Dabo Swinney Is College Football’s Real Evil Villain

He’s everything wrong with college football.


It's increasingly difficult to jump through all the ethical hoops necessary to remain a fan of college football. And there’s no better example why this is so than Dabo Swinney. williamfleitch writes

He’s everything wrong with college football.

At the time, both team and player seemed simpatico. But when Clemson went on and won a title behind Lawrence, Swinney purposefully kept a ring from Bryant when they were handed out in the fall. His reasoning was as simple as it was purposefully ignorant of decades of precedent: “He wasn’t on the team.” But this of course ignored the fact that the only autonomy Bryant had — the only autonomy he has ever had — was in leaving the team when Swinney decided not start him. If Bryant wanted to showcase his skills for the NFL, he had to leave Clemson. More to the point: If he ever wanted to make any money for the thing he has dedicated his entire life to, he had no choice but to leave. For this, Swinney has banished him. Maybe if he’d hung around and cleaned the jocks …

When Swinney won the national championship game in January, he was awarded more than $2 million in bonuses for the 2019 season in addition to the $6.8 million salary he’d already earned — a salary that jumped considerably when he signed a ten-year, $92 million contract after the season. That is a fortune he has made on the backs of his unpaid players. To be an FBS college football coach is to reap the harvest of an unjust system, but Swinney has gone beyond merely being complicit in this system. Instead, he has chosen to forcefully advocate for it. He has said he will quit college football entirely if players get paid, saying that, “as far as paying players, professionalizing college athletics, that’s where you lose me. I’ll go do something else, because there’s enough entitlement in this world as it is.” (He brazenly reiterated this stance after signing that new contract.) He has fought against players receiving stipends in addition to their scholarships. When Northwestern football players attempted to unionize a few years ago, he was one of the loudest voices in opposition.

College football is a sport that brings in more than a billion dollars a year and one that is under increased public pressure to bring at least some of that money closer to the players who are putting their minds and bodies on the line for free each week. So far, that money is just going to the middle-aged, mostly white men ordering them around: Clemson itself has three assistants who make more than $1 million a year. In a sign of just how imbalanced this has become, for the first time, in 2018, college athletic spending for coaches outpaced spending on scholarships. It is the sort of factoid that gives up the game.

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williamfleitch V powerful piece, Will. Bravo. JerryRatcliffe williamfleitch Yikes, I'm certainly not a Clemson fan, but this article is trash. Author must be a Tide fan or something, because between false statements and quites out of context, it's nothing more than a hit piece. williamfleitch Is there a TLDR version of this so I don't have to slog through another needlessly wordy New Yorker article?

williamfleitch This is pseudo-journalism. It's a bunch of words strung together to support an ill-informed thesis, complete w/requisite hit piece elements: quotes w/o context, implications, & absolutely *zero* evidence the author ever actually spoke w/the subject. And I don't even like Clemson. williamfleitch Damn-you mad bro?

williamfleitch What’s the purpose of this article? Just another liberal smear on a Christian man changing the world day by day. Hey, just to trigger you even more, did you realize that Dabo has baptized several players on the practice field? That’s got to make you people very angry. williamfleitch This was a hit piece on Dabo, where so many of his quotes were taken out of context.

williamfleitch 👍 williamfleitch williamfleitch He also shared a bed with his mom in College. williamfleitch He is no Christian. 'How hard it is for those who are wealthy to enter the kingdom of God! For it is easier for a camel to go thru the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.' ... about that contract and not paying players. DaboIsACon

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williamfleitch He's done very well with the team. That being said, he has a lot of nerve making a bazillion dollars & going on about these kids getting paid. America doesn't have a race problem is pretty obtuse. Of course he didn't investigate racial slurs. I never bought into his sainthood. williamfleitch (3) successful Christian people. As always, someone for NY sharing their negative opinion about someone who is a positive influence in society. YOU ARE FAKENEWS and massively divisive. LearnToCode

williamfleitch (2) he’s a Christian, been to the White House a couple times and know he’s the bad guy. You people don’t have a clue what Dabo’s goals are for his players. His first goal is to turn them into successful citizens, fathers and husbands while winning Championships. The left hates williamfleitch (1) Let’s make this easy, if you feel like you are jumping through ethical hoops to remain a fan then turn it off. This is nothing but a smear campaign against one of the greatest human beings in this earth. The real problem here is all you thin skinned liberals hate Dabo B/C

williamfleitch Down here in South Carolina, we’ve know this for some time. That tater is the worst. williamfleitch Thank you. It turns my stomach to hear about what a great Christian Dabo is all of the time. You should be ashamed!!! Allowing this nonsense, taking many quotes out of context along w/ including completely false information, now that’s UNETHICAL! This article is a JOKE, Do Better!

williamfleitch Every day I become more and more convinced that you don't get to the top of any profession without being a complete a-hole. williamfleitch Ditto every other sport. williamfleitch The difference between the players you name and Bryant are that they were traded. Bryant quit on his team. He could have stayed and been scout QB and never played another game snap. He would have maintained his eligibility and deserved a ring.

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williamfleitch He quit on his team Dabo could have let him start one more game played one snap and he wouldn't have been able to play for another team without sitting out a year...I'd say Dabo made the right call.... williamfleitch Really disappointed that I clicked on this. williamfleitch You are a professional journalist. I am surprised that you didn’t do your research about the NCAA rules that apply to championship rings. before you created “evil Dabo” in your article. Or maybe you did and just didn’t care to write about the truth. Shame on you.

williamfleitch I would give them a participation trophy to make them happy williamfleitch GO TIGERS! ALLIN williamfleitch williamfleitch Triggered much?!? williamfleitch Congrats to Will Leitch on the clicks and reads here. I actually read the whole thing, but damn that was a waste of time. williamfleitch Wow this is complete garbage. Nice job picking apart what someone says then try to spin it to create your own narrative.

williamfleitch I actually think Kelly should have gotten a ring, but this is a self indulgent opinion piece.

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williamfleitch If you’re going to write this article, at least get half your facts correct. This is a horrible piece, not for the subject, but for extreme lack of research. williamfleitch According to the NCAA, non-eligible players don’t get a ring. williamfleitch The world is full of haters, add this guy to the list!

williamfleitch This just screams 'I suck at my job, so I'll write a hit piece to get some clicks'. So much wrong with this article and shows the writer was lazy. williamfleitch Figures... NY Times, so left surprised they still print on the right of the fold williamfleitch Might as well send him to Azkaban

williamfleitch Bryant had the option of staying with the team and redshirting to preserve his eligibility, but he chose to quit by just not showing up or communicating with coaches. williamfleitch williamfleitch Bless the NY Mag’s cold little heart williamfleitch One more time for the writer of this, HE QUIT THE TEAM! He was not booted off, he was not dismissed or forced to leave. He got beat out for his spot and quit.

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