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Trump Pushes Bizarre ‘Voter Fraud’ Claim After Kemp Defeats His Pick in Georgia

Kemp defeated his Trump-endorsed rival David Perdue last week in a major blow to Trump’s reputation as a Republican kingmaker.

6/1/2022 11:46:00 AM


Abrams-Kemp slugfest promises to be pricey, long and ugly

The governor's race in Georgia between Republican incumbent Brian Kemp and Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams promises to be a brutal battle that will further amp up the state's charged political environment.

5/26/2022 10:25:00 AM


POLITICO Playbook: Terror in Texas reignites gun control debate

And Brian Kemp beats David Perdue.

5/25/2022 6:25:00 PM


'Our battle is far from over': Gov. Brian Kemp celebrates victory in Georgia race

Former President Donald Trump endorsed former U.S. Sen. David Perdue in the governor’s race.

5/25/2022 12:21:00 PM


The Beclowning of David Perdue

How he went from respected Georgia businessman to a twice-losing errand boy for Donald Trump.

5/25/2022 3:47:00 AM


Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp defeats David Perdue in GOP primary

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp defeated his Donald Trump-backed challenger David Perdue on Tuesday after a furious push by the former president to punish Kemp for not overturning the 2020 election results.

5/25/2022 5:23:00 AM


Pence rallies for Georgia Gov. Kemp in rebuke of Trump

Pence took an implicit swipe at his old boss late Monday as he boosted Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp for reelection in Tuesday’s primary against ex-Sen. David Perdue, who is backed by former President Donald Trump.

5/24/2022 6:55:00 PM


Donald Trump’s Bid to Reshape GOP Faces Biggest Hurdles in Georgia

Donald Trump hopes to avoid a stinging defeat in the Georgia governor’s race on Tuesday as Republican primary voters decide the fate of the former president’s hand-picked candidate.

5/24/2022 5:15:00 PM


Donald Trump and Joe Biden will both be big losers from Georgia primary

Governor Brian Kemp has maintained a strong lead over GOP challenger and former Senator David Perdue.

5/24/2022 2:21:00 PM


David Perdue: Stacey Abrams Should 'Go Back to Where She Came From'

Republicans continue to say the quiet part out loud.

5/24/2022 6:09:00 AM


Georgia primary becomes Trump, Pence proxy feud in closing arguments

Gov. Brian Kemp and former Sen. David Perdue, two former allies, made their closing arguments to Republican voters Monday.

5/24/2022 4:43:00 AM


Desperate Republican Tells Stacey Abrams ‘Go Back…Where You Came From’

Earlier in the day, David Perdue — trailing in his party’s primary despite Trump’s support — had accused the Democrat of “demeaning her own race.”\n

pigsinflight David Perdue looks like every erectile dysfunction commercial’s main character.
Well if that isn’t a dog whistle I don’t know what else is.

5/24/2022 4:05:00 AM


David Perdue Attacks Stacey Abrams As 'Demeaning Her Own Race' In Racist Remarks

The GOP candidate for Georgia governor said Abrams should “go back to where she came from,' while campaigning ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

5/24/2022 4:51:00 AM


Poll: Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Holds 14-Point Lead over David Perdue

Georgia Gov. Kemp holds a 14-point lead over Perdue, an InsiderAdvantage/FOX 5 Atlanta survey released Sunday found.

5/24/2022 2:47:00 AM


RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel: David Perdue made his own choice to enter Georgia governor’s race

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel: David Perdue made his own choice to enter Georgia governor’s race

bukan urusanku....putus aja airnya....
DBChirpy Nah. Either way, Georgia already got rid of Perdue over insider trading. onlineathens romenewstribune CobbNewsNow MaconBibb SavannahNow AUG_Chronicle ajc

5/23/2022 11:15:00 AM


Perdue Had Trump. In Georgia, Kemp Had Everything Else.

David Perdue challenged Gov. Brian Kemp because of Donald Trump’s fury over his 2020 loss. Thoroughly outflanked and failing to gain traction, he is now staring down defeat.

العالم بين خيارين ان أرادوا تاخير العذاب فليسلمواقيادته ليوسف المداني وسنحل لهم كل المشكلات الاقتصاديه والمناخ والبيئة وكل الاوبئه والامراض التي توثر على الصحه وغيرها وان أرادوا الاستمرار في غيهم وظلمهم فميعاد هلاكهم بالعذاب الاليم بعد انتهاء العده ٤٧ يوم بالنار😀

5/22/2022 11:03:00 PM


McConnell adviser blames Trump for 'embarrassing' end to Perdue's career

'Donald Trump cost him his Senate seat and now...has not helped him win this governor's race,' Scott Jennings said Sunday about former Senator David Perdue.

The insider trading helped as well
People might remember Perdue’s disastrous debate with Jon Ossoff or his insider trading scandal with his friend Kelly Loeffler so let’s not blame it on Trump. Perdue is a terrible candidate period.

5/22/2022 9:06:00 PM


Trump Faces Another Round of Humiliation in Georgia

The governor’s race isn’t the only potential source of bad news for Trump and his endorsed candidates in Georgia on Tuesday, writes Ed_Kilgore

5/21/2022 8:33:00 PM


Trump distances from Perdue after nudging him into Georgia GOP governor primary

Former President Donald Trump is keeping his distance from DavidPerdueGA in the waning days ahead of Tuesday's Georgia's Republican gubernatorial primary — even though it was Trump who urged Perdue to jump into the race.

DavidPerdueGA RINO Trump has to find a new way to help Stacey Abrams win. RINO Trump never stops fighting good Republicans.

5/21/2022 2:22:00 PM


Trump attacked Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp. Watch Kemp's response - CNN Video

“He needs to get a band-aid and put it over his lips.” - Republican voters in Georgia sound off on former President Donald Trump before the primary between Gov. Brian Kemp and former Sen. David Perdue. Watch the report from CNN’s jeffzeleny:

jeffzeleny Wow, the usual BS from the crappiest network around.
jeffzeleny Band-aid? More like duct-tape!

5/20/2022 5:06:00 AM