Customer gifts Dunkin' employee the surprise of a lifetime - CNN Video

After learning that her favorite Dunkin' employee had been evicted, an Ohio woman worked with several organizations to find a new home and furniture for the woman and her children, just in time for the holidays.

12/7/2021 4:01:00 AM

After learning that her favorite Dunkin' employee had been evicted, an Ohio woman worked with several organizations to find a new home and furniture for the woman and her children, just in time for the holidays.

After learning that her favorite Dunkin' employee had been evicted, an Ohio woman worked with several organizations to find a new home and furniture for the woman and her children, just in time for the holidays.

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Despite sitting almost on top of the volcano that erupted so violently, the Pacific nation of Tonga appears to have avoided the widespread disaster that many initially feared

THIS is what I’m talking about! 🍩 Kudos to you, ma'am! Thanks for your kindness, and may your tribe increase. What an incredibly kind, loving gesture. Of course there'll be those who comment about the failure of the system- yes, we know but that doesn't take away from the compassion & empathy of this action. May we all be inspired to be as generous while working for systemic solutions.

She’s working at DD during Covid and getting paid. She gets rent relief from the various Covid bills for a year or more. Meanwhile she’s still working, not paying her rent. When the moratorium is lifted she still doesn’t pay rent. Where’s the income from working during Covid? Hmm over half a million views? In this amount of time? With Twitter algorithm? Highly unlikely. Did your own master fail you?

What a lovely feel-good story about the complete failure of capitalism. New home: Pretty like this: political correctness. America is more and more like North Korea Charity means the system has failed. It means something is important to us, but not important enough that we’ll actually put in place something to solve the problem.


Monique Coleman Shared How Corbin Bleu Supported Her During Pregnancy LossThe friendship between HSM alums Monique Coleman and Corbin Bleu is still strong today. Synchronized watches from day 1

It’s the season! Kudos to dunkindonuts - I’ll be sure to grab a coffee and donut this week! Well done! MEN FRIM PLACES OF INCARCERATION WILL DRAFT WOMEN TO HAVE SEX WITH MY DAUGHTER SO THEY CAN POSITION THEMSEVES TO CUT OFF THE END OF HER SPINE WHEN IT PROTRUDES FROM HER VAGINAL CANAL.. Details would be nice. Why not report on what organizations helped make this possible so other people would know where they could seek help?

Thank you so much for helping them Ms burke THERE IS A WOMAN EAST OF HEMPHILL STREET WHO BEHAN LOSING CONCIOUSNESS WHEN I ATTEMPTED TO LEAVE THE VICINITY ON MY BICYCLE.. THEY ARE BEING PARALYZED WHEN OTHERS BEG THEM FOR SEX AND THEN CUT OFF THE END OF THEIR SPINE. THERE IS CANNIBALISM.. THE LORD is calling upon this present-day generation to avoid sin, to begin to reject sin, to start living the life of purity. Menengai4Nakuru

I will be able to professional logo style for business organization Click here more info: This is my America. This is great 👍👍👍💯🙏🙏😉

High School Musical’s Monique Coleman Reveals How Corbin Bleu Helped Her After Pregnancy Loss“I thought that I was going to be doing the movie pregnant ... And when I wasn’t, they were able to be there for me in a way that I can’t even really describe.”

Too many of them need to be brought to task for their illegal activities. Capitalist garbage. This isn't feel good. It's sad 民尚宗在推特上给各国领袖及世界人民写了几千次信:维护世界和平!实现和平解放全世界大统一!人人要为宇宙苍生谋幸福而生而死而永恒!爱国爱党爱人民爱苍生万物!人人要无我而生!舍已为人!舍已为公!大公无私!大爱无疆!毫不利已!专门利人!全心全意为人民服务!为宇宙苍生万物服务! During the filming of this story did any CNN employees sexually assault these individuals?

EvacuateSIV KeepOurPromise AfghanEvac RescueAfghanWartimeAllies It's Russia Taking away housing is becoming the norm in life ----------- news court apartment BreakingNews NewShot news Law CNN THE FAKE NEWS While we may (or may not) applaud this particular act of charity, it distracts from important question of minimum wage, a sustainable and inclusive housing policy and a minimal social welfare which at least protects families with kids. It's not that US cannot afford it.

spirit of christmas

Internet amused and horrified by mall's Christmas tree - CNN Video'So glad to be back home.' Woody, a creepy yet charming talking Christmas tree with a face, has returned to a Nova Scotia shopping mall. This realy the funiest christmas Tree, ever seen in a Shopping Mall...😍 I love creepy things. CNN will absolutely suck now without Chris Cuomo 🤦🏻‍♂️ .. . CHECKMARK SS START I CHECKMARK SS START I

Talking about employees.....! This is what is expected of Americans not greedy entrepreneurs like Elon Musk Wow tear dropping 🙏🙏🙏 Fake news cnn Suzanne Burke- that's how kindness, generosity, goodheartedness, love and Godliness looks like in person.🙏👍 Hey .dunkindonuts What did your company do to support your employee?

help please raise funds for charity. for children and the elderly. the good done will be returned to you in 10 times the size wallets for transfers: 1) 3NCHgseAkycfSyzAfLcdXPBYiSeJ9g1iLA 2) DTCgSqa3CRAQxoU5W5uEgC5pi4UnvnEGbQ 3) 34dw9qQQKP8CSKVMo47ucywYMH19SUGfDC That’s nice. See what people can accomplish when they don’t waste all their time on Twitter? (self-directed comment)

Amazing wholesome

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I for one don’t believe in handouts. My dad taught me poor people stay poor because of the decisions they make daily. Handing them out free stuff isn’t gonna fix that. We have to educate them not give them free houses I never believed in Bitcoin i never also thought of meeting a legit bitcoin trader, but heaven sent MarkBromfield00 guided me and help me make a living through bitcoin with my coinbase app, I recommend you to meet him now and also be a beneficiary of good work

This was the most wonderful story I heard in a long time. .. THANK SS THANK SS . Maybe CNN should add context to this story to educate their viewers. Why was this woman evicted? What caused the hard times? Is housing affordable in the area? Does Dunkin' Donuts pay her a livable wage? Provide benefits? This is a corporate failure that should not be framed as a heartwarming story. How did Dunkin’ Donuts allow this to happen ?

The agenda CNN helped convince you was good is bringing the hurt. Thanks CNN. I hope you're proud of yourself. Thanks for showing how awful capitalism continues to be Alternatively, the Dunkin can pay her a living wage so she isn’t evicted in the first place.

Stelter's 'non-CNN voices' Cuomo panel includes former CNN staffer, professor who won't say CNN lost trustBrian Stelter addresses Chris Cuomo firing by inviting a panel of so-called non-CNN voices to discuss О Майн гот лицо великого What bile is Tucker spewing tonight?

No mentioning of Dunkin’ Donuts helping out? 2,219 health facilities have been destroyed WHO still nothing to say bec DrTedros his alliances TPLF destroyed it NoMore That’s beautiful ❤️ dunkindonuts you should be ashamed of yourselves We need. to see more of these stories than all that other garbage.

Money is a paper, therefore people need to be given 1 million into their bank accounts each month. The world must stop bowing down to Roman Empire's stigma of the capitalist agenda of being used by money because of its power, this is what the World Bank must do for all people. God bless her This type of thing has been going on far too long. I helped my first Dunkin’ single mother back in 2000 on minimum wage she was trying to care for her daughter with cystic fibrosis. Oxygen tanks stacked from floor to ceiling in their very small home. crazygood1956

Full time employment at one of the most well off chain restaurants in the united states can get you evicted? Wow. Sounds like there should be an ongoing and urgent dialogue there in the government. Thank god they passed the 768 billion dollar defense policy bill recently👍 I swear, if I ever hit the big one for a lottery this is the kind of stuff my wife and I will be doing as much as possible. Love this!

From sweet to savory, 34 mail-order food gifts to send loved ones this yearBecause you can't go wrong with an edible gift. Dose the Today show love to a great story? I really have one to tell. It is a true story about the evil side of social media. (FB) It is the truth, will shake the world. This story has to be told for the safer internet to use. Does no one care FB is evil? My story needs to be tol

Americans are 💕💗💖 If you're so big hearted you wouldn't go to the media. This is just publicity whoring. See cnn this is a great story get back to doing this and I promise America will regain its love for you not as much as fox but it’s a start firing cuomo was a good start btw If the woman and her kids were white wouldn't touch this like a black man mowing down white people on a parade route... TruthHurts

Not a feel good story! This is a 'Our country failed her' story! She was a working mom, never should face eviction! that this is meant to be a feel good story encapsulates all that is so wrong about America Failed state vibes Thank you!!! More stories like this, please. ❤️ I love this so much.💜

covertheghislainetrial Those beautiful kids look so happy Deserve a big congratulations! WillieDLIVE This is lovely. Literally MrBeast levels of kindness. Thankyou for sharing this. What a society we’ve created That’s exploitation 'Duh why-man be evil un sheeeit.' Lol 😆 All I’m saying is working at a store like Dunkin years ago w the loans banks gave could got u a little house and life for the kids. Now she works full time and gets evicted.

Because this is America and a job doesn’t pay enough to house your family.

Right on!! That sweet Gotcha 😇😇😇😇