David Ajala Reflects On Book's Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Journey

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We chat with StarTrekDiscovery's iamdavidajala about his season 4 memories, Book's relationship with Michael, and hints about season 5 of the StarTrek series:

Cleveland Booker went on a quest for vengeance in Star Trek: Discovery season 4. The Paramount+ original series is now available in a four-disc collection from CBS Home Entertainment.

David Ajala: It was a challenging season to shoot because we were shooting in the middle of a pandemic. I've never seen a group of individuals come together so well [to] support each other. I think my favorite moments came from just seeing the kindness of people. People supporting each other, crew and cast, as we're going through this pandemic. My favorite moments are the moments of just the care that people showed each other, absolutely.

Book's relationship with Michael is the heart of the show. What is working with Sonequa like as a scene partner and a romantic partner? Because I know she went through a terrible tragedy losing both her parents shooting season 4. You also had so many great scenes with Shawn Doyle as Dr. Ruon Tarka in season 4. And there was an odd couple brotherhood between you guys that I really enjoyed. Tell me about working with him.

David Ajala: Yeah, it's understandable. I'm not saying that their way of thinking is right or wrong. But what I will say, speaking on behalf of the two characters going through these very specific journeys of grief and loss, pain can be a great motivator. It can also be very destructive. And I think that's the fine line that we saw between these two characters, along their individual journeys and the collateral damage caused by the decisions that they made.

David Ajala: Great question. I think Cleveland Booker is a man of the people. And he naturally is someone who's on this planet who understands that his calling is to serve. And I think he can still achieve that without having to align himself with Starfleet or align himself with their specific protocols. So it's been a collaboration.


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iamDavidAjala Why


iamDavidAjala I liked the character but I found the chemistry between him and Michael lacking. But it might be because I REALLY don’t like that her character is captain. Should’ve stayed first officer under Saru. So she could go all rogue while he did the real captaining.

holajohna iamDavidAjala Love Book and Grudge!

iamDavidAjala Personally not a fan of the kid's show, and as much as I loved Pike's Fan Service series, I'm really looking forward to 'proper' Star Trek coming back with Picard and especially Discovery.

iamDavidAjala Fantastic character, one of the best new additions to the franchise, which is saying something because boy howdy has he had some stiff competition.

StarTrek iamDavidAjala Book was shining star along with tilly in a very bad season maybe the worst season in star trek history I think books been great addition to cast I just think unfair Book was punished for defend galaxy against those horrible aliens 👽

StarTrek iamDavidAjala I stopped watching season 4 because I disliked this character so much. Just didn't care about his powers, his home world or his relationship it was all super boring. Really disappointed it see he's going to be the focus next season as well

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