Cuba's president warns that energy cutbacks are looming

Cuba's president says the country faces a looming energy crisis due to lack of diesel fuel, but he hopes to avoid blackouts in coming days.


Cuba's president says the country faces a looming energy crisis due to lack of diesel fuel, but he hopes to avoid blackouts in coming days.

HAVANA (AP) — Cuba's president warned Wednesday night that the country faces a looming energy crisis due to lack of diesel fuel, but he hopes to avoid blackouts in coming days. President...

President Miguel Diaz-Canel blamed U.S. sanctions for shortages and warned Cubans to prepare to see immediate effects from the lack of fuel.

Díaz-Canel spoke after several days of noticeable cutbacks in public transportation, which caused long lines at peak times.

Although details of the measures were not specified, the president and the minister of economy, Alejandro Gil, said there would be a series of noticeable cutbacks in coming days. They said some state-run industries would cease production, and even called for greater use of animal-powered transportation.

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