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Daughter in admissions scandal returns to YouTube channel

“I’m terrified to make this video and come back, but I want to start taking smaller steps in the right direction.”

12/2/2019 9:21:00 AM

“I’m terrified to make this video and come back, but I want to start taking smaller steps in the right direction.”

Social media star Olivia Jade Giannulli has posted her first YouTube video since the arrest of her parents, actress Lori Loughlin and fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, put her at the center of the college admissions scandal

ANDREW DALTON AP Entertainment WriterDecember 2, 2019, 1:39 AM3 min read2:43The Associated PressNew developments in the "Varsity Blues" case gives longest sentence to a parent who plead guilty.Social media star Olivia Jade Giannulli on Sunday posted her first YouTube video since the arrest of her parents, actress

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Lori Loughlinand fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, made her one of the most visible figures in the college admissions scandal that ensnared dozens of wealthy parents and their children.“Welcome back to my YouTube channel, obviously I’ve been gone for a really long time,” Jade says in the two-minute video, titled “hi again,” posted to her account that has nearly 2 million subscribers.

She says she debated for months whether to return to her channel, which focused on fashion, beauty and video-diary entries about her life.“I’m terrified to make this video and come back,” Jade says, “but I want to start taking smaller steps in the right direction.”

Loughlin and Giannulli are accused of paying $500,000 to have their two daughters labeled as recruits to the USC crew team so they could gain admission to the school, even though neither participated in the sport.Charged in federal court in Massachusetts with conspiracy to commit fraud, bribery and money laundering, they have pleaded not guilty and have refused to reach plea agreements with prosecutors as many other parents, including actress Felicity Huffman, already have done.

In her new video, Jade says she stayed away from social media because she is legally prohibited from talking about the scandal, and it seemed pointless to appear and ignore it.“If I can’t talk about it, is there a point in coming back and not being able to saying anything?” Jade says. It’s not clear what legal restrictions would keep her from speaking or whether attorneys have simply advised her not to do so.

Jade said the pull of social media was too strong to stay away.“I actually really, really miss it,” she says. “I feel like a huge part of me is not the same because this is something that I’m really passionate about and something I really like to do. ... I’m really excited to start filming again and start uploading again.”

Jade went silent on social media after her parents’ March arrest and lost advertising deals that included cosmetics retailer Sephora and hair products company TRESemme.Jade posted a link to the new video on her Twitter account and a screenshot of it on her Instagram page, both of which have been dormant since the scandal became public.

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No one cares you and your family think your better than others, but look ho your parents they raised you that way and you can’t see the light, sad to as you could and chose not to Maybe go to a junior college to get a degree. Obviously if it cost half a million to get into usc, they are not rocket scientist material.

Who cares She posed for the rowing pic knowing she was committing fraud, why is she not being prosecuted? Because she is cute and white and can put on makeup. Ugh I shouldn’t dislike her for no reason. I know very little of her other than instagram and bribes and if I could make money doing very little I know I would. Enjoy your coattails

the super rich thing there above the law The 'right direction' for her is chaturbate. No one cares They really DONT get it do they!?,.. Lori loughlin needs to be in jail....she committed a crime and not just because she has money means she can get away with it... First small step: pay penalty to the one deserving student you deprived by bribing the coach b

Vomit!!! An entitled offspring that has no redeeming qualities! White privilege is real,ya'll! Wake me up when she's on Pornhub. And we care like how. Sit down. We have to sit here reading this but not the information that should have been reported in Epstein Coming back on is not the right direction. Do porn instead

then don't make this video and attempt at a comeback Opinion: The unbridled worship of celebrity is a plague on progress for this country. If she were a pedophile, you wouldn't cover her at all Terrified? not news, not noteworthy -- tired of media promoting American crassness and greed, corruption as if it were an ideal.

Why is this news? Let me know when she goes into porn, but spare me when she is on YouTube. Why is she news?.. why OW DU ER FELLOW AKTER’Z TREET ER, B CUZ UV DA ZSKANDUL? 😎👁 Nobody cares. oliviajadecheats Cheater Oh brother 🙄 Yawn. Very few people actually care about “stars” & Hollywood Newsworthy? 🤦🏼‍♂️

God forbid she get a “job” You have to wonder how many times empty headed social media news gets recycled & to whose benefit? Who really cares about Olivia Jade Giannulli’s personal terror — to re-enter her social media circus, after her complicity to purchase a USC education? Let's see-I know that I'm not part of the 'Instagram/Facebook/Twitter young generation' that reads these young girl's posts, but for me to have an interest in someone who seems to be spoiled and is having her path in life paid for by her interest in this is...0....

Mommy going to jail. Then, stop, oh lame one. Who cares!!!!! She and her sis posted for pictures 'rowing' Sorry, babe, you knew what was going on. LMAO wow be gone Quit giving attention to YouTube personalities Just who do they think they are, your mama is going to The Big House . no one wants to see girls that have parents that lied and paid big money to get there kids in a good college,

Poor baby, she ok. Riiiiight....I'm an not judge me .welcome to the real world Is there something wrong with these entitled hypocrites!! So if what you are saying is true..then I still don't care. Moms going to prison but YouTube Someone has a very overinflated view of her relevance. both girls should be charged as well ! sitting a row machine, what were thinking or are they that stu[id the parents told something more stupid !

there has simply got to be some way we can blame trump for this These people are such narcissists “Small steps” - like regular people have to do to achieve anything. She’s already getting ABC News coverage for her “small steps.” Ok Boomer Shes absolutely stunning, that's all I have to say about any of that...

Get lost. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Oh please! 👎🏻 Really?! THIS is newsworthy!? Good Lord. Parents who enable, weaken the country moving forward. What an awesome opportunity to change the content of her channel and shine a light on kids who rose above adversity to get into college. Apparently all the money in the world cannot buy an education as she has learned nothing.

españa zaragoza malaga sevilla COP25 COP25MADRID MADRID The moral of the story...your mom is a con and feels entitled and is the poster child for white privilege...or so she thought! Go away little girl! All you hypocrites would bribe anyone to secure your kids future if you had the money, so shut up.

step back into your bubble, trixie Pleazze Sorry. She is the poster girl for entitlement. oliviajadee how about staying off social media and getting a job!!! People r crazy if they think this is the first Hollywood family to offer money to pave their kid’s way. I’m pretty certain every celebrity uses their fame or money in MOST situations. I just wonder what the family did to deserve to be blasted in this way? Obvious black mail 🧐

I feel for her. But it’s time to find a new occupation. EPSTEINABCCOVERUP Within 6 months she’ll have a sex tape that mysteriously is “leaked”...... Why wouldn't you make a YouTube video at media coverage. Rich get rich easy. Never once did she voice an apology🤔 Why is this all over the news? Do they pay to make this happen? None of you really believed that anyone actually cares, did you?

Sound have stayed away. Clearly learned nothing, and just wants to make more $$$ someone who had true merit to get into that school got looked over for this glitz and glamour airhead with a last name and family money 😂😂😂 Go away NoOneCares Her mother and father are headed to prison and her goal in life is to make videos. They raised it, they got it.

airheads LiberalPrivilege So the steps she is taking are the same ones she was taking that got her in trouble? Great. Do You Like oliviajade? Trying to fix your brand while pretending you care. Get a life and contribute meaningfully to others instead of continual focus on yourself. Waste of spac everyone make this happen and when they make a apology video let’s all say it OkBoomer

mom has not even admitted she did any wrong.. there is no coming back Privilege backfired ! no to both of you.. we don't need it or want it ABC is struggling for content. Their fake news on the strongest leader in the world doesn’t cut it. LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder MAGA Trump Mommy is going to jail.

She should go out on her own and get a real job. Stop living off your parents money & name. WhitePrivilege whitegirlproblems FirstWorldProblems Perhaps the daughter did something wrong. Probably even more so, the parent did something wrong. But is not the university at the top of the blame game by saying ‘okay’ to such a deal. I mean, they could have just said “ no deal”.

Poor innocent victim White people’s problems. No shame Oh for crap's sake USC staff prostituted their integrity for money, & the Giannulli family were the johns. So what does that say about Olivia Jade Giannulli or the buyers of any product she hawks? Never ceases to amaze how wealth distorts the simple concept of right & wrong.

💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻❤ Did she get into college because of academics or sports? ABC...THIS is your NEWS🙄 Sooooo.... CoverUp one of he most important stories about a massive pedophile ring, but this.... this is news? ABCCoverUp EpsteinCoverUp Dont bother. Go get a job. Hahaha!!!that's a joke!!! Right🙄 Why is this news..

Brave but foolhardy. No remorse, whatsoever. Hollywood types have ego issues. Along with zero credibility and no other skills worth naming. Girl, bye. If an athlete can be fined $11,000 because his parent moved to another school district to give him a better shot at an athletic scholarship...then you and your parents need to be fined and jailed for outright staging athletic photos so you can get into USC

Someone refuses to get a job, cloaks it in self improvement. Stop. This isn't news. UGH so tired of hearing about rich white famous people get away with whatever they want. NO Try community college. Get a marketable skill and then a job. That was a Short mourning Period. lol ...when your mother is facing potential 45 years. 🤔

Maybe the tight step would be to go to Junior College, while working part time You and your parents are an absolute example of what is wrong with our country-too many wealthy and privileged individuals who believe their money can buy ANYTHING!!! I hope they both go to jail for a looooong time, and that your podcast is a miserable failure!!! Just go party.

I would think the company that pays her for making videos would have better sense. Rich people complaing about making a yt video.... I'm sure her parents are still very proud of her. I pray that people do not flock back to her like the pied piper. Who the f cares about her !!!! No one cares, and her failure and the failure of her parent’s defense will be most delicious schadenfreude.

Millennials 🙄 Maybe she should wait more, the so 7 or 9 months she waited wasn't enogh. She should wait until her mother's trial is over. And some idiot CMO will listen to the terrible advice from their digitally obsessed ad agency and start paying this ding dong again. Exactly, almost perfectly highlights what's wrong with America: - Disparity - Corruption - Elitism - Technology addiction - Education costs - WPP (wealthy people problems) - Social injustice - Purpose - Patriotism Re-think your lifes purpose.

Nothing she has done has been in the right direction too late to the party Get a real job! Must miss being the centre of attention Mum blew it for her. Bless. Why? Who cares? Get a real job. She's just missing the money. Girl, Whew, more wasted bandwidth from that useless airhead. 'Thanks,' honey. will cover the return of a YouTube star but they won’t air an investigative report on Epstein. Ah... The greater good. priorities journalism

it's hard to be sympathetic to a Rag Queen like this she's going off to bermuda for her school break, blah, blah... Her big goal in life is to buy clothes. Meanwhile homeless vets live on the streets with nothing. abc get your values straight. Smh would take a lot ore courage to have a bit of integrity and admit fraud is a crime. Why doesn't she go do some field labor and learn how she gets her fresh produce? Ah, that would be real work.

Jail They genuinely believe they are the victim 🤨 Is she on Pornhub yet? Shes scum. Thats a massive breach of justice. Imagine the people that overcome the odds to get into college under poor socio economic conditions. People work hard and suffer to succeed and be rewarded. An the daughters born into that privlidge and still goes along with it..

Eat the rich. Make some videos for your mother in prison. SM isn't the place for these grievances get a therapist! nodeals 🐸 Oh boo frickin who Can't wait to see her 'cam' footage. but trumps parents never got got White privilege can be like hard ya know. Help a girl out 🤮 If her her goal is to just become another YouTube 15 min. wannabe celebrity than going to college would be a waste of precious teachers time. What will she talk about..the latest fashions for women inmates, or how to decorate a cell on a budget, getting tips from Mom and Dad.

Keeping in mind she’s of legal age to know what was happening was wrong and her parents have yet to admit wrongdoing. But yeah. Let’s listen to her sell shit. Don't give her news coverage. show bobs For petes sake! Why is this newsworthy? I still want to bang her mom. is that what they taught you in college?

Go away Before the trial and verdict? Aunt Becky will do hard time in Chino. Get a job washing dishes or scrubbing toilets, it might help with the humility issue. Reporting every video ! Poster child for AMERICAN 21st Century Narcissism. Vapid!! Try working a normal person job for a while instead of relying on the sympathy of viewers who’d never have the same handouts as you 😬😬😬

Put them both behind bars. Have them donate money and put some under privileged kids thru school “Oh my gosh, she is just so brave to make this video. Wow. Amazing queen” - Every stupid millennial girl who follows her Fake, plastic, synthetic and a criminal. At least we know she's not even smart enough to get into college based on her own grades. How pathetic is that?

And why is this newsworthy!? Her mom should be admitting what she did was wrong. Apparently, neither mom or daughter's wants to admit wrong doing. WHO CARES?

Lori Loughlin daughter Olivia Jade returns to YouTube amid college admissions scandalThe former USC student at the center of the scandal said in the short video she is 'legally not allowed' to speak about the charges her parents face. She should go away and her parents to jail!!! Who cares! It's not just the entrance exams. But the money also buys grades. Basically, you have a bunch of dumbasses with college degrees.

Lori Loughlin’s Daughter Returns to YouTube Following College Admissions ScandalLori Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade Giannulli has returned to YouTube after taking a monthslong hiatus following the college admissions scandal, known as Operation Varsity Blues. Giannulli, … parasite Sucks if you’re stoked.

Olivia Jade Giannulli, Lori Loughlin’s daughter, can't resist social media pullOlivia Jade Giannulli posted her first YouTube video since the arrest of her parents, actress Lori Loughlin and fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli. Trash 🗑 Big deal!! Who cares! This is news? You guys are horrible. Giving any press to this family is obscene

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Lori Loughlin's Daughter Olivia Jade Returns to YouTube After 8 MonthsLori Loughlin's daughter Olivia Jade had taken a hiatus from social media earlier this year after her parents were indicted in connection with a massive college admissions scam. Hi Nhvj liycd mojcr mnvy Parents will end up felons

Olivia Jade Returns to YouTube Amid College Admissions Scandal and Fans Aren't So Sure About ThisThe former influencer explains she is 'legally not allowed to speak on anything' while many fans think she shouldn't be speaking on YouTube at all. This young girl still has to live and move on with her life. Can we be Christlike and forgive her trespasses pls? 🙏🏽 After all, society isn’t perfect either, we are all work in progress. The important thing is to have learnt from the mistakes and never repeat them again 🙄 She’ll be fine. It will be a career boost for her. It’s just the beginning . She didn’t need college . She’s beau and rich !