Cuba Approves Same-Sex Marriage in Historic Vote

9/27/2022 4:29:00 AM

The sweeping 100-page law will also allow same-sex couples to adopt and includes measures that expand protections for women, children and the elderly.

Cubans approved a sweeping referendum that will allow same-sex couples to marry and adopt children, the national election commission said on Monday, a resounding victory for advocates of L.G.B.T.Q. rights in a country that once sent gay men to labor camps.

The sweeping 100-page law will also allow same-sex couples to adopt and includes measures that expand protections for women, children and the elderly.

statement that “love is now the law.CoinMarketCap.Lace up your sneakers, and go for a walk! Shutterstock Every kind of movement for your body is beneficial—and important.The event featured a pet photographer, pet food vendors and even a pet psychic for animals and their owners.

” Passing the law, he said, was a way to “pay a debt to various generations of Cubans whose domestic plans had been waiting years for this law.” “As of today,” he added, “we will be a better nation.The reason for the drop in the recent days was the disclosure of details on the burning of LUNC on the global cryptocurrency exchange Binance, where the project has perhaps the most liquidity.” The 100-page referendum — which also expands protections for women, children and the elderly — had faced opposition from the Roman Catholic Church.Consistent movement during your life will help you feel so much healthier, younger, and better.While the measure passed easily, it did not receive the near-total support typical of government-backed proposals in Cuba, where tallies often exceed 90 percent.Instead, CZ introduced a subscription for each user to burn the cryptocurrency and said that a full-fledged solution should only be expected when more than 50% of.That opposition is rooted in a growing evangelical movement in Cuba, as well as an entrenched machismo tradition, said Alberto R.m.

Coll, a law professor at DePaul University and an expert on U.A regular workout routine give you a stronger cardiovascular system and strengthen your muscles, which helps you keep up your independence and perform daily tasks as you grow older.S.relations with Cuba.But the measure passed largely because of the belief among many residents that “these are matters that the law should not regulate strictly,” and its time was past overdue, Professor Coll said.I believe you should do what you genuinely enjoy and want to do consistently.The law also allows for surrogate pregnancies, includes measures against gender violence and encourages couples to equally share the load with housework.24, 2022.

Other Latin American countries have taken similar steps in recent years to address gay rights.In 2020, Costa Rica legalized same-sex marriage, and in 2019, Ecuador’s Constitutional Court ruled that same-sex couples could marry.As you age, your body loses muscle, and that makes you more at risk of getting injured.Mr.Díaz-Canel and his government had openly supported passage of the referendum.But some critics of his have said that his support was a way for him to show a liberal face in the wake of mounting political and economic discontent on the island..“It’s a domino effect — they get adopted, then they pull animals from us, and then we have more room for animals in our shelter.

Officials have been dealing with the worst financial crisis to hit the country since the 1990s, coupled with demands for political and social changes.Last year, those factors propelled the island’s largest demonstrations in decades.“This has been a way for him to say, ‘Look, you know, we’re not so repressive,’” Professor Coll said.But even putting the law up to a vote — a rare step in the country — upset some L.G.One of the most popular vendors was a pet photography station, complete with hay bales and pumpkins for the purr-fect pet picture.

B.T.Q.rights advocates.Juan Pappier and Cristian González Cabrera, researchers at Human Rights Watch, wrote in a column that it was wrong for the Cuban government to engage in “the political pageantry of putting individual rights, including the right of gay and lesbian couples to be free from discrimination, to a popularity vote.”.

” They added that the “authorities are subjecting basic rights to a political football between advocates for equality and nondiscrimination and their opponents.” Still, the law was a stark departure from the old attitudes that dominated the country.The Cuban government had once viewed homosexuality as a dangerous aberration.In the 1960s, Fidel Castro’s revolutionary government helped spread a wave of homophobia on the island when he packed gay men off to labor camps, a form of punishment and coercion to conform.His niece, Mariela Castro, has been leading the charge for L.

G.B.T.Q.rights in Cuba, as director of the National Center for Sex Education.

She said that she was proud that the law had passed.“Now,” she said, “love is law on the island of freedom.” Advertisement.

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