D.L. Hughley: Even when you’re ‘asymptomatic of white supremacy,’ it happens in your wake

Comedian, radio show host and author of ‘Surrender, White People!’ D.L. Hughley argues that white supremacy is as destructive to American society as COVID-19 and other diseases.

7/5/2020 1:31:00 AM

'Most schools have a zero tolerance policy toward violence,' D.L. Hughley says. 'Why do we allow policemen murder people and not be brought to account? Or say things that are racially charged and biased and not be brought to account?'

Comedian, radio show host and author of ‘Surrender, White People!’ D.L. Hughley argues that white supremacy is as destructive to American society as COVID-19 and other diseases.

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Why don’t YOU ask that question to the CRIMINAL who Shot that innocent young African American boy in the head ? He was only 11 years old . Who knows what this young boy may have grown up to be . Maybe PRESIDENT of the US of A . What a WASTE of a FINE Life RIP It’s not just police ,it has to do to some extent with who’s hiring them & their motives .The justice system is very lenient in favor of the guidelines that we are trying to eradicate. If we follow the brutality of our history, we will see a lot has not changed 🤔 Will it ever ?

DL Douchely.. The village idiot has spoken Hmmm why is black on black crime,murder ok ? So people who have committed a crime, that then vigorously resist arrest, are not at all responsible for the outcome of a situation? And can you heal yourself because we can glad to help those suffering special AGENTS from the debris

Honestly schools are run so bad. 'Zero Tolerance' Yeah a kid can get beat by another but 'we' punish both. Bullshit. And let me tell you someone touches my kid im going to expect them to fight back. Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest was not a surprise but part of a plan where selected Epstein info is dumped in October to attack Trump's political enemies. 'Anonymous' accounts have been amping up 'leaks' of ancient Epstein info for a month. Do you really think that's coincidence?

BCUZ THEY ARE WHITE SCUMBAGGERS! 77 people shot in the DemocratPlantation of Chicago over the weekend. Not one by a white cop. Plenty of tolerance for that from DL Hughley. Dude, how many murders are solved in black neighborhoods? That dude's a Racist. I agree. Also why do blacks shoot each other so much in Chicago and no one brought to justice

WHITE SCUMBAGGERS!! This isn’t gonna be easy for you to hear, but we don’t allow policemen to murder anybody. I know that goes against your narrative, but it’s true. On the contrary, we allow dozens of murders a week to go un accounted for in Chicago alone. Sorry to burst your bubble. You spew fake news:

msnbc = Fake News This has got to be one of the worst analogies I’ve ever seen... True. You need to be reporting on why he has coronavirus and infected his entire office and family with the virus. ummm because policeman don't go to school anymore...lol Imagine a world with no emphasis is placed on sports or music. What would mr hughley's opinion be worth ?!

He needs to lay off the crack. That guy is a race baiter. Makes no sense at all. Seems to me the cop that murdered George Floyd is charged with murder. Isn't that being brought to account? As for what people say, the 1st Amendment protects their speech no matter how vile. That's the freedom that sets America apart. Perhaps he'd be better off elsewhere.

Takes a while before a national emergency,9/11,POTUS Clinton and Obama had to fight to get colleges to open reports , Temporary Labor Placements to clean and do background checks for workers on USDocks and Ports. Do u realize the drugs coming through ? Probably not. This is not a one way street, people abuse police for no reason other than they got caught and are angry. We have to understand that there is wrong doing on both sides. We’ve gone to the absolute opposite where now we assume the police are always guilty if someone complains

Or politicians ClintonBodyCount Hey DL last year there were 7000 black on black murder. Suck on that for a while Let’s compare children fighting at school to Police Officers using deadly force to defend their lives and others. That seems like a good faith argument. This ex-cop tells you exactly why in one of the most important articles/essays of the year.

Can you see ppl of his ilk in the levers of power in the United States. We might as well import Charles Taylor or talk Baby Doc out of retirement. Maybe the leader of Boko Raham Law gives police the benefit of the doubt that they serve in good faith. If it didn’t do that it wouldn’t work the way they want it to. If people had strong protected rights against police then the legal system in the US wouldn’t work as it is designed to enforce law and order.

This dude is a moron That someone could do some of the things cops do in the first place, shows they have no business being police. Chappelle rule. Ever wear the dress? RealDLHughley D.L. Hughley - never heard of her.

Drill Down To County Level And The U.S. COVID-19 Outbreak Looks Even WorseSo how likely is it that the person in line ahead of you at the coffee shop could be infected with COVID-19? Local data offer clues to hot spots. So, let’s get ready to go back to school. What good are a bunch of liberal teachers anyway? (Said with sarcasm- I’m one of them) 'This week a team led by researchers at Harvard came up with a rating tool with four tiers:' The msm is sad. Wake up! Get less woke. Just give the facts, the news. Your overplaying the anarchist, anti-American BLM and the virus. At least you and the other msm channels now have what you want, all liberal viewers.

Shanna Moakler Tests Positive for Coronavirus: 'Exhausted In a Way I Can't Even Describe'Moakler opens up about her symptoms and why July just is NOT her month (via toofab) TooFab Who dat? TooFab Doubt if she was wearing a mask, social distancing or other preventative measures. My niece got it, and they both fit a certain demographic that has to learn the hard way. TooFab this is what happens when you back stab Carrie Prejean.

Canada's strict border closures shut out Hong Kong asylum seekers even as interest spikesHong Kong's new security law has prompted a sharp uptick in inquiries from families looking to relocate to Canada, but Ottawa's strict COVID-19 border control measures are making it nearly impossible to get in, immigration lawyers said. Let them in...political refugees now! The timing may not be a coincidence.

Tech workers are opening their wallets to beat Trump even with stock prices soaring and profits near recordsSilicon Valley has leaned left for decades, but heading into the 2020 election, the disparity between donations to Democrats and Republicans has never been greater. Fuck tech workers Time to de-FANNG? Tech workers will be looking for a job if Biden wins...their jobs will be overseas.

Hong Kong was a home for Beijing critics. Now they might not even be safe at the airportA year ago, Chinese-Australian dissident artist Badiucao was looking for a place in Hong Kong to display some of his political works. Now he says he wouldn't even transfer through the airport for fear of being arrested under the new national security law. I was going to assume the guy in that video was being genuine until he started talking about the 'democracy' in South Korea. Yeah, an authoritarian American colony controlled by a few families where you can't do anything without being monitored. Pathetic. Have you managed your country's affairs? Who gives you confidence to interfere in other countries' internal affairs? FAKE NEWS!

Netflix's The Baby-Sitters Club Is Perfectly Nostalgic Even For First Time Fans - E! OnlineEven if you have no prior experience with any version of The Baby-Sitters Club, the Netflix series is a delightful binge. The fact that I've actually read the series as a kid, makes me feel old 🌚 and I'm only a millennial kid 😂💁‍♀️ echodurst ****When Love is not enough*=