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Danny Dyer 'very upset' he won't be able to meet new grandchild due to lockdown

Danny Dyer expresses sadness he won't be able to meet new grandchild due to lockdown

1/24/2021 8:13:00 AM

Danny Dyer expresses sadness he won't be able to meet new grandchild due to lockdown

The EastEnders star is set to become a grandfather for the very first time as Love Island star daughter, Dani Dyer , is due to give birth at some point this month

The 43-year-old EastEnders star is facing the same agony that other new grandparents face during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.Visitors to hospitals are denied at present due to ongoing restrictions designed to limit the spread of the deadly Covid-19 virus.

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Danny is excited to become a grandfather for the first ever time as his 24-year-old Love Island star daughter Dani and her stockbroker boyfriend, Sammy Kimmence, are due to soon welcome their first child together.Speaking on their podcast, Sorted with the Dyers, Danny expressed his distress at not being able to meet his grandchild soon after he or she arrives.

He said: “I’m obviously a bit concerned because you’re having a pandemic kid, which rules out me going up the hospital."I don’t think I’m allowed to see my own grandchild.”He added: “That is very upsetting.”At the end of last month, Dani took to social media to express her own fears about her impending motherhood. headtopics.com

She said: “So I honestly am so scared now to give birth. Like knowing in a month's time, there is going to be a baby here - hopefully if I'm not like overdue and stuff - I'm just really scared!“I just want tips now. I've been sort of that person that's like ‘yeah I'm fine and whatever - giving birth, easy’ and now I'm sitting here like ‘oh my God’.”

She also wrote: “I'm so excited to finally meet this bubs but I'm so scared now. I'm not that great with pain.”Dani and 24-year-old Sammy announced their pregnancy in July last year. Read more: Mirror Celeb »

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MrDDyer Congrats on becoming a Grandad and hope you can see him soon