D.C. Police Officer Smacks Table During Emotional Jan. 6 Testimony

Michael Fanone shouted when he told lawmakers, 'The indifference shown to my colleagues is disgraceful!”

7/27/2021 10:58:00 PM

Michael Fanone shouted when he told lawmakers, 'The indifference shown to my colleagues is disgraceful!”

Michael Fanone shouted when he told lawmakers, 'The indifference shown to my colleagues is disgraceful!”

The officer was one of four law enforcement personnel to deliver prepared remarks and answer questions from the congressional panel convened by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). The panelists include seven Democrats and two Republicans: Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois.

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) withdrew all of his nominees to the commission last week after Pelosirejected two of his picks; both of them had voted to overturn the results of the 2020 election in favor of President Donald Trump.In his remarks, Fanone explained how he and a partner ran over to the Capitol, even though they had not been assigned to work there, after hearing the desperate pleas of law enforcement over the radio. He recounted seeing one Metropolitan Police commander, Ramey Kyle, “struggling to breathe” in a thick cloud of chemical gas before Kyle picked himself up, straightened his uniform and returned to the line.

“The fighting in the lower west terrace tunnel was nothing short of brutal,” Fanone recalled. “Here I observed approximately 30 police officers standing shoulder to shoulder, four or five abreast, using the weight of their bodies to hold back the onslaught of violent attackers.” When he and his partner offered to relieve some of the other officers of duty, Fanone said, none volunteered, choosing instead to help defend the building and those in it. headtopics.com

At later points, Fanone said that he was grabbed, beaten, repeatedly electrocuted and was stripped of his badge and police radio. There was “a very good chance I would be torn apart or shot with my own weapon,” he said, until he made it known that he had children, soliciting the help of a small number of pro-Trump protesters to get himself to safety.

In the aftermath, Fanone said doctors told him he had experienced a heart attack at the Capitol, and was later diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.“What makes the struggle harder and more painful is to know so many of my fellow citizens, including so many of the people I put my life at risk to defend, are downplaying or outright denying what happened,” Fanone said.

“I feel like I went to hell and back to protect them, and the people in this room. But too many are now telling me that hell doesn’t exist, or that hell wasn’t actually that bad,” he added, before raising his voice at the “disgraceful” indifference shown to his colleagues.

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Absolutely! Why didn’t the Capitol Police accept the request for 10k National Guardsmen? The FBI, CIA, HLS, etc… all knew the threat and who declined? Who said, No? Who at the Capitol Police is to blame or who blocked the addition resources? Fake Fake Fake. What a patriot actually looks like Excellent article.

Thank you Speaker Pelosi for standing up the the Constitution and getting this important testimony on record. We must be vigilant or this can & will happen again. traitors will deny or minimize what happened But those are the same demons that want to defund the police These testimonies are heartbreaking. It’s absolutely terrifying how normal humans can be brainwashed into monsters.

We expect our police officers to put their lives on the line every day for not enough money to even live on. I can’t imagine how they felt that day ! Good for the officer.

‘This Is How I’m Going to Die’: January 6 Panel Hears Emotional Police TestimonyFour U.S. Capitol and D.C. police officers described the violence and slurs they endured in the Capitol riot during the committee’s first hearing. lol, showing some ignorance of history there cop. He was candid, sincere. Brave and strong. My hero. America's hero Are they calling Ashli Babbitt’s killer to testify?

Where the hell is the FOP to defend these officers Crisis actor part time 🥴🚬 deceptively forgets the Dems - 'defund the police' rhetoric.

Rep. Aguilar on Jan. 6 officer testimony: Tomorrow is about those police officers'Tomorrow is about those police officers,' Rep. Aguilar says about the first hearing of the Jan. 6 probe. 'It is so important that the public gets to hear directly from these 4 officers who were the last line of defense protecting our democracy.' Looks like he is feeling the love from all the hugs and kisses.

Rep. Stephanie Murphy says officers at the Capitol on Jan. 6 saved her life: ‘Your actions had a profound impact on me’In an emotional speech Tuesday, Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla., credited police officers for allowing her to escape unharmed from the Capitol on Jan. 6 amid a riot by Trump supporters. They saved her life. And so many more. And why isn’t trump in jail?

Capitol Police Officer Describes Fighting ‘Hand to Hand, Inch by Inch’ in Jan. 6 TestimonyPolice officers who defended the Capitol on Jan. 6 described a harrowing confrontation with rioters, in testimony at a House select committee’s first public hearing Ask him about the non support he received from his leaders? wall street journal,new york post, and other right wing publications,-as well as fox,newsmax,and oan are also responsible for this.

Capitol police officer says Jan. 6 rioters used N-word against him, others“No one had ever, ever called me a n----- while wearing the uniform of a Capitol Police officer,” Officer Harry Dunn said during the first hearing of the House Jan. 6 committee Go away. Americans will stop this bullshit soon Those seditious traitors hate America and Americans. The Capitol police experienced hell on January6th.

Historic day today! July 27th, 2021. House of Representatives Select Committee on January 6th insurrection & riot convenes for the first time. And the truth is bitter. But we MUST endure it.