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Dave Chappelle Addresses Backlash to 'Transphobic' Netflix Special in New Video

10/26/2021 4:02:00 AM

Dave Chappelle Addresses Backlash to 'Transphobic' Netflix Special in New Video

Dave Chappelle spoke out about the ongoing controversy surrounding his Netflix special, which has been accused of inciting transphobia.

is ready to meet with transgender Netflix employees and other members of the transgender community, but warned that he won't be "bending to anybody's demands."The 48-year-old comedian posted a stand-up video on Monday, Oct. 25, in which he expressed willingness to meet with transgender individuals following backlash to his recent Netflix special.

At the show, he told the audience, "It's been said in the press that I was invited to speak to the transgender employees of Netflix and I refused," Chappelle stated. "That is not true. If they had invited me I would have accepted it. Although, I am confused about what we would be speaking about."

He continued, "I said what I said, and boy, I heard what you said. My God, how could I not? You said you want a safe working environment at Netflix. It seems like I'm the only one that can't go to the office anymore."Stars Celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month 2021 headtopics.com

As the crowd cheered him on, Chappelle claimed, "I want everyone in this audience to know that even though the media frames it that it's me versus that community, that is not what it is. Do not blame the LBGTQ [sic] community for any of this s--t. This has nothing to do with them. It's about corporate interests and what I can say and what I cannot say."

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Good for him. I wouldn’t meet with them I wouldn’t sit down with them they just have to get over it. Anyone who has a problem with the special Clearly didn't watch to the End. David Clearly stated what the whole netflix series was about. Also he said He doesn't have a problem, it's the other side.

Comedian Dave Chappelle addresses Netflix transgender controversy in full for first timeComedian Dave Chappelle on Monday addressed the transgender controversy at Netflix in full for the first time on a video on his Instagram account, five days after about 100 people protested near the streaming company’s headquarters. I have yet to find a story of what he actually said .. can anyone enlighten? A comedian that offends ppl should be apart of the job description This story didn’t really provide any important new information

Dave Chappelle Addresses ‘The Closer’ Controversy During Stand-Up ShowComedian Dave Chappelle addressed the controversy over his Netflix special during a standup routine Sunday: “I said what I said, and boy, I heard what you said. My God, how could I not?' Trump Jr. hints at $DWAC & Rumble Partnership this is terrible news Not actually a controversy, just goyim yelling their lines.

Dave Chappelle Defends Transphobic Netflix Special: 'I Said What I Said'“You said you want a safe working environment at Netflix. Well, it seems like I’m the only one who can’t go to the office anymore,” he says to trans Netflix staff. Safe working environment means keeping people like him away from his colleagues. Transphobic. Saying that sex is real is Transphobic? why is this considered news.

Dave Chappelle Says He's Willing To Talk With The Transgender Community But He Won't Be 'Summoned''I am not bending to anybody’s demands.' and tou better not 'Demands' are the reason people like Dave are called 'Dave' or 'Mr. Chapelle' rather 'boy' or something even worse. Why bring Hannah Gadsby in this? I loved her! Her art history comedy is my jam.

Dave Chappelle says he'll meet with transgender critics, but he's 'not bending to anybody's demands'Weeks after his special 'The Closer' was criticized for its jokes aimed at transgender people, Dave Chappelle has addressed the controversy. Do they have a global leader? Seeing as you patronise them.. watch the special! CNN or have a mainly peaceful riot/tantrum! Don't forget 'cancel culture' is just modern twitter speak for 'people don't like you anymore'. There is no real cancel police coming for you, Dave. Everyone relax and go back to ignoring whatever hot-headed internet kids are venting about online. 💜 If people took issue with him they didn’t watch the special. They are only reading what’s on social media.

Dave Chappelle Says He’s Willing to Discuss ‘The Closer’ With Trans Netflix Employees in New Standup VideoDave Chappelle has spoken out about the controversy over his Netflix special “The Closer” in a new standup video, saying that he is willing to meet with the transgender employees of the… We are still fighting, and continuing to hope for justice, and continue to ask for help in getting to a place of safety and opportunity. Since my last update, we continue to live in an abusive home justice4noahisaacandamandagarcia Sorry but why does have to be cancelled for your Freedom?