Cuba Gooding Jr. Accuser Sues for Assault and Battery

Cuba Gooding Jr. Accuser Sues for Assault and Battery


Cuba Gooding Jr. Accuser Sues for Assault and Battery

Cuba Gooding Jr. can claim he never grabbed a server's butt at TAO Nightclub, but she says there's video to prove she was assaulted by the Oscar winner.

says she was working at TAO in NYC in the early morning hours of Oct. 24, 2018 and she was serving Gooding's table at the club. In a lawsuit filed Monday in NYC, Natasha says he asked her,"Do you want to see my impression of a penis?"

But, according to the suit ... they ran into each other again near the end of her shift, around 4:20 AM -- and Gooding allegedly used his right hand to pinch Natasha's right buttock. She says she told him,"Don't touch my butt." She claims he replied,"Aw, that's no fun ... and I didn't, I touched your back."

She claims Gooding stormed out in a huff and said,"You don't have to worry, because I am never coming back here again." In docs, Natasha says there are surveillance videos -- from 2 angles -- that capture the alleged butt grab.

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Knew this was coming theres a song by Michael Jackson and its called 'Money'... it applies to Cuba's case(s) You misspelled money I’ve read the article, i can’t even believe the court considers such cases, and its obvious the waitress is after fast cash. CubaGoodingJr That video of him lifting up Sarah Paulson’s dress really weirded me out. Then I saw the video of him boob grabbing and yeah he’s trash

I touched myself but I can't sue because I don't have anything 😥

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