Cuomo issues public apology in wake of scandal: 'I never meant to offend anyone'

'It was unintentional and I truly and deeply apologize for it,' he said.

3/3/2021 10:03:00 PM

'I'm not going to resign. I work for the people of the State of New York. They elected me and I'm going to serve,' Gov. Cuomo says amid sexual harassment allegations against him.

'It was unintentional and I truly and deeply apologize for it,' he said.

.When asked by a reporter if he'd bend to political pressure and resign, Cuomo said he would not."I wasn’t elected by politicians. I was elected by the people of New York. I’m not going to resign. They elected me," Cuomo stated.Anna Ruch, 33, Lindsey Boylan, 36, and Charlotte Bennett, 25, have come forward over the past week to accuse the governor of unwanted advances between December 2016 and June 2020.

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Cuomo said his apology Wednesday was directed at"the young woman who worked here," a reference to Bennett, a former aide, and to the people of New York.Cuomo said there are “hundreds” of photos out there of him making the same gesture he was seen making in a photo with Ruch.

published Ruch's allegations against Cuomo on Monday in which she alleged Cuomo touched her bare back and face and"asked if he could kiss her." She also shared a photo of the alleged incident with the paper.On Wednesday he said that gesture is his customary greeting to help make people feel comfortable.

“It doesn't matter my intent," Cuomo said."What matters is whether anybody was offended by it. I could intend no offense but if they were offended by it, it was wrong." Read more: ABC News »

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No apology for writing death warrants for nursing home residents crickets Apology is not enough. That’s what hypocrites get! he never meant to offend...let’s burn him at the stake!!!! “Oh yeah, sorry about that.” - Andrew Cuomo Hes only apologizing to try to save his job. He needs to step down! Too little, too late.....

Uh, I kissed hu, I kissed hu on da lips. Coumo: im sorry Libs: lol its cool, were still mad at trump tho Lock him up So in N.Y. you can Sexually Assault someone and a public apology makes it all go away! WOW! I give it 10 years and women will be even more single, lonely, depressed, divorced than they are now lol. Ladies, no man is afraid of a strong woman, they just dont want an overgrown child. Speak up when it happened like a strong woman or it never happened. 'Allegations'.

Where was these women when tRUMP was grabbing them by the pussy. I'm not condoning but now men can't do men things without some women running to the mic and prosecuting them. He's just doing his normal thing. Welp I guess it's time to go date dude's. TRuMp done significantly wors BelieveAllWomen goes right out the door doesn’t it?

I agree. This looks less like harassment & more like a lack of boundaries. He didn't respect the women's boundaries & they didn't establish them by telling him to 'stop', that's why he keeps saying he 'didn't know'. This isn't resignation-worthy, this needs a therapist. LeslieMarshall Misleading headline Cuomo apologized to the particular women who felt uncomfortable with his remarks in the workplace He was just embarrassed with respect to everyone else

According to republican standards, this nearly qualifies him to be president. CuomoMustFollowTrumpsExample Wonder how much these Republicans paying them lying h*es to get Cuomo out of office. Good. And you shouldn’t resign! Resign. Better to go to jail for harassment then murder right cuomo Some are waiting for the monster thing to do the same.

Republicans and the GOP voted a man affiliated with Epstein into the WhiteHouse whom had many accusations of sexual assault and pedophilia. But lets target a Dem like we forgot 😂 The sad world we live in. Thanks Governor. Now can we get more coverage on the Trump DNA story. WHAT ABOUT KILLING THOUSANDS IN NURSING HOMES WHERE IS THAT REPORTING OR APOLOGY? ONCE AGAIN A SMOKE SCREEN BY MEDIA & DNC - STAGED ONCE AGAIN!

Don’t Quit!!!! NYGovCuomo don’t !!!! What he didn't step down?! Oh hell no ChrisCuomo better be all over this on his reports! MeToo where's the WokePolice CancelCulture?! No one is asking him about what he thought about asking her sex about her life with her husband, and whether she has had sex with an older man. What is wrong with these reporters?

Resigning could be an option Difference between Republican and democrats... Real hypocrites MEANWHILE; MrGrabembythePUSSY America's 🇺🇸PRESIDENT 4 YRS. (2016-2020)