Dark Photons Could Be the Key to Both Dark Matter and the Muon Anomaly.

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Dark matter might have its own force, mediated by dark photons similar to the way electromagnetism is mediated by photons. A new study shows that not only are dark photons consistent with experiments in particle physics, they could also solve the g-2 anomaly for muons.

This single question threatens to topple the standard cosmological model, known as the LCDM model. The CDM stands for cold dark matter, and according to the model makes up nearly 85% of matter in the universe. It should be everywhere, and all around us, and yet every single search for dark matter particles. If dark matter particles are real, we know what they are not. We don’t know what they are.

In particle physics, each fundamental force has one or more carrier bosons. Electromagnetism has the photon, the strong force has the gluons, the weak force has W & Z bosons, the gravitational force the graviton. Dark matter interacts gravitationally, but it also may interact via a dark force, which should have a carrier boson known as the dark photon.Dark photons turn up in a generalization of the standard model of particle physics.


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