Daniel Robinson’s father calls for all missing persons cases to be treated equally

'Every situation should be handled the same way': David Robinson, father of Daniel Robinson, a geologist who went missing in late June, calls for all missing persons cases to be treated equally

9/25/2021 6:19:00 AM

'Every situation should be handled the same way': David Robinson, father of Daniel Robinson, a geologist who went missing in late June, calls for all missing persons cases to be treated equally

Daniel Robinson is a geologist who went missing in late June. His father David Robinson joins Joy Reid to discuss families of missing Black men pleading for more resources and accountability from police.

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Sharp-eyed diver recovers crusader sword from Med seabed

A sword believed to have belonged to a crusader who sailed to the Holy Land almost a millennium ago has been recovered from the Mediterranean seabed thanks to an eagle-eyed amateur diver, the Israel Antiquities Authority said on Monday.

GoBlue PoliticsNation If he was a white- blonde- blue eyed chick we would have been made aware of this disappearance long long time ago! The phrase 'AMBER ALERT' is starting to make sense to me now.

Daniel Gimenez Cacho, Griselda Siciliani to Star in Alejandro G. Inarritu’s ‘Bardo’The nostalgic comedy, also known as 'False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths,' has just wrapped production in Mexico City. We need a lot of help.We need money to fight for our return. To fight for our safety. This Go Fund Me is to ask for help.For the help we need to secure our safety and help fight to secure the future of my son.I ask for justice for my son.He is only a baby and doesn’t deserve this Mira a la siciliani. De Polka a laburar con los mejores directores grisici Sos la número 1 de Argentina grisici hoy, la más grosa de todas!. Nadie como vos!!!🤩

Ex-James Bond George Lazenby Says Woman Can Be 007, Defends Daniel CraigJames Bond actor George Lazenby says a woman can certainly play the role, but defends Daniel Craig's comment too. Why the fcuk should a woman play James Bond . . How totally ridiculous. . Create something better. . If this what the feminism brigade want to jump onto. . It’s just a sad . . We have bigger issues to deal with. feminism Craig said they deserve their own character, writers today can't create compelling characters

Lorraine Kelly's star-studded week with Elton John and Daniel CraigLorraine Kelly has given an insight into her glamorous world of celebrity interviews and presenting. This week, she not only met 007 actor Daniel Craig, but she also chatted to Sir Elton John

James Bond is a naval officer. Now Daniel Craig is tooJames Bond star Daniel Craig was made an honorary officer of the United Kingdom's Royal Navy -- matching his onscreen 007 persona, who holds the rank of commander. Congratulations ! Advisor to PM: Sir, gas prices are going through the roof and the working class are very upset about tax increases with simultaneous benefit cuts. BoJo: I have a solution. Let’s make James Bond an actual Commander in her majesty’s navy. How the hell you get that?

Families of missing Black and brown people are frustrated with 'Missing White Women Syndrome'The parents of Jelani Day, Daniel Robinson and Keeshae Jacobs say their cases have not received the same attention as high-profile cases like Gabby Petito that would be YOUR fault (media) you dont show the names i know of 1 person posts every name of those killed every weekend in chicago and it isnt the crooked ass mayor there either Because the media only talks about brown people when white people are involved….like right now….hence the headline of the article. Rinse and repeat. Booo hoooo everything is racist. The news the weather. It's old already.

Gabby Petito case shines spotlight on other missing person casesThe national spotlight on Gabby Petito's disappearance has given families of other missing persons hope that that they too can amplify their stories and find loves ones. This should have been done years ago . People of other race besides white don’t get the same attention it’s sad. Two very unremarkable people that you wouldn’t even look at if it was just you and them in a room became a fixation of social media. This country really gravitates towards apparent murders on the road. However, that’s not to say that this isn’t an unfortunate scenario. More inner strength than I could fathom it would take to share your grief with stranger so that they, themselves can keep the candles lit for their lost ones. Closure the only motive. There is no happy endings for these poor people. Our hearts be with them on this day and beyond