Dave Chappelle told his audience he has been canceled. A transgender activist says he continues ‘mocking us.’

Dave Chappelle told his audience he was canceled. A trans activist says he’s playing the victim.

10/26/2021 4:38:00 PM

Dave Chappelle told his audience he has been canceled. A transgender activist says he continues “mocking us.”

Dave Chappelle told his audience he was canceled. A trans activist says he’s playing the victim.

Story continues below advertisementGadsby had not publicly responded to Chappelle’s comments about her comedy as of Tuesday.Several dozen trans and nonbinary employees walked out of the Netflix campus in Los Angeles last week in protest of Chappelle’s special. Days before, Netflix fired an employee who leaked information to Bloomberg News that the company spent $24.1 million on the special.

Netflix fires employee for sharing information about Dave Chappelle’s special amid LGBTQ backlashIn an interview with The Washington Post on Tuesday, Ashlee Marie Preston, a trans activist and media personality who helped organize the Netflix walkout, said she watched the video Chappelle posted online Monday and felt the comedian and his conditions were not genuine.

Advertisement“Essentially, he was mocking us,” she said.Story continues below advertisementPreston said she has wanted to meet with Chappelle since his comments about trans people in his 2019 special “Sticks & Stones” stirred controversy, and she called his most recent response “unfortunate” and a squandered opportunity. headtopics.com

In the performance Chappelle posted on Instagram, he claimed that since backlash erupted over “The Closer,” film festivals won’t screen a new documentary called “Untitled,” which shows how he dealt with the death of George Floyd during the global pandemic.

“Not a filmcompany, not a movie studio and not a film festival — nobody will touch this film,” Chappelle said, without specifying any studios or festivals. “Thank God for Ted Sarandos and Netflix. He’s the only one who didn’t cancel me yet.”Story continues below advertisement

But he did note that the movie “will be available” in 10 major cities. “You will be able to see this movie in its entirety and you can see what they're trying to obstruct you from seeing,” he said. “You can judge for yourself, but you cannot have this conversation and exclude my voice from it. That is only fair.

”In the coming weeks, the documentary will be screened at mega-venues including New York’s Madison Square Garden and San Francisco’s Chase Center.Advertisement“You have to answer the question: Am I canceled or not?” Chappelle said to a crowd that responded with a collective “no.” headtopics.com

Preston said she believed that in referencing Floyd and claiming that his film was pulled from festivals, Chappelle was framing himself as a victim and pitting the transgender and Black communities against each other.“He already did that in ‘The Closer,’ ” she said. “He already pit Blackness against queerness as if Black trans and queer folks don’t exist.”

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Idiots. Cancelled doesn't mean he's dead or his mouth is shut. You can try taking away his career through all nefarious means but he still has a mouth and a following.

Dave Chappelle sets 'some conditions' for meeting with trans Netflix employeesIn a new stand-up performance, Dave Chappelle says he has three requirements before meeting with Netflix employees who disliked his latest comedy special. wow Lol. Can you cover what he said fully and accurately smh…. Sheesh Wake up folks, it’s the whites that’s trying to cancel him because he’s releasing a George Floyd documentary. They’re using the lgbt community to hide their racism. Makes sense now

Dave Chappelle says he'd meet with transgender Netflix workers — but only under certain conditionsChappelle said criticism of his Netflix special, which featured his views on transgender rights and identity, has hurt his ability to communicate. I’m sure this will end well! They’ll find new jobs eventually! :/) only2genders Oh, just move on!!!

Comedian Dave Chappelle addresses Netflix transgender controversy in full for first timeComedian Dave Chappelle on Monday addressed the transgender controversy at Netflix in full for the first time on a video on his Instagram account, five days after about 100 people protested near the streaming company’s headquarters. I have yet to find a story of what he actually said .. can anyone enlighten? A comedian that offends ppl should be apart of the job description This story didn’t really provide any important new information

Dave Chappelle Says He's Willing To Talk With The Transgender Community But He Won't Be 'Summoned''I am not bending to anybody’s demands.' and tou better not 'Demands' are the reason people like Dave are called 'Dave' or 'Mr. Chapelle' rather 'boy' or something even worse. Why bring Hannah Gadsby in this? I loved her! Her art history comedy is my jam.

Dave Chappelle says he'll meet with transgender critics, but he's 'not bending to anybody's demands'Weeks after his special 'The Closer' was criticized for its jokes aimed at transgender people, Dave Chappelle has addressed the controversy. Do they have a global leader? Seeing as you patronise them.. watch the special! CNN or have a mainly peaceful riot/tantrum! Don't forget 'cancel culture' is just modern twitter speak for 'people don't like you anymore'. There is no real cancel police coming for you, Dave. Everyone relax and go back to ignoring whatever hot-headed internet kids are venting about online. 💜 If people took issue with him they didn’t watch the special. They are only reading what’s on social media.

Dave Chappelle Defends Transphobic Netflix Special: 'I Said What I Said'“You said you want a safe working environment at Netflix. Well, it seems like I’m the only one who can’t go to the office anymore,” he says to trans Netflix staff. Safe working environment means keeping people like him away from his colleagues. Transphobic. Saying that sex is real is Transphobic? why is this considered news.