/24/2020 9:22:00 AM

NYC Mayor de Blasio on Pres. Trump calling the city a “ghost town” during the presidential debate: “The only ghost town is going to be Mar-a-lago after this election when Donald Trump is forced into retirement there.”

The president on Thursday at the debate said New York City resembled a 'ghost town' on account of the coronavirus. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio joins Morning Joe to push back against the president's claims.

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Forced? Another threat and dog whistle from a liberal mayor? LMFAO !! CUOMO HAS BEGGED BRIBED PEOPLE TO COME BACK Not going to happen DE BLOWHARD NYC IS DONE THANKS TO YOU MAR A LARGO WILL STAND FOR DECADES !!! I don't think that jives with plans of SDNY or the IRS. Google 'Tony Bobulinski' Deals will be made... I'm still hoping Trump will resign...Pence will pardon fed crimes...mar-a-lago can't protect him from state crimes...back in rhe USSR...

Nah, Trump is heading to the Middle East right before his term is up. Russia won’t want him. Democrat Party is dividing, ducking, and running. MSM is trying to prop them up any way they can. Watch this video to see what the rage is about: Meanwhile the DeBlasio regime harasses the Jewish community in his city.

well it wouldn’t be a ghost town cuz him and his caddy will be there No, either way Trump isn’t going anywhere. He’ll be on your TV on his own show, or from the White House. No difference. Yo NY and NYC Canada wouldn't mind another province, js Trump, his 3 oldest children and Jared Kushner are going to prison for at least 40 years, but most likely facing life in prison. The Trump's retirement plans will be a life behind bars !

New Yorkers hate DeBlasio Ghost town? Mar be like the roaring 20’s again. Trump will have parties galore. Studio 54 South... BidenHarris2020 I’m a New Yorker and Trump is dead on! De Blazio is a disaster! Thanks Ken He might be forced into retirement but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be at a different “resort.”Like Ricker’s Island. He and the kids hopefully will have cells in different pods of the “resort”. The people better make him pay for all his illegal ventures with foreign governments.

Trump is not a political pundit, he is the president! Have a plan to help or stay quiet. He tried to harm NYC time and time again. When did Reagon come out and blame Red and Blue cities/states? This is not leadership. Trump's leadership wouldn't be accepted in any business. It's the ol 'I know you are but am I defense!' Classic last resort of an idiot. Looking at you Bill. 👀

de Blasio murdered New Yorkers when he told them to go out and watch a movie in March, during the outbreak of the virus. He has no regard for life. Please RT this Can someone please spare just a little...I'm a single father of 2 we are living in a hotel we can't afford anymore...I get $250 every other week in unemployment. As of Monday or Tues we won't have enough for either food or the hotel 🙏

NYC, Seattle and Portland sue Trump administration over 'anarchy' designationNew York City plans to file a joint complaint challenging Trump's administration's designation of Democratic-led cities as 'anarchist' jurisdictions in hopes of blocking the President's threat to withhold federal funding, according to the city's top lawyer Maybe you should stop crapping on Law Enforcement and start making it safe for your citizens then? Just use the money you are defunding the police with 😂😂😂😂 Good thing. They need that money to spend on not protecting their constituents.

NYC, Seattle and Portland to sue Trump over 'anarchist' designationNew York and its fellow cities branded 'anarchist' jurisdictions by the Trump administration will file a lawsuit today challenging a move to pull their federal funds STOP FUNDING..NEW YORK ..!! One group that will be saddened if Trump is defeated are lawyers. There has got to have been an explosion in legal situations brought on by Trump and his actions.

Achilles Mongolia Is Doing Its Virtual NYC Marathon RightA live stream, 100 runners and guides, and a run through the capital city. Tune in at 8:45pm EST.

Trading Places: Jennifer Lawrence Swaps NYC Penthouse for $22 Million TownhouseEvery cloud has a silver lining. Though Jennifer Lawrence lost a mammoth $5.7 million on the sale of her Upper East Side penthouse in July, she was quick to drown her sorrows in another lavish Manh… I guess there really is a Silver Lining in her Playbook 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ DirtDotCom DirtDotCom My bank acc could never-

Black-owned restaurants in NYC struggle for survival as stimulus stalemate drags onBlack restaurants in New York have seen revenue decline as much as 80% since the start of the pandemic. To help, Black Restaurant Week is coming to the city even with indoor dining restrictions and other Covid-19 concerns. so not all resturants huh Who believes If Biden is being or has been investigated for wrong doings? Trump should be also?He is the only president not to deal with China.Also has a bank account there.Does he owe them money?Or does he have other bad dealings there? Where are all their BLM customers?

Lauren Dimet Waters | Over40’s Instagram photo: “Happy Thursday. This #tbt is bringing tears to my eyes. It’s hard to believe my parents were in NYC for Liam’s first birthday just a decade…”460 Likes, 43 Comments - Lauren Dimet Waters | Over40 (fountainof30) on Instagram: “Happy Thursday. This tbt is bringing tears to my eyes. It’s hard to believe my parents were in NYC…”