Cuomo apologizes amid sexual harassment claims but says he won’t resign

'I now understand that I acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable,' he said. 'It was unintentional. And I truly and deeply apologize for it.'

3/3/2021 10:57:00 PM

NEW: NY Gov. Cuomo publicly addresses claims of sexual harassment against him, apologizing for remarks he says 'made people feel uncomfortable' and adding 'I'm not going to resign.'

'I now understand that I acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable,' he said. 'It was unintentional. And I truly and deeply apologize for it.'

ByAllan SmithNew York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday publicly addressed the claims of sexual harassment against him, apologizing for remarks he said"made people feel uncomfortable" but rebuffing demands that he resign."I was elected by the people of the state of New York," Cuomo said, in his first televised remarks since the multiple claims became public."I'm not going to resign."

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After delivering a lengthy briefing on the state of the pandemic, Cuomo turned his attention to three allegations of harassment he faces."I want New Yorkers to hear from me directly on this. First, I fully support a woman's right to come forward. And I think it should be encouraged in every way," he said."I now understand that I acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable. It was unintentional. And I truly and deeply apologize for it."

"I feel awful about it," Cuomo said."And frankly, I am embarrassed by it. And that's not easy to say. But that's the truth. But this is what I want you to know, and I want you to know this from me directly. I never touched anyone inappropriately."

He then pleaded with New Yorkers"to wait for the facts from the attorney general's report before forming an opinion."New York Attorney General Letitia James isundertaking an investigationinto the allegations."I'm sorry, I'm sorry for whatever pain I caused anyone," he added."I never intended it and I will be the better for this experience."

Cuomo's remarks followed allegations from three women who have said the Democratic governor made them feel uncomfortable. Read more: NBC News »

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I think Cuomo should be thoroughly investigated, but whatever happened to the 26, TWENTY-SIX, women that accused trump I assume they were paid off. If they have been silenced, how about the next 26 stepping up? You know that trump must have molested at least 100 women! You have everything going for you we respect you as a governor but now I don’t

Governor Cuomo What would your father say right now? I just want to say one thing anybody in their right mind should know better especially politicians and celebrities To all the women supporting him - What happened to MeToo and 'Believe Every Woman' ? Trump should have been long gone (nothing will change the fact he got away with it), but do not use Trump to rationalize and excuse this lout's harrassing and predatory behavior RespectWomen

And not a word about the nursing home deaths and his political contributors being immune from lawsuits ? No apology from blaming the families and staffs to cover his ass ? The stunning silence speaks volumes for state of journalism and NBCNews CuomoResign A married President Clinton had sex with Monica in the Oval Office, and you want Governor Cuomo to resign because of this

Cuomo apologized More than what Trumbo had done!. I’m sure that this was just a scandal also! Stefanik is out to get Cuomo!. I stand by my Governor just like ppl stood by Trumbo!. Anything you say can and will be used in a court of law. IMPEACH HIM You're a very nast man, putting your hands on women like that.

He got some good advice... let’s see how it plays out He needs jail time Trump has 25 accusers. Cawthorn has a dozen. Don’t resign NYGovCuomo - not until they are investigated fully. He has no choice but to resign! Impeachment? Maybe...Doesn't matter, he WILL NEVER WORK in public service again! killercuomo

Don’t press him on this. He said he didn’t do it. Since he’s a Democrat, that’s all you need to hear, right? Get rid of him like Sara Lee did she was the smart one!!!!! And the distraction has worked. It's getting ridiculous ''he asked if he could kiss me' THAT'S sexual harassment? Get a life. Not unless Trump confesses his sins first!!

Due process should be adhered to and a thorough independent investigation done first. Good grief! Resign, step 1. Face all consequences for both the sexual assaults and harassment as well as his direct responsibility for the deaths of thousands of elderly, step 2. Back to step 1, resign! Do NOT RESIGN! I'm sick of these white bitches wanting money! INVESTIGATE! OMG! He touched my face!!! Well why where you there bitch! OMG he touched me in the room...HELLOOOO why were you there BITCH!

cancelled Don’t abandon him . He did not abandon us . Medical facilities do underhanded things all the time . Investigate both sides . Remember we were in the worst crisis of our lives and he alone stood up ! Everyone else panicked or had their hands full saving lives