Cyber Sex Will See Us Through the Apocalypse

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Doja Cat knew. @rosedommu

Coronavirus, Quarantine


Doja Cat knew. rosedommu

With physical contact no longer an option, '90s AOL culture returns.

by Rose Dommu Paper Magazine 12m We're one week into a nationwide(ish) quarantine, and my Lovehoney magic wand is already permanently plugged into the outlet by my bed, right next to my phone charger. Between Google hangouts, lonely walks through the nearby park, and regular trips to the grocery store where I panic-buy toilet paper and four-packs of chocolate pudding, I masturbate. Besides finally catching up on Westworld and avoiding an inevitable pivot to Instagram live videos, what else is there to do? The answer, it seems, is cyber sex, something I'm intimately familiar with but haven't engaged in since I was starring in a high school production of Dames at Sea . In those days, it was thrilling to log onto anonymous AOL chatrooms (or, more illicitly, the chat site run by an erotica website I frequented where I regularly pretended to be a 19-year-old girl...foreshadowing). In those days, I was having cyber sex because I didn't have access to real sex. I was a teenager, I lived with my parents, I was a virgin who could barely drive. But today, there's a much more pressing reason to avoid human contact. COVID-19 has brought the world to a halt, forcing those among us in non-essential jobs to practice social distancing and self quarantine. In only a week, I've seen my fellow captives cycle from memes about Shakespeare's productivity during his own plague-induced quarantine to excitement over Animal Crossing, and in between public horniness has become increasingly acceptable on social media. And that's not to mention everyone who has started an OnlyFans. Related | How Sex Workers Are Grappling With Coronavirus Those of us who aren't lucky enough to be quarantined with a significant other (and it'll be very interesting to see how long those relationships last if/when this ends) are left to our own devices, and there's only so much porn to be consumed before it all blends together into one amorphous blop of flesh. So: welcome to the cyber sex renaissance! Sure,"sexting" is an indelible part of our cultural lexicon, but usually as a prelude to an actual hookup. But as we watch the world fall apart around us from inside our apartments, growing hornier by the day, if the price of human connection is a few blurry dick pics taken with an android and some creative wordplay, so be it. Paxton, a trans woman in Montreal, is"a very pro cyber sex person in general," so staging her hookups over Wifi hasn't been a huge adjustment. Queer hookup app Grindr, she says, is"full of people looking for SOMETHING" and she has"a few boys from back home or who I've known are horny demons that I can also rely on being horny in isolation." Even people in relationships aren't exempt from the need to cyber. Marguerite, a student in Albany, lives with her boyfriend. But as she's severely asthmatic and he needs to keep working, they've quarantined separately, leading to some very romantic cam sessions:"I'm feeling hella lonely and I want him to be home at our place, but it's helpful to know that at the end of everyday I can talk to him and cum with him even if it's via webcam." And even in Italy, where coronavirus has hit the hardest, leaving the entire population sheltered in place, those stuck inside are still finding ways to get off."I'm really into sexting in general but lately it's been crazy," says Sebastiano, who lives in Milan. For him, sexting is about more than jerking off with a stranger over FaceTime."In general, I'm a really cerebral person — the brain is THE first sexual organ for me. So I like when things are fun, and witty, and interesting when it comes to cybersex, that's why I like sexting (and people who can do it well)." As he's not a fan of extreme roleplay, his chats center more around imagining what he and his partner would do to each other if they were hooking up IRL."Escapism is extremely important for me, now more than ever. Everything that can stop me from thinking and overthinking is more than welcome." Just as we've seen skeptics all around the world who still believe social distancing is an overreaction to a pandemic, there are plenty of folks who aren't satisfied with sliding into someone's DMs — they still want the real thing."There have been a lot of people looking to meet," says Paxton, who is clear with all her matches that she's only looking to chat."There are a bunch of ppl with 'covid-19 negative' in their profile," she adds. Her usual response to people asking her to meet up?"This is a pandemic, dude." Thankfully, the men she's encountered looking for sex are mostly"a bit passé and dumb about it," rather than aggressive. Will, a gay man in New York City, said that the weekend after New York shut down bars and restaurants, a friend was"very surprised" that he didn't want to attend a sex party."Granted that was several days before the social distancing stuff really felt urgent," he says."But still Read more: PAPER Magazine

rosedommu She also said fuck coronavirus and she ain’t worried about it

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