Dad-to-be killed when gender reveal device explodes: Police

A father-to-be was killed when a device he was building for his baby's gender reveal party exploded, authorities say.

2/23/2021 12:16:00 AM

A father-to-be was killed when a device he was building for his baby's gender reveal party exploded, authorities say.

A 28-year-old father-to-be was killed when a device he was building for his baby's gender reveal party exploded, authorities said.

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😭😭😭😭😭😭 I can’t believe people are this stupid. Enough with these types of parties 🤦🏾‍♀️ Darwin Award recipient. Should’ve bought a cake can’t feel sorry for dumb asses like this Maybe we should go back to the days when the gender reveal was done in the delivery room. It was cute at first but just stop now

Better tell that child it was the ‘Rona that got him, else they’ll be harboring some major guilt their whole life. So was it a boy or girl? He was hoping it was gonna be a blast No word on whether it was a girl or boy. I guess he was dying to know the sex of his child. So sad. What happened to pink and blue cakes?

Outlaw those devices It's not a boy anymore What the hell is a ‘Gender Revealing Party’? You should’ve figured that out by the Birthday Suit. I guess stupidly is it’s own reward. It’s take more work to identify stupidity, than it does to recognize ‘gender(?)’. I'm old enough to remember when a gender reveal party was known as a birth.

because a simple balloon or cut of cake wasn't good enough....everyone has to top the next guy. Only shows insecurity. The baby themselves is the reveal...not a device. GROW THE FCK UP PEOPLE!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Beauty fades, dumb is forever. What ever happened to simply cutting into a cake? Darwinism.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. WTF is a gender reveal party these days anyway? Once born, the individual will decide he/she/we/they/us/them/dog/penguin Ask piersmorgan Lol, I will never not laugh when some version of death or injuries comes up in the news due to these moronic gender reveal parties. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Would y’all just send a friggin group text for fux sake Idiot. Just tell people what ur having. Other than grandparents, no one really cares. Get over yourself Yea he won’t be doing that again Darwinism at its finest. Gotta love it. tox Why not do a piñata or a cake or those streamers!? I remember back in 2012 I did an April fools joke on FB, with a status saying my wife is pregnant. People were so upset because some people can’t have kids. Now dudes are killing themselves for a gender reveal. Oh how times have changed lol.

Heartbreaking. Darwin doing his job. I'm sorry that this parent-to-be died but why not just go back to baby showers? Probably safer.😏 What a waste. Sad. But, one really shouldn't learn to make explosive devices on YouTube. 🧨 Another one or is this the same one that was reported last week? 🤔🎉 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️💯

Why does everyone keep trying to outdo each other? It’s stupid. It was cute when people opened a box & pink or blue balloons would float out. Or cutting into a cake to see if the cake was pink or blue but now it’s just trying to outdo each other to the point that it’s dangerous. Lucky guy OMFG STOP!!!!!! This shit was stupid when people first started doing it. Now it’s killing people and starting devastating fires. These narcissistic people need to get over themselves if they think EVERYONE cares about their babies gender. STOP!

This is terrible! Will y’all stop this over the top gender reveal stuff please?!?!? Was he building an IED? How big of an explosion do you really need for something like that It's absurd. Either they blow themselves to smithereens, or set off raging wildfires. Ever just consider a Facebook announcement?

Sad story but come on, enough with the stupid fucking gender reveal. No one needs pyrotechnics to be told your baby is one of the two major sexes. A balloon killed him? Do we really need explosives to make baby noise? Tragically, I don’t think anyone other than mom ans dad really cares. Just have balloons popped like normal gender reveal parties have.

Stop the gender reveal stunts. Just let everyone know what you’re having like a NORMAL PERSON!!!!!!!!!!! 🤦🏼 We had one for my son, we made fresh napalm and filled a kiddie pool with it and blew up a shed! It was like bin Laden and Obama came by flew plane's into it themselves ! Maybe Obama and his pals Ben Ghazi and bin Laden should start a gender reveal explosives business!

That poor family... I don’t understand how these parties are even still a thing. No one cares what sex organs your spawn will have when it gets dumped into this shitty world. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ I'll never forget my first gender reveal. 942am on Saturday 14th of july 2012 when my daughter came into this world kicking and screaming with Rolling stones, gimme shelter playing on the radio in the delivery room. Fun times 🤣

Absolutely heart breaking ❤️ Prayers for the family For now on, gender reveal parties are cursed. Signs from heavens to make people stop with these bullshitting events. So what is it? These gender reveal stunts have gotten too over the top I mean.... having to explain to that poor child why they don't have a dad a decade from now. Holy fuck, the stupidity.

Yet the stupid gene was successfully passed on. Intriguing. I was looking at this Awesome...! Damn, we have to keep things simple sometimes. I know we do things extra to appease others. When are people going to learn? Ffs. IDIOT I'm having a baby!!!! Better let that small 1kt nuke off to let everyone know !!!

How sad for this family 💔 Y’all should slow down with these gender reveals 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Real shame when happiness turns to tragedy ! What's with gender reveal parties and idiots these days? What in the hell? biết lắng nghe tâm sự của nhau, chia sẻ vui buồn, Smh, The gender reveal is the day of birth end of story.

Probably building a bomb for the gender reveal party? No one cares if your kid has a dick or not. Get over yourselves. 1. Don’t play with explosives. 2. Why are we letting parents assume their child’s gender before they are born? Stupid ass trend that should have been left behind in 2018. Total waste of time.

Sad rest in peace People need to stop with this stupid explosive crap! It’s not worth someone’s life to reveal a gender or celebrate a birth. Sad 😞 all the parents go through, and few years down the road the child will choose its own gender anyway. That is so sad.... but How about we just go back to the days where we don’t know the gender until we give birth Yes? Let be a surprise

vui ve, lam cho nguoi ta cuoi, hoi lanh lung 1 ti, ga lang, thuong yeu, quan tam minh I still don’t understand why people are sooooooo idiots! Even tragedy after tragedy they keep doing the same stupid sh*t! We’re supposed to be the “superior” “smartest” species. God have mercy! Now I understand why Noah only allowed animals on the ark!

So sad 😞 thejoshbanks This is becoming the most purest form of Darwinism Last week in Michigan 26 year old man died after explosion at gender reveal. So senseless People put way too much focus and importance on whether their kid is gonna have a weiner or a vajayjay. How did we get away from 'what color is the inside of the cake'?

When the kid grows up, they will decide to change genders anyway. What a waste. Chauncey lashawn Turner sheren shaaban sultan Magdy ebrahim and his whole family Dr sheriff saad Musab emazin commit crimes under the radar disabling people covertly taking away womens rights when they don't get they're way! Abusive people to women & children aid legal kidnaps

That is terrible 😞 RaisingOneBrow He outsmarted Darwin. 😭 How many times is this going to happen? Wake up dummies Let’s just stop Gender Reveals please! How many disasters have to happen before ppl stop this stupidity? Darwin has something to say about this. People have to stop this nonsense. If you know someone who is planning one, talk to them.

This is very sad. The baby will grow up without a father.. I don’t get these gender reveal parties though. I don't 'get' the gender reveal party but this is terribly sad. This stuff keeps happening and to me it’s just a bad omen. Stop having these cursed parties and send out some cards to announce it or post online.

What was this device?! That’s heartbreaking! Newsflash: nobody cares what gender your baby is. Not worth killing someone or yourself over. Very sad. Reveals can be simple and safe. Please choose a safe one . This is sad for father and child. They don’t get to meet each other 😢 Ok, y’all need to stop this mess!!!

Do you really love your kids if you don’t make an IED for their gender reveal? Ridiculous, sad but plain ridiculous! Who cares about what the society says their gender would be Maybe people can stop with this crap now They burned down half the country with this shit! What is wrong with Americans these days

My gender reveal was after hours of labor when the dr. said, “You have a boy.” These parties are ridiculous. Save the celebration for when your child graduates, moves out of your house and becomes a productive member of society. These stupid gender reveal things are getting outta hand!!! Just tell everyone the damn gender and be done with it!!!

Could we finally put an end to this nonsensical trend? More like when will people realize that no one else gives a damn about their baby’s gender . Nothing like dying to tell the whole world about your child's genitals. Lol people are dumb MozzyMcLad could you get one of these devices for Mr_Blackshaw gender reveal party please?

Why would a grown man, be involved in that crap anyway! The people of these times, care all screwed up! Now he loses his life, for some junk like that. Pitiful! Lord have mercy! What the hell happened to finding out the sex of your child and keep it moving? So ridiculous..... If you are not certified then you are just making a pipe bomb, stop with the damn explosion for a baby gender reveal parties

Don't be an ass. A fine person died of an accident here. RIP. Damn now no one knows the gender and the baby has no father Imagine poor child has to grow up knowing his/her father was a damn fool! Did him a favor Gosh burning down California didn't stop these so why should killing a dad How fucking stupid do people need to be Why do these CONTINUE to include explosives

The gender reveal party has to be one the dumbest things that has ever taken off in this country. I would guess most fam and friends only care about a healthy baby, not whether it is a girl or boy. Stop this escalating and increasingly stupid nonsense. WTF! Why are people so obsessed with these parties and making crazy ways of making announcements. Holy cow, who cares.

People are stupid. So now we’ll never know the gender. ok_rangers why are people having gender parties for their unborn sprogs? when we all know years later he or she will change sex making it just plain stupid. You know can’t feel sorry for these dumb ass people. Do it with a cake and leave the explosives alone.

We need to outlaw these gender reveals... seriously 🤭 Ladies- enough is enough. Time to rethink these gender reveal things. No more please. Cake, balloons... something easy, if you’re going to. Just stop these inane gender reveal parties. Two wildfires, several injuries & least 3 deaths - 2 recent. For the safety of entire communities leave baby stuff to moms. 😏

Can we make a new rule? When you’re doing a gender reveal party, don’t use explosives. Just pop a balloon or bake a cake. Something normal and not potentially lethal. Bruh these are getting out of hand This is ignorant!! Stop!! Just stop!! Darwin Award awarded too late. Never had a gender reveal for either of my children..... These parties get more and more ridiculous. Sad that child now won't have his/her dad. 😔

JFC. Imagine having to explain this to the kid when they get older. is there a point in these - after all the destruction they have caused Stop. With. The. Bloody. Buggary. Gender. Reveal. Pyrotechnics. Already. KOAColorado WTF? My parents didn't reveal my gender until I was 9 years old. Pappa I got a great idea. How about you wait until your baby is born to reveal the gender and celebrate. Enough time for parties and celebrating. No gender reveals, no showers.

That’s so sad. People are getting killed by stupid gender reveal. Gender reveals have become the deadliest thing in the US ever since school shooting went down due to online schooling They should seriously ban these reveals. How many accidents is going to happen until people will start learning. I heard my baby’s gender over the phone I was just happy to be pregnant again after a loss. Stop this nonsense.

🙊🙏🏼 Ok time to do away with the gender reveal explosives and stick to popping balloons or cutting a freaking cake. Also it's kinda fun to wait till the kid comes out to see what you get. Wtf was he building! Oh lawd! What happened to the good ol fashion gender revealing cakes. I don’t ever remember people getting hurt by a cake

Gender reveals are so stupid, just tell people what it is and move on so we can prepare ourselves for what to buy an bring to the shower... it's not that serious... What ever happened to waiting till the baby is born to see the sex. Maybe we should go back to that. ...we need to be concerned about who is having kids.... They saw no risk or dangers in this Its tragic & did not have to happen if someone had thought out the risks rationally...

Abolish gender reveals. They are tacky and cheesy. Celebrating your baby’s genitals is so creepy. Congratulations your baby has a penis or vagina. Well at least he didn't kill anyone else. 👀🤷🏽‍♀️ When I found out my soon to be child was a boy, I got a printout from an ultrasound that looked like a black and white Polaroid. Why do people have to make everything that worked well into some cutsie explosive device?

People need to stop doing this bullshit. Just use crayon out of a box. Simple enough! this gender reveal nonsense is so ridiculous and apparently deadly. just stop, no one cares. KOAColorado When are people going to realize a baby shower is enough?! no sympathy My daughter n law had balloons come out of a box and low and behold nobody died and not a single fire was set. These reveals with explosive devices are getting out of hand.

IMO I loved the surprise and did not want to be told before - there are so few true surprises in life.... Weird. So using explosives may cause harm. Jesus Christ. Stop it. No one gives a fuck what gender your kid is!! No one!!! Gender reveals just need to stop. That baby/child will have to live with that BS

Hey, I'm going to cram 5 sticks of TNT up my ass and light them. Tell my ghost what gender the child is. At least another out of control forest fire has been thwarted. I’ve always thought these parties are utterly ridiculous but they’ve become flat out stupid over a 50/50 guess. lorettafaucher We've seen way too many of these gender reveals go horribly wrong. This has to stop.

This is absolutely terrible. I don't understand why the gender of your future baby has to have such pomp and circumstance - like it's either a boy or a girl goodness gracious! Is hard to feel sorry for this people now. No one cares about the gender of your off-spring except the parents and maybe the grandparents (I also do not care about your sonogram!). At least this idiot got removed from the gene-pool.

Shoulda got that abortion, fam. This is beyond stupidity Whatever happened to using a cake or a balloon for reveals? This shit is going way too far. Just do what we did in the old days....wait until the baby is born! Somehow, given all of the horrible times we've heard these going wrong, they thought revealing the gender of the child was more important than that child having parents.

I still find it amazing that the same media and groups that celebrate “gender reveals” are the ones that will argue to the death that gender is a choice to be made later in life and not at birth. Blind to their own hypocrisy as usual. I mean, why 🤦🏽‍♂️ Someone is trying to tell us that gender is insignificant.

A cake or something low key would suffice, if people really need to do this. Very stupid and sad. If he was a person of color then gender reveal parties are racist.. if he wasn't a poc then he was a white supremacist 😂 I feel like I keep reading this story. What the heck is a ‘gender reveal’ party? I thought that was called a birth... 🙄

These gender reveals need to stop. It’s silly. And it’s even sillier or lose a life over it. Why are we having gender reveal parties when we let kids decide their own genders. Blue for boy. Pink for girl. What is the color of, dealer's choice? Darwin Award winner. lorettafaucher It's so easy to make a sign. Why do you want to blow things up?

WTAF? Why do people continue doing this stupid, Darwin Award winning, nonsense. Oh my. Please keep it simple. 'Gender reveal party' So do we know if it’s a girl or a boy who will have to grow up without a dad? Can we end this gender reveal garbage It’s dangerous Stick to a cake that’s pink or blue People! Stop using explosives for gender reveals! Cutting a cake that has blue or red frosting inside should be enough! Better yet, stop with the ridiculous gender reveal parties!

That's a shame, but can we stop this stupid shit now? This is sad. Too many problems with these over-the-top gender reveals.